Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 82


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Two weeks later Carlos arrived in Antwerp,the world’s capital of diamonds.He was well known in the Jewish diamond business circles in and around Hoevernierstraat,a street located just off the Keyserleistraat,which at one end had the main railway station of Antwerp,called Diamant Station and on the other end changed name to Meir,a long alley with most exclusive shops in the city at which end one entered into the so called Groenplaats or Rubensplein as others wanted and finally into the most famous square,full of historic buildings and culinary events in restaurants placed at that buildings,the so called Grote Markt.
But Hoevernierstraat was the engine of the diamond business.There were placed offices of most important figures in the industry.Carlos’ offices were among them.He was known,naturally, as John Ruchter,an enigmatic personage,although at times difficult.
The story of acquiring the diamond business was long and bloody,and only Carlos knew what really happened before the business became his.What the story which circulated around narrated was that Franky Ruchter,the man who established the business in Israel and elsewhere died in a plane accident.The same fate met his entire family because they also were in the plane which went down to the Mediterrian Sea in suspicious circumstances.Instead of getting to a wedding they ended their lives deep under water.John Ruchter was the only one in the family who survived.
Carlos had a fantastic humour every time he thought about it.It was he who orchestrated the operation of destroying all of the real family of Franky Ruchter.It was he who arranged papers which certified that he was part of that family,actually the only living one.How easy was it to get that fabulous fortune! Diamond Services brought him so incredible riches that he could easily spend millions of dollars on major terrorist activities round the world and still have so much money streaming from the enterprises associated with his Diamod Services that he simply did not know what to do with all that money.His schemas always had to be brilliant and indeed were brilliant.He was totally accepted in the Jewish community of enterpreuners and treated as one of them.If only they knew who he really was!
The smile rarely went off his face when he thought about all of it.He was an absolute master,a genie in fact.As in many other companies he owned across the world he had loyal people he could trust also in the Diamond Services.They were always headed,however,by someone from his inner circle of terrorist nest.There had to be an absolute certainty when it came to people.Any eventual danger would have to be solved instantly one way or the other.Carlos did not have to worry about it.
He liked to come to Belgium from time to time.The people were nice,hard working and party goers at the same time.But they were also difficult.They were enacting for example the so called genocide law which would enable to charge with genocide any high ranking official,including the Americans.Didn't the Belgians know they were like a mouse towards an elephant in comparison with their uncle Sam? If the law were put to life and an American were charged there would certainly be such a tremendous shockwave that Brussels NATO headquarters would be moved away from Belgium and the country would lose billions of dollars on a yearly basis if this were the case indeed.
A mouse could never win over an elephant!
It looked the Belgian overconfidence was rooted in their belief the other NATO partners,most of whom were European Union members,would support them.He,Carlos,had no doubt the Belgians would loose.The European Union was still a paper power,a political house built on cards.Get on one card and the house is in ruins.The fundemental weakness of the Europeans was in unability to create an all European constitution as well as the Presidency.He doubted it was ever going to happen.
Carlos enjoyed his role as a chameleon.Being John Ruchter relaxed him and made him feeling less violent and less destructive.Sometimes he needed it.This time he planned to visit Herman Van Veenen and his wife,Helene,in their villa of s’Gravenwezel.His mind worked furiously on the best scenario of destroying yet another family and getting their worldwide business into his own hands.He had to learn more about that family,therefore.
He rang to Herman Van Veenen and was invited for an evening party.Shortly after six p.m. he arrived with his red Ferrari before the villa and was greeted by Herman Van Veenen who,with a Cuban cigar in his hand,waited for him in front of the house.The ash blond guest entered the house and there was a smile in the corners of his mouth,accompanied by the thought of how easy it were for him to kill the guy and his wife.
It was then when Helene Van Veenen appeared before him and extended her hand to him.John Ruchter looked at her and felt transfixed and…stunned.
She was an absolute beauty,shiny and joyous.
-“Helene,our guest is a prince of diamonds.He’s got a factory of diamonds in Israel and a number of enterprises worldwide.His name is John Ruchter.”- Herman Van Veenen introduced the man to his wife.
-“Welcome Mr.Ruchter in our house.Would you please follow me?”- She said and was ready to turn and guide him to the living room.She felt undecisive under the intense look of the man for a brief moment but recovered fast and went ahead.John Ruchter followed her.
