Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 97


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


God Allmighty,how that time rushed.Both,Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi felt astonished.Yet not so long ago they enjoyed Christmas and the New Year 1996 in Braschaat,together with Melissa’s mother and brother,and also with Tadek Vangard.Shortly afterwards they flew to New York and then made a whirlwind around the world,Brazil and India amongst others,and ended in Australia where they enjoyed good times with the Steven’s family and now they just walked in the Central Park of New York,in the bright streams of the summer sunshine of 1997.
Yes,it was already 1997!
Many things happened around the world,good and bad,during that time.The most awful were the cataclysms: the huricains and tornados,the earthquakes,tsunamis,sudden and extreme changes of wheather conditions…
They resulted in many deaths.
Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi often debated about the cataclysms.They were of opinion that there was a progressive global warming caused by the human activities.People did nothing to stop the global warming.The leaders were irresponsible,especially the leaders of the United States of America,the biggest polluter in the world,who refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement.Something had to be done.
One did not need to be a scientist to foresee a gruesome picture of the world in a hundred years.The Antarctica will melt down,the levels of oceans will go dramatically up and much of the land on every continent will disseapear deep under water.The evaporation from the increased levels of water will form a wall of clouds in the atmosphere through which the rays of the Sun will no longer be able to get through to the Earth.It will cause a new cycle,from the global warming to the Ice Period,just n-one in the long history of the Earth,but it will come much faster than anyone expects.The temperatures as low as minus one hundred degrees of Celsjus will rule the world,effectively killing whatever life.In those temperatures even your breath freezes,thus don't expect you can escape.And perhaps only a lucky few,the ultra rich ones,will escape beyond Earth’s atmosphere in their cosmic capsules.
People did not care for their nature,their environment.Making money and grid were all what they cared for.Well,the most probable scenario was that their children and grandchildren will pay a price,a dreadful one…
Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi held hands and walked,enjoying the presence of other people,their noisy children and birds flying from a tree to a tree.They were lost in memories,the nice time spent with Emmanuelle,the Steven’s sister,and as much nice times spent with his mother.They contemplated the friendliness of the Australians who treated Steven Mac Dantosch as their national hero and many other things.It was impossible not to grin when Steven Mac Dantosch thought about his fellow countrymen.There were times they hated him when they thought he was a murderer and a gay.Only after Harry Gullivers was finally exposed as the real evil and was put in jail,and also after causing the fall of Toni Barrington,the Harry Gullivers' candidate for president who also found himself in jail,did the Australians realised that Steven Mac Dantosch was neither a murderer nor a gay.Homophobia was still a great part in the psyche of the Australians.But it was not his problem.
There was still an unresolved dilemma in the relationship between Steven and Melissa.They have never had sex! They slept sometimes together but the only intieme thing were gentle kisses,more fatherly than a sort of a lover’s kiss.Every time she felt he desired her too much she turned away from him and did not dare to move at all.Steven Mac Dantosch was patient to heavenly proportions.His prediction was such that she will herself one day initiate lovemaking which will result in a sex affair.Unfortunately,it never happened.They went to a psychiatrist a number of times.
-“Don’t force it”- Was the advice of the doctor.So he still waited patiently. Images of Harry Gullivers again filled his mind.He knew tha guy will end on the electric chair.Strangely,he saw not Harry Gullivers but himself on the chair.He knew why.Because he was close to ending like that.If he were caught before he managed to prove his innocence nothing would stop the American justice to bring an ultimate injustice on him.The images of dying himself on the electric chair were his nightmare for a very long time.He never said to anyone about his nightmares,not even to Tadek Vangard,his best friend.Not even to a psychiatrist.It remained his and only his secret.But this time he felt so much pain from the image he pressed the hand of Melissa,not knowing about it.
-“Steven,what are you doing?! You’re causing pain to me! Oh,Steven!” – He finally heard her and when he looked at her saw a grimace on her tearful face.
He took her to his hands and kissed her.
-“I’m so sorry,Melissa,I’m so sorry.”- He repeated.
This time she took both his hands into her hands and looked deep in his sky-blue eyes.
-“Steven,what’s happening with you? What’s wrong with you? You behaved very strange,did not react to me and then…this.Why?”
