Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 95


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra



-“Bye,bye,my darling!” – Herman van Veenen whispered softly to the ears of his beloved Ratchel,a blondie he had an affair with already for some time.It was after seven in the morning and he had to go to his office.Important business meetings were scheduled for this day.
-“Herman,you have to visit me more often.Once a week is definitely not enough! You have to get an idea on how to see me every day.I want you! I desire you!Don't you see?!” – Ratchel van den Pinteer answered.
-“I know it,my love.But…you’re forgetting I've a wife.”
-“Shit with your wife! Can’t you divorce her!”
Herman van Veenen felt stunned.
-“Oh,this certainly not!”
The blondie pushed him aside from herself.
-“You play games with me,Herman! Whom do you love,her or me?!”- She demanded to know.
-“Oh,Ratchel,you already know it.I told you so many times.I love her and I love you.I can’t live neither without her nor without you.It’s as simple as that.”
-“I don’t accept such an explanation.Can’t you choose?”
- “If I had to choose she would win,Ratchel. She is my wife,a beautiful one,and,besides,we have a daughter. But I also love you.Can’t it stay the way it is?”
-“I don’t know,Herman.I've to think.”
-“Ratchel,I really have to go to my office.You think and we talk about it the next time we meet.”
-“O.K.,Herman.Be careful,there are crazy traffic offenders out there on the motorway.”
-“I’ll be careful.Bye,Ratchel and don’t worry.”
He did not wait for her answer and rushed out the house,which he secretely purchased for her.He got into the car and moved it fast onto the pavement and then just swirled with it towards the main road.
Both,Helene and Ratchel were on his mind.How stranged was this world!
He loved two women and he loved them in two different ways.It was a pure love with Helene,soft and gentle.Just kisses,love vocabulary,massaging and when they got to the stage they did the intercourse it was shy and the lights had to be off.It was the opposite of that when it came to his affair with Ratchel.Their love was rather a pure and wild sex,with their sexual organs playing the most important role.When they performed sex they were like two beasts.The beasts of love!
-“Hey! How do you drive? You’re a Sunday driver,guy!”- He heard suddenly and realised he was close to causing an accident.
-“Enough is enough! Concentrate on the real world!”- He forced his imaginary thoughts out his mind.
-“The real world,shit!”- He turned his head disapprovingly.
This world was far from perfection.Stupid political leaders worldwide,further progress of the global warming…
Where and how this world was going to end up? And why war was used continuously as a means of solution? Why there was not any determination to say "no" to using force as a solution to the problems which were exposed among particular countries? It always had to end with going to this or that war.And it was wrong.The humanity was still unable to cross the thresholds to the upper civilisational levels in which war would not be permitted under any circumstances.War meant thousands upon thousands of murders.If a single person could not commit a murder why then a political leader was sanctioned to do it by using the army of his country? Perhaps the real reasons for going to  a war were as beasty as the term "war" itself: power,money,oil,supremacy…And why all this?
The fact was there was no willingness or not enough willingness to say “no” to war and treat it forever as something what characterises the lower form of homo sapiens.Was it possible that people could evolve to upper forms of homo sapiens? To a higher civilisational dimension in which the term "war" would be totally banned?
There were certainly thousands upon thousands of peaceful solutions which would give the effects the global community wanted,even against such evil dictators as Saddam Hussein or some African dictators.
The Soviet Union’s empire fell down not through the means of war but through numerous other means.The same measures could have been adapted against dictators of much smaller countries,against international and local terrorists and against any evil doers.United humanity could do wonders!…
It was nine a’clock when he found himself at his office.
He found a message on his desk,a very strange but one which caused him to shiver.
He massaged his forehead when reading it.
-“Go to the ‘Red Rose House' in Antwerp.You discover there something what you have never expected.Something what concerns you and your own family.Don’t be afraid about me.I won’t be there.Signed: Carlos”
He still shivered when he stood up from behind his desk.He felt he was wet on his entire body.As if he just got out a shower,without drying himself off.
He went out his office and called his secretary.
-“How did this message get here?” – He asked.
-“A mysterious gentleman came in and asked to give it to you.He said it’s urgent.Business affairs,he added when I asked him.”- The secretary answered.
-“Oh,yes!”- Herman van Veenen just said.
An hour later he was already on his way to Antwerp.All business was forgotten.He had some associates who were supposed to act in case emergencies were going to take a place so about this he did not worry.But he worried,terribly worried,about the message.What was it? Did something happen to his wife and their daughter? To any other members of their family? To any of his friends? He had numerous friends in Belgium by now.God,what happened?! He knew he won’t know it until he gets to that “Red Rose House”. He would not anticipate this so much if not the fact the message was from Carlos.The one who yet not so long ago was his business partner.Well,he did not know John Ruchter was Carlos.How could he know it! And what if Carlos waited there for him? What if Carlos intended to kill him? Should he go there?
Yet the essense of the message was too powerful to disregard it.
-“No,I must go there! Whatever’s going to happen!”- He whispered to himself determindedly.
