Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 81


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra



Herman Van Veenen had a busy business schedule.He had done a whirlwind trip during the past forty eight hours.He attended meetings with his partners in Brussels,the Belgian capital,in Arnhem,a Dutch town bordering Germany,in Amsterdam,the lucrative tourist centre of the Netherlands for the entire world and finally he arrived in Monaco,just four hours ago.
That four hours were enough to get some rest,to shower,to put business suit on and to do a bit walking along the alleys of the most famous royal town in the world which sinned with lucrative riches at every square meter.
It was already 6 p.m. when he found himself in La Condamine café,from which there was an incredible lookout at the port of Monte Carlo,full of colourful jachts.It was dark there in the cafe and only candles gave some light but not at every table.Some people did not apparantly do legitimate arrangements.The walls had shades of red to black and paintings on the walls portrayed some sorts of beasts which could inhabit only the hell.Smoke from the cigarettes and cigars multiplied the impression of being in a place in which legitimacy of business deals was indeed under a question.
Nevertheless,Herman Van Veenen was in a great mood.Everything went so far the way as he wished.The family reunion party at his s’Gravenwezel villa which took place just a few weeks earlier was a success and the business affairs as much so.He was actually working over a project called Gelderse Poort,a center with a number of scydrapers which was already in a stadium of realisation,on the outskirts of Arnhem.In fact the project was started yet at the time he lived in New Zealand.Some worldwide companies have already opened their offices at those skydrapers which were already dispatched as ready to be used.Many Americans as wel as Europeans opened their offices there.East Europeans and the Russians were also coming there.
It looked the Gelderse Poort was an instant success,despite that the project was far from being finished.In fact only half of the project was realised and the most spectacular skydrapers were going to rise up the sky as yet.What was the most characteristic feature of the Gelderse Poort was that it was a sort of mirrored glass city.One could watch even the sun’s rays,reflecting in all shades and configurations across that city of glass.
Herman Van Veenen was satisfied even more because he was chosen a general director at the board of directors.
Now he was expecting to meet John Ruchter,a Jewish businessman who got a factory of diamonds in Israel.They had already a telephone conversation during which Herman Van Veenen learnt the Jewishman was interested to finance one skydraper entirely from his own funds.If it happened the Gelderse Poort would receive a powerful financial injection which would enable the centre to become even more dynamic.
But…where was John Ruchter?
Herman Van Veenen looked at his watch and got nervous a bit.The Jewish businessman was already late.Nearly thirty minutes! In business circles thirty minutes were ages.He began to feel irritated.He reached to the pocket of his suit and got a cigar which he lighted.The taste of the cigar made him a bit relaxed.But he could no longer sit behind a table,so he excused himself and got outside.The Sun still shone,with reddish somehow rays and the air seemed to be fresher.
He noticed a Rolls Royce limousine coming into the driveway and parking next to a raw of other cars.
A tall,muscular man with ash-blond hair got out the limousine and directed himself towards the café.Herman van Veenen had a strange feeling the man was the Jewishman he was waiting for.He had that feeling despite the earlier perception of seeing someone with a hat and typical,Jewish sort clothes on.That man was different,he looked as if he were part of the all American president’s men.The man was an unusually sporty type.It was seen in his way of walking,as if he were a tiger.He was just passing Herman Van Veenen when their eyes encountered each other.It was then when also the other man most probably realised that the man he just looked at was the guy whom he was due to meet.They grinned to each other,feeling some sort of certainty that their intuition was correct.
-“Are you mister John Ruchter?”- Herman Van Veenen asked hurriedly.
It was then that the other man stopped and his face was all smile.
-“Yes,sir.My name is John Ruchter.”- He answered and extended his hand to Herman Van Veenen.
-“I’m pleased to meet you,mr.Van Veenen.”- He added.
-“Nice to meet you,sir.”- Herman Van Veenen reacted.He felt bewildered at the speed of John Ruchter’s friendly overtures.
-“Let’s go inside.I desire some drink.”- Said the mysterious Jewishman.Moment later they sat at the table and had a close look at what was happening around them in the café.
-“Let’s call ourselves by our names.My name is Herman.”- Said the Dutchman
-“And my name is John”.
They once again shook their hands and ordered then a scotch whisky.
-“Your community wouldn’t tolerate it.”- Herman Van Veenen joked.
-“What do you mean?”
-“Traditional Jews are very religious and don’t drink alcohol beverages.” -
“I’m so Jewish as you’re a punk! No,I’m definitely a different person,I love to think in global way.I’m more American than Jewish or,I would say,I’m an American Jewishman”
-“Well,you’ve got a factory of diamonds in Israel…”
-This doesn’t mean that I have to stay only in Israel.I’m an adventurer,man! I think global,I go global,I dream global and I fight in global terms if that’s needed.”
There was something familiar in the manners of the mysterious man.What was it Herman Van Veenen had no idea about.It would crystalised some time later.
-“O.K.,let’s talk business.”- Herman Van Veenen concluded.
They decided one of the scydrapers would be called Marseville,and offices of major enterprises could move in but several upper floors would be given to John Ruchter’s Diamond Services.In exchange the funds on behalf of the scydraper would come from the financial surpluses of the John Ruchter’s company.They discussed a number of other business projects,had more drinks ordered and then decided to end the meeting and go to their hotels.They promissed to each other to meet the next day once again but purely for relaxerend purposes.
The next day they met again,but this time at a tennis court which was situated nearby the premises of prince Rainier III and his family.They played tennis,had a drink and some friendly chat.Herman Van Veenen showed a photo to his newly found friend.
-“This is your wife,I suppose.She looks devastating in her beauty.”- John Ruchter remarked.Herman Van veenen once again felt puzzled at John Ruchter’s fast recognition of his wife.As if the man already knew her.
-“I invite you to visit us at our villa,which is situated in s’Gravenwezel,half an hour by car from the city of Antwerp.
-“It won’t be difficult.I’ve got an office there,in Antwerp.And then they just said goodbye to each other and went their ways,Herman Van Veenen towards the airport,in order to return home and John Ruchter to his secret apartament downtown Monaco.
He laughed all the way while riding his Rolls Royce.
-“I wonder what Herman Van Veenen would say if he realised that I’m not John Ruchter but…Carlos,the assassin!…Carlos,the chameleon!…The most brilliant chameleon the world ever saw!"
-“Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!..."- He felt amused as hell.Well,he had a deal with Satan,the monarch of the darkness and he swore to himself to destroy all those who stood him in the way.From Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch to Herman Van Veenen and the likes.Nothing could stop him.Perhaps Harry Gullivers was out of the game but not he,the brilliant chameleon.He had to satisfy his desire for revenge in order to return to his original mission which was sawing the seeds of terror,and chaos in consequence,in the countries of liberal order,the order he hated so much.He,Carlos the assassin,was going to return to the worldwide stage of terror with vengence of so monstrous proportions the world has never witnessed.The time of Carlos was coming,Carlos,the chameleon this time...
To be continued…
Author: Thaddeus Hutyra. Address: Frederik de Merodestraat 1.
2600 Berchem.Antwerpen.Belgium.
e-mail:  or:
All Rights Reserved.

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