-“Thank you very much.I hope I am not disturbing anyone.”- John Ruchter said to her finally when they entered the living room.
-“You’re a very beautiful woman,one which I would love to promote my diamonds with.”- He added.
She bursted with a soft and a gentle laugh.
-“You’d made double the amount if this were the case,Mr.Ruchter.”
It was now John Ruchter’s turn to laugh and he was surprised how naturally did it came to him.
-“Oh,my dear lady! It would certainly be the case!”
-“Though no! My place is at the side of my husband.We’ve enough money,Mr.Ruchter.”- She answered while her face remained all smile. They sat down in splendid leather armchairs and had coffee and variety of liquers to choose from.
Carlos felt puzzled perhaps the first time in his life.Although he was talking business with Herman Van Veenen his mind was continuously preoccupied with the beauty who sat next to him.What was it? Why did he feel something strange to that woman? Was it an attraction? Whatever to say he never before felt something like that.Something what was getting stronger and heavier within his mind with every passing minute.For the first time in his life he realized he might be in…love.The woman was terribly attractive,her body was an emanation of everything what is best in feminity.He realized he desired her.He never before believed there could be love from the first shot of an eye.Why then didn’t he feel anything to her all that previous times he observed her,studied her and tried to learn about her absolutely everything? Perhaps it was the distance.Now he had her much closer.He had already full assessments of Herman Van Veenen.The assessment was needed to be done also with Helene Van Veenen.He discovered she was still an enigma to him.
In the meantime she was really at a panic because she found the man very attractive and emanating with a male erotism at the same time.She could smell something subtle from a gentle but nice odour of his body.It was certainly a testosterone,the hormone which makes men crazy but fantastic lovers in bed.
She felt excited and the excitement had an upward running spiral.
The man was a prince of diamonds! And she loved diamonds! The women best friends!
He was so handsome!
And that his ash-blond hair!
She felt she was loosing her mind!
There was some strange power in the body of that mysterious man!
Something was emanating out of his body what caused she felt as if she were a transparent veil with which he would cover his naked body.She panicked because an image of the body,his body,entered her mind.She excused herself and went to the kitchen,unaware that John Ruchter followed her with his intensive eyes.
He felt some fire burning within his body.
She looked so much erotic!
Strangely no woman in the erotic journals ever aroused him so much as this living beauty.He could not recognise himself.What was happening with him? He never accepted any feelings in his life and always directed himself by cold,absolutely cold logics and cold calculations.He was a perfectionist in that regard.
The feelings he just felt were contrary to what he valued.He always despised living by feelings,something what in his mind was a speciality of women.A man should be cool,cool and once again cool.And of course fire alike when it came to sex.He had very many women in his sex life.They were usually prostitutes because they guaranteed short lived encounters,something what suited him best.
And now…that woman!
Herman Van Veenen was something saying to him so he had to concentrate himself on the conversation.
Helene Van Veenen came back in the meantime,chose Filmnet on TV,a channel running variety of films only and tried to get an essence from a film which was nearing end.She let the men to talk freely their business affairs and did not interrupt them.Neverthelless,she looked briefly sometimes at the man across the glass table and was thrilled to feel the intensity of his male beauty.No,she must have lost her senses.How could she behave such a way? She was definitely not herself.What was it? Didn’t she had enough sex with her own husband? Or,was she getting older? She could still feel herself a young woman at her early thirties.So what was it? No,she had no answer.It was definitely not her day.
-“What is it so special in that guy?”- She thought.She met many attractive men in her life and always knew how to treat them.But not with that guy.She felt as if she were in a trans or as if she dreamt.Everything was so fluid,out of the reach of her hands and…mind.There was something very metallic in his eyes,something unpredictable or even beasty.Perhaps she was transfixed by his eyes?!
She felt finally relieved when the time for party was over and John Ruchter said goodbye to them,got into his Ferrari and went back to Antwerp.Helene Van Veenen could not shake off the image of him and especially the intensity of his eyes when he bode farewell.She did not know that John Ruchter also was unable to shake off her farewell look.
Was it a fatal attraction?
Or was it love? A forbidden love?
To be continued….
Author: Thaddeus Hutyra.
Address: Frederik de Merodestraat 1.
2600 Berchem.Antwerpen.Belgium.
e-mail:  or:
All Rights Reserved.

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