He needed just three hours to get to Antwerp and he immediately directed his car to the city.Once there he began to look for the Red Rose House.He was informed at the Tourist Information Centre that the Red Rose House was situated in the red lights district,just behind the Grote Markt.He went there immediately by foot.
-“In the area of the red lights?”- He felt stunned again.
It was not difficult to find the place.Whoever he asked just showed him to go to the end of the street he just walked through.There were young ladies on display in the windows and some of them even gesticulated to him,inviting him to enter their domains.
He found himself finally before the Red Rose House,a three floors high building painted in red.He learnt from the displayed information that there was a streaptease café or a sort of a stage and a number of cabins from which one could observe female streapteasers.
Indeed,there was a round alike corridor on the basement floor,separated by wall from the outer side and numerous cabins from the inner side.He did not have to enter any of the cabins to know that there were peepholes in each of the cabins through which male onlookers could watch dancing female streapteasers.He felt somehow that the message he got from Carlos had to do something with what was happening on the scene.Did Carlos mean one of the streapteasers?
He entered one of the cabins,pushed inside a note of 500 BF and he could use the peephole from now on as much as he wished for up to two hours.It was rather a lot of time,because 500 BF was equivalent of only 15 US dollars.
One Asian streapteaser just performed and he felt aroused.An African beauty followed her.
-“How many streapteasers are here? Are they prostitutes?”- He thought.
-“And why Carlos directed me here? Is he now going to enter this cabin and kill me?”- He thought further but discontinued because what he has now seen felt like if he were shot numerous times by a killer.
The new dancing beauty,a streapteaser,was nobody else as…Helene!
His own wife!
She danced sensually and striped herself of everything she had on while the other onlookers probably masturbated themselves.How could she do something as this! For how long did she do it? How many times did she do it? Why did she do it? Heavens,why?! How could she cheat on him so much?!
He shivered even more than when he read the message signed by Carlos.His own wife betrayed him! His beloved wife whom he treated like an angel and dared not to dirty her with a raw sex! His own wife,oh,no,no,no!
He never despaired more than right now.
He went to the other end of the cabin,took all the strength to his arms and legs and threw himself at the side of the cabin in which the peephole was located. The wall fell down with a terrible noise and he now stood before his own wife,their eyes fixed on reach other.He gave her a powerful slap on her face and she fell down onto the floor.The bodyguards ran in and caught him.
-“You’re a bitch,you’re a bitch!”- He shouted.
She got off the floor,put hurriedly clothes back on herself and faced him,the expression of her eyes turned from fear to hatred.
-“You’re not better,dog!”- She vehemently said.Then she ran towards the TV and placed inside a video cassette.Images of him,fucking a blondie filled the air.
It was then when he realised what really happened.The brilliance of Carlos! He managed to bring down this marriage! He really managed so! For they no longer could treat themselves as a wife and a husband.They betrayed each other.
But why did she do what she did? How could she do it?
-“Helene,it’s Carlos.”- He said softly.
-“What Carlos?”- She asked with enmity in her voice.
-“I got this message from him” – He said and gave it to her.
Now it was Helene’s turn to realise how brilliant was the Carlos’ plan.
-“Well,he exposed us.”- She said with a resigned voice.
-“Helene,but why? Why did you do what you did?”
-“Let him free.I’ll pay for the damagaes.”- She said to the bodyguards.
-“Come”- She then said to her husband.
He followed her to the first floor where they entered one of the rooms there.There was a bed and two armchairs in the room.
-“You did sex here with strangers.” – He said accusingly.
-“Yes,I did!”- She answered provocatively.
-“But why,Helene? For God’s sake,why? You know I loved you!”
-“Sit down and also calm down.O.K.?”
He did as she asked him.
-“Well.”- She began.- “Haven’t you noticed that we practically never had sex with each other? At least the way it should have been done! The way you did it with the blondie!”
-“I loved you,Helene!”
-“You forgot that I am a real woman! I needed not only love but also sex,you stupid! I was dying from desire to do it the way others do it,in a wild manner,without thinking.I wanted a real,raw sex and I never had it from you!”
-“You were for me an angel,Helene!”
-“It’s just that! An angel! I’m a woman,guy! You had to satisfy me in the most wild manner you could find within yourself.”
-“Oh,Helene,I was so afraid to do it to you! I loved you so much! You were someone better than just this,that raw sex you just said.I couln’t do it to you.”
-“So you did it to her,the blondie,you son of a bitch!”
-“No son,Helene,a husband...!”
-“Why you did what you did? With that blondie?”
-“For the same reasons you just stated: I desired the raw sex!”
Strangely,they both got a laugh.
-“Shit,how stupid we were!”- Helene expressed herself.
-“But…you know,Helene,that this is the end for us…”
-“I perfectly know! We’ve to take a divorce.Carlos won in this regard,didn’t he?”- Helene interrupted him.
-“I think so.Our daughter goes with me.”- Herman van Veenen riposted.
-“Never! Angie stays with me!”- She protested to him.
-“Well,the judge will decide.No child to a bitch,I’m sure.”
-“Don’t be so sure.You’re not better.”
-“And one more thing: we stay together for the time being and prepare Angie gradually to the new reality she is going to face,O.K.?”
-“I don’t mind it,you’re a sukkel!”
They stood up and went out without one word more to say to each other.Their marriage was de facto finished.
To be continued…

Author: Thaddeus Hutyra.
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Address: Frederik de Merodestraat 1.
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