Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 85


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra



-“How could they do something as this to you?! How could they dare to do it?! They treated you as if you were nothing,nothing at all! Shit,you’ve done more for the free world than any of them could ever do! You discovered strategy Beehive and presented it to the Americans! You saved the free world from the plaque of communism! You brought that system down to its knee! The free world is now much wider! And all that thanks to you,Tadek! How they could then deny you entry to their country! They’re pigs! They’re really pigs!” – Herman Van Veenen was red faced from the anger and rage.He walked around a mahogany table and gesticulated wildly.Tadek Vangard has never seen him more agitated.
-“I also don’t understand how they could do it to me. I thought I was a man of the world due to my citizenship of New Zealand.Besides I swore allegiance to the Queen.Their queen and also my queen.It's another matter that I don't like royalty because I'm a supporter of a presidency rather.Nevertheless,New Zealand is so close to Britain there practically shouldn't be any problems.At least I thought so...”- He said.
-“It’s all shit,Tadek.They had no right to do to you what they have done.”- Herman Van Veenen interrupted him.
-“It was so unexpected…”- Aftershocks still reverberated in Tadek Vangard’s mind.
-“By the way,Tadek,have you told them about the strategy Beehive? Have you asked them to consult MI6 ?”
-“No,it didn’t cross mind mind.”
-“Then you made a grave mistake.”
-“If you told them about that your achievements you’d have a free way inside the country.”
-“Oh,Herman,I thought myself being part of the free world.I was absolutely unprepared for what I expierenced.”
-“It’s a pity,Tadek.If they knew you are the one who in fact brought down the communism they would let you in with an acompaniament of fanfares.You’re a hero of the free world,Tadek.The irony is they didn’t know it.”
-“Well,Herman,I don’t like to narcisize myself.I thought that because I was a holder of a New Zealand passport the free world was open to me.Unfortunately I realized it’s not the case.Besides,the British customs are extremely arrogant and unpleasant to a highest degree.They wanted only one thing: to humiliate me.And…they succeded in that.This is what is the hardest to swallow.I suspect what they did to me they did to many other innocent people.They’re really pigs,Herman!
-“What are you going to do now,Tadek?”- Helene Van Veenen who sat in one of the leather armchairs,silent so far,asked him.She sounded sad.
-“I don’t know.”
-“Oh,Tadek,how can you say it! You must go back there and present them with the facts.You let them know what you did! You mention the strategy Beehive to them and demand that they get in touch with MI6.You’ll see,they’ll lick your toes.They’ll apologise and treat you as if you were a royal.The wolves will turn themselves into dogs,too friendly ones..You’ll see…”
-“I hate bringing the ghosts of the past back into the present…”
-“Tadek,don’t be so unrealistic! Stop being a dreamer and treat them the way as they really are.Don’t you see it? The world is not as perfect as you’d like it to be.Whenever you turn your head there are people who don’t know what manners are.There is no way they could ever learn manners.No way at all! Darwin was right,we,people,are part of the animal world,wild,unpredictable and living by the rules of the strong.The ideals of a human being are nothing more than an abstract notion which we bring into this reality of ours and try to convince ourselves that it’s a reality.It’s not a reality.We don’t even know what is a reality.Our minds are lost in the fluidities of abstract notions and dreams with which we confront each other.In other ways,Tadek,you go ahead the way army units do when on an offensive against enemy.Treat them like if they were your enemies.Shower them with the facts! With your achievements! Let them know who really you are! The magics of the strategy Beehive still are pulsating with a never ending echo.And you’re the hero,Tadek!”
-“You’re right,Herman but…I feel myself too exhausted at the moment…
-“Well,Tadek,I’ll do it for you! I have a number of friends in MI6.From the time of my active work on behalf of CIA.I’ll tell them about the strategy Beehive…”
-“Thanks,Herman,that would be great but…”
-“There’s no ‘but’,Tadek,you must be forceful and…determined.”- Herman Van Veenen once again interrupted him.
-“You don’t understand me,Herman.I’m pleased you’ll let them know about the strategy but what I want to say I am intending to take a break.”
-“A break?”- A disbelief appeared on the face of Herman Van Veenen.
-“Yes,a break.I decided I’ll fly to Nepal.I want to see the highest mountains on this planet,to breath the fresh,mountain air but above all to enjoy the characteristic tourist life there and participate in the lives of the local people.You know the people there are certainly much more friendly than it is the case with many of us,the Europeans.We can learn much from them.”- Tadek Vangard announced.
-“Oh,Tadek,you really want to go to Nepal?”- Helene Van Veenen began to laugh.She looked again the way she was always:smiling and so much carefree.
-“Yes,absolutely so.I need it.I’m sure I’ll return reinvigorated and full of new life.Then, I’m sure,I’ll go back to England.As a warrior…
-“Great,Tadek,go and enjoy yourself.I’ll speak with my former colleagues in the meantime.”- Herman Van Veenen applauded Tadek Vangard.