He felt he could no longer hide it from her.
-“Oh,Melissa,my darling,I also have my nightmares.You see…if they caught me they would execute me. I would die while being innocent.And yet the whole world would think I was the monster.” - Tears,a man’s tears,went down his cheeks.She reached for a handkerchief and wiped his tears away from his face.She began to stroke him.
-“Oh my Steven,how could I never see it! I made your life double more difficult with my own nightmares! I’m so sorry!”
-“Don’t be sorry,Melissa.My nightmares are nothing in a comparison with yours.I hope the’re gone forever away from you!”
-“And from you,Steven! Don’t let them to distort your life!” She again reached to his face and stroke him gently.
It felt so good! He caught her hands and kissed them.
-“Oh,Melissa,I love you,I love you,I love you!”- But then tears appeared on his face again.
-“Steven,you cry?”
-“Melissa,I don’t know how to tell it to you.You see…We’re so long together and we never had …Oh,no,I am unable to say it!”
-“Say it,Steven,say it.” –But she felt she was panicking.
- “You see,Melissa,we never had love the way a man and a woman do it,do you understand me?”
She breathed deeply.Her eyes were closed.When she opened them she looked determined and perhaps even calm.
-“Oh,Steven,I know it.I know I’ve to finally beat my fears.I’ve to do it.We’ve to do it.”- She looked pale,a fear danced in her eyes.Everything what was identified as sex was yet another nightmare to her.But she understood that she finally had to beat that fear of sex,if she wanted to end with her nightmares.
-“Will we do it this night,Melissa?”
- “Oh,I don’t know,Steven,I don’t know.”
But she looked at him joyfully.
-“Steven,I want to get married to you,right now.”- She astonished him with a surprise,which sounded like a voice from the Heavens.
-“Right now? What do you mean?”
-“We go to a chapel and ask to get married.It’s as simple as that!”
Steven Mac Dantosch bursted with laugh.
-“A great idea,Melissa! But first I’m wishing to ask you a question.”
-“And the question is?”
-“Do you want to be my wife?”
This time she bursted with laugh.
-“Yes,Steven,I want to be your wife!”
They took themselves into their arms and had a long,a very long kiss.The Sun’s rays beamed brightly at them and the passerbyes only smiled.There were many other lovers in the New York’s Central Park! And then they just ran to their car and half an hour later found themselves in a little chapel on the outskirts of New York.An hour later they were a husband and a wife,kissing each other gently and somehow passionately.She felt she was not the same,the discovery of Steven’s nightmares caused,miraculously,the disseappearance of her own nightmares.Perhaps because she realised how futile was it on holding to the nightmares instead of simply droping them away from one’s psyche.
Manhattan was their honemoon! They went from café to café,from one exhilarating place to another one and kissed themselves passionately all the time.Sweet,sweet love!
It was already midnight hour when they returned home.
Only then Melissa began again to feel herself uncomfortably.Her fears returned but she knew she could not be defeated by them.She had to challenge them.And lovemaking was her chance.She realised perhaps for the first time that she could beat her fears by doing the lovemaking.She was determined to do it.Yet the fears still overwhelmed her.
They lay next to each other.
He turned to her and began to kiss her gently,beginning with her mouth and going then to her neck.
-“Oh,Steven,I fear.”- She whisperd.
-“Don’t fear,my love.”- He continued to kiss her.
He heard her cry and brought his head up.
-“Are you crying,Melissa?”- He asked.
-“I’ll be crying, it,don’t bother.Do it,I love you!”
She did not have to repeat herself.He knew he had to go now all the way ahead if he wanted to help her to overcome her fears.He began to penitrate every single piece of her body with his tounque,his hands and his own body.And then,when he finally got to the gate of paradise he let his manhood do the rest.He entered her and…the images of what was done to her by the ones who kidnapped and raped her pierced through his mind with such a force that he cried out with a sheer pain.He cried now,he cried together with her.And it was then when she took him into her arms and kissed him.
-“Don’t cry,Steven.My nightmares are gone for good and your nightmares must also be gone for good! I want so and you want so.” – She said and continued to kiss him the way a woman kisses a man in their most intieme encounter.His manhood was still deep in her.He discovered she no longer cried and she actually did a real love to him.Now he felt aroused as never before and he knew she was also aroused because she spasmed and made wild vibrations with her body.
Oh,God,his Melissa did a real love to him! And it felt so good! So terribly good! His manhood was now hers but she was his,the way he always dreamt.Two became one,two became one,indeed! And then all the fireworks of paradise spread all ways within their bodies and their psyches.They were indeed one!…
To be continued…

Author: Thaddeus Hutyra.
Address: Frederik de Merodestraat 1.
2600 Berchem.Antwerpen.Belgium.
All Rights Reserved.


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