Progetto Mostro : Photogallery 6

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Another picture taken at the Middelheimpark? Yep, but at least this one shows why I did this photoshoot there instead of someplace else... The red text on the white building in the background reads
Ijzer & goud in de lucht
Stuifmeel & rook op de grond
Iron & gold in the air
Dust & smoke on the ground

The first two lines are in Dutch and read (as you may have guessed) the same as the last two lines. This text is conceptual art from Lawrence Weiner (1942, New York, see picture on the left) and is called Wind & the Willows: Iron & Gold in the Air, Dust & Smoke on the Ground = Wind & de Wilgen, Ijzer & Goud in de Lucht, Stuifmeel & Rook op de Grond (1996).

Okay, I admit... I had to look this information up as well, I had no clue what the text meant. Actually, I still don't but hey, art is not something to be understood by us mere mortals (if somebody can tell me more about this work of art, please let me know!)... But I like the text, and in a way I found it fitting for my bike since my bike is made from iron and gold as well, has (unfortunately enough) been airborne a few times, and can leave a lot a dust behind (ask those who ride on the ground behind me)...

Picture taken: April 2003, Middelheimpark (Antwerp).