Hi my name is Geert,My Nr1 hobby is DX-ing,I started out this hobby way back in 1983 and do love it very much.Troughout the years,I've connected with many people from all over the world.Some of those friends,I even have met in person already,as I do attend many international meetings,also on one of this meetings I found my dream girl,we are civil married  on 24/07/2004 in Belgium and Church wedding in Poland at 28/08/2004.we are very happy together,she is also Ham operator the call is SQ5FWW  Agnieszka,I am very often in Poland and for that reason I become my Polish Hamcall SO5TWS.However,having said this,the friendship while talking to others is far more important than just the "QRZ".If you feel like talking to me,you can reach me at the following frequencies:144.650 mhz in FM mode for local contacts and via repeaters in Belgium or at 144.300 usb for international contacts,I am also qrv via the internet linked repeaters for worldwide qso's.I am also standby on 6 mtr band at 50.110 mhz.I truly hope to find you all there and on all other HF bands.73-51-105 and take care...!!! Besides all this,I've also got a major passion for soccer and mainly in collecting all kinds of stuff from teams from all over the world. Trough my connections on the radio,I've been able to get lots of goodies already.My favorite team in Belgium is Club Brugge while the Italian 'squadra' Juventus is my biggest favorite team abroad.I do have more souvenirs on Juventus than I do have on Club Brugge.Others foreign teams I support are Liverpool (England),Celtic Glasgow (Scotland),Rc Lens (France),Borussia Dortmund (Germany),Valencia (Spain) ,Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine),FC.Porto (Portugal),FC Den Haag ( Holland)Rosenborg B.K. (Norway).Legia Warszawa (Poland).But of course,I'm always interested in receiving material from other teams.

                  ON4WZ-SO5TWS  Geert   &   SQ5FWW  Agnieszka my great love !!!!

Here are a few pictures of my transceivers and other materials I use:

  FT-990 the best I have and keep forever,Click on photo.                                                                           


 Yaesu FT-736R VHF/UHF  sattelite transceiver,that i use for 2 & 6 mtr and 70 cm and satttelite                                                Click on the picture to hear a sattelite conversation                           


                  Kenwood TM-D700 that I use for APRS,I use this in the mobile.                     thd7e                                                                                           

Yaesu FT-890 that I use in the mobile,perfect and with wonderful tuner,great rig !!!  


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You can mail me at :   on1to@tijd.com