Billy Mack was born into a showbusiness family. His mother Betty and father William toured the country in the 50s and 60s with the McCormick Roadshow bringing much needed entertainment to rural areas. When they quit the roadshow they formed a family group: Mum, Dad, Billy and brother David. When Billy was old enough he joined the big showbands. He played with some of the greats such as Jake Ruane, Pat Ely, Hugo Duncan and The Ranchers, Gloria.

Then he decided to go solo he moved to Belgium. The country scene is very big there. He stayed there for four years picking up many awards for country music.

Owning to a family tragedy he returned to Ireland in 2001. He put his career on hold. Once again the tragedy struck when his eldest daughter Cheryl (19) tragically died in 2005. From then on he had no heart to sing or play music until earlier this year a good friend Eugene Donnely persuaded Billy to sing again.

Things have took off from there thanks to Eugene who now manages Billy.

His new CD was launched in the Fort Lodge Hotel in Enniskillen on Monday 16th July.

Artists appearing on the night were: Mick Flavin, Sean Loughry, Brendan Quinn, Leanne and Carrie Anthony Mc Brien, Sean Corrigan, Eugene Cunningham and Backing Band Country Harmony.