-“When are you going to go to Nepal?”- Helene Van Veenen asked him.
-“As soon as it’s possible.Even tomorrow if it is possible.”
Angie came in in that moment and she was followed by one of the boovies,the oldest one which came up to Herman van Veenen and gave signs he would like to be treated by his boss.Herman Van Veenen sat down in an armchair,took his dog to both of his hands and began him to stroke.
-“You know,Tadek,this dog is already fifteen years old.It’s about a hundred years in human terms.”
Tadek Vangard of course knew it.He learnt about the dogs nearly everything yet at the time he stayed with the family of Herman Van Veenen in New Zealand. People liked to repeat themselves.
-“Very peaceful dog.”- He just said.
They chated yet a moment,drank a Di Saronno liquer and a capucino coffee and then Tadek Vangard left their villa,hurrying back to Antwerp where he intended first to come to a travel agent and get info on possibly earliest fly for Nepal.He had luck when he found himself downtown in Antwerp and pressed a handle to one of the travel agents’ offices. He succeded to buy a ticket there with a departure time in the first day of the following weekend.
He found himself at the Zaventem Airport on Saturday,the day of the departure and waited in the waiting hall,as many other travellers did,for the announcement of the boarding onto his plane.
The airport was modern but he heard many inhabitants who lived nearby complained about unspeakable noise caused by the planes which came to or came out the airport,especially at night.He thought he had a solution.Why not to build an ultra modern international airport half the way between Brussels and Antwerp,a sort of airport as was the John Kennedy Airport in New York or Heathrow Airport in London? The Deurne Airport in Antwerp was far below any international standards and too close to the downtown of the city what resulted in a strange architecture: all blocs and houses were low standing and the town,therefore,did not look really like a town but a large village rather. Travelling between Antwerp and Brussels took about half an hour by car,thus the destination to the eventual new airport half the way would be shortened by half.Other local towns,such as Mechelen for example would benefit as well.The government would save money which otherwise were spent on local airports which were neither efficient enough nor up to the standards.The Belgian government had strange policies.He did not want to sound like a Cassandra but he thought the overseas companies which operated within Belgium as well as the Belgian companies had to carry too big a burden,by paying definitely too high taxes.Sooner or later some of the companies would move out of the Belgian marketplace as a result.In his opinion,some strategic companies,such as General Motors in Antwerp or Ford Motor in Genk should enjoy a privilaged status of paying only minimal tax amounts or even not paying taxes at all.This was necessarry in order to compensate for definitely too expensive labour.The Belgian workers were among the best paid not only in Europe but also in the world
He had time to observe people and to think a lot above all.It was already February of 1995,rainy rather in Belgium,snowy in his native Poland and full of summertime sunshine in New Zealand.Just a few years passed since the fall of the communism and the transformation of Europe was colossal.Both,in the East and the West.Poland had still a high industrial growth but there appeared first cracks and the unemployment began to rise to record levels.It was something Polish people were unaccustomed to.Such things as unemployment were never heard about in the communist times.The authorities had then ways to create artificial jobs.Neverthelless standards of lives of ordinary Poles went up and their country enjoyed status of a tiger of the Central Europe's region when it came to the economic terms of growth,investments and development.In the Western part of Europe there was a transformation from the European Community to The European Union and many treaties,such as Mastricht Treaty amongst others,were signed.Common currency,the Euro,was the next goal.Except of bright spots there were also dark spots in Europe and elsewhere.Enormous shock waves reverberated through the minds of fellow Belgians when they learnt about the death of kidnaped children at the hands of a pedophile network ran by Marc Dutroux.The news were like if being broadcasted from the hell,the Satan's nest.The Israeli-Palestinian conflict was still not resolved and the so called Iraq syndrome intensified,due to the stubborness of the ruthless killer,Saddam Hussein,who happened to be the president of the country.
Finally,there was an anouncement of the boarding to his plane so he got up and came to the customs.Everything was smooth and he could quite soon walk towards the plane.He knew he will do everything to enjoy his stay in Nepal.
He knew he was leaving now for Kathmandu,the capital of Nepal,with a state of psychic exchaustion and he knew he will return rejunevated and reborn somehow.He was sure a process of regeneration,both mental and physical,will take a full cycle there.He also knew he was going to determine his destiny,there,in the majestic Himalayas.
What he did not know Carlos,the assassin alias John Ruchter knew he was on the way towards the plane which would bring him to Nepal.
Carlos got up off his seat in the far corner of a long hall and went towards the airport’s travel offices.He would buy there a ticket for himself,to depart with the first following plane,in the same direction Tadek Vangard was just departing.
-“I have you,guy!”- Ominous whisper got out the mouth of Carlos.He was certain Tadek Vangard will never return this time back to Belgium.He,Carlos will make sure Tadek Vangard will stay in Nepal forever.As much forever as was the case with the majestic Himalaya mountains.He even heard deadly winds of the Himalayas within his mind.
To be continued…...
Author: Thaddeus Hutyra.
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