Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 80


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Return to the normal life was more difficult for Melissa Charleroi than Steven Mac Dantosch thought.During the days she felt wounded by the many pictures of her father hanging on the walls and staying on the desks,by the very many things also which he used when alive.Her mother could not know the truth,because if she learnt it her life would lose all sense.So understandably,Melissa Charleroi expierenced yet another constant shock,a visual one,day by day.She had to be careful never to show her torment,whenever her mother was with her.When her mother stoped at any of the desks and took one of the pictures to her hands Melissa thought she was nearing an explosive breakdown.Somehow she managed to get through during such situations.She let Steven Mac Dantosch know how much tormented did she feel.
-“I know,Melissa,what you’re feeling,I’m so sorry.But you know,your mother needs you.Let’s try yet another month or two.Can you manage it,Melissa?”- He advised her,sounding worried at the same time.
-“It’s difficult,Steven but I think I can manage it.I do it for my mother.I love her so much!”- She answered.
-“But…what’s then?”- She asked before he managed to say anything.
-“What about going to Australia? Or to the United States? My parents are there. My sister,my friends…”- He proposed.
A sparkle of joy appeared in her eyes.
-“I’d love it! With you,Steven,I’m ready to go to any place of the world! Just for you and only for you!”- She announced with a real joy in her voice.
-“I’d love to go to New York,especially.You said your sister lives there.”- She added.
He smiled to her.
-“So,Melissa,we’ve got our decision:we go to New York soon.My sister,Emmanuelle,is a fashion designer there.My father's got a business centre at the World Trade Center and there is an office waiting for me.New York is a fantastic town.A magic one.”- He kissed her gently.
He felt happy in such moments because they proved there was a chance for the woman he loved to recover fully.As for the time being the prospect of full recovery was a far cry.Especially at nights.There was not a single night she would not have nightmares.All sorts of terrible nightmares which caused that she woke up violently and screamed in the middle of the night,with her eyes expressing a sheer horror.
Steven Mac Dantosch had to treat her gently,like if she were a child.He kept her in his arms,put his hands on her head and kissed on her forehead.
One night she was especially agitated after a nightmare which woke her up.She was trembling for long minutes despite being in Steven Mac Dantosch’s warm arms.She could feel his heartbeat as much as he felt her heartbeat.Despite this she still trembled.
-“Oh,Steven,I was raped by a gang.First five or six people,then ten or a dozen and then…a hundred.Oh,goodness!”
-“That’s not real,that’s only a nightmare,Melissa.”- He tried to make her quiet.
-“Oh,Steven,I’m probably becoming nuts!”
-“No,Melissa,that’s only nightmare! That’s a reaction of your mind to your past,evil expierences.You’ll win over your nightmares,you’ll see,Melissa.”
-“Oh,Steven,really?”- She looked frightened.
-“Really,Melissa,really! Believe in yourself and fight for yourself,the way as you are.You’ll win,Melissa.”
-“Oh,I don't know,Steven?”-She sounded unconvinced and hesitated.
-“You must be determined,Melissa.You have me at your side!”- He would be unable to calculate how many times he said that words to her.He tried to inject in her a belief she was capable to be herself,with no nightmares anymore. Somehow he always succeded with his persuasions because she finally slept peacefully at his side,her hands on his breasts.She breathed gently and looked so beautiful,an angel during a sleep.
He looked at her for long minutes then and there was a sadness sculptured on his handsome face.Three months perhaps passed when they both came to that house,the house of her mother and brother.They slept together and never had sex.He understood her,she was yet not ready.The most important was getting rid of her nightmares and lay them to rest.Only she could do it by herself,eventually.But he was a man! A young and fruithful man! While lying next to her he shivered and his body boiled.He thought he was going to burst from the heat which engulfed him from within his body. He was like an awakened volcano.So much that he had to run to bathroom and masturbate himself.And then there was left a shame.Just a shame! He,the handsome man lying next to such a beautiful woman as Melissa was and he did what he did.What a shame! American law enforcements would put him to jail for that.He heard that in some US states,in Texaco amongst others,no oral or anal sex could be performed in the privacy of individuals homes.Nothing strange that even a US president could say that the so called oral performance was not sex at all.It would be hard to swallow seeing a US president brought,with handcuffs on his hands,to a local prison like if he were a criminal offendant.
Steven Mac Dantosch had much wider horisons when it came to sex.The revelations of Kama Sutra had no wonders to him.He had them in his little finger and he could do definitely much more than it was portrayed there in the oldest book on sex and erotics.His dilemma was that he could not initiate sex with Melissa.He could not do it to her.Not yet.Because if he did it he would become part of yet another set in her inner nightmares.The offer of sex would have to come from her.Of course,it would be love rather at its most,with sex as part of it.So he had no any other option as to wait patiently,even if it meant months of grilling himself from the heat accumulating within his body while sleeping next to her.
He had a deep sleep when he got again awakened by her screamy,high pitched voice.God,it was four a’clock at night! He put light on and looked at her.There was an absolute fear in her eyes.She trembled even more than usually.He took her hands into his hands.
-“Melissa,wake up! You’re with me! With your Steven! Wake up! That’s only a nightmare!”- He said. But her eyes were still wide opened and with expression as if watching something many kilometers away.Steven Mac Dantosch got alarmed.Her eyes had really a maddening expression.
He took her head into both his hands and shook her.Only then did her eyes give a sign of recognition.
-“Yes,that’s me,Melissa.You had only a bad sleep,a nightmare I suppose.”
-“Oh,Steven,so bad nightmare!”
-“Narrate it to me.”- Steven Mac Dantosch knew that any time she could share the details of her nightmares with him she recovered faster and to a more full extent.
-“I was kidnapped by a number of ugly guys.”- She began to narrate the story of her nightmare,the second one at the same night.-“They brought me somewhere to an awful place,long deserted by any decent person.They began to rape me.Their piggish alike bodies were full of sweat and stench.I thought I was dying from despair and agony.And then,oh God,I saw something else: their penises alone,without their bodies which disseappeared,were entering my body from all sides.They pierced my body as if they were enormous screws.And then,oh God Almighty,every single penis,perhaps two dozens or even three dozens of them,changed themselves into…snakes.I was no longer the way I am.What remained of me was only my skeleton and my skull.The snakes could freely pass through any part of my skeleton but what was the worst was that they passed also through what used to be my mouth,eyes and ears.They went in and out.The snakes which were metamorfoses of the penises of those who raped me,perhaps of those who raped me in my real life.Despite having no eyes I saw it all.My skull became a death’s-head.Oh,goodness,I probably have to dash out my brains!”
Steven Mac Dantosh was thrilled himself with what he just heard.He took again her head into his hands and then began to stroke her.
-“Oh,Melissa,you had indeed a horrific nightmare.I don’t know what to say.”- Steven Mac Dantosch felt devestated.-“You see,there is something terribly wrong within your mind.Something what causes that your nightmares do not go away from you.Your mind is like a boat on a sea during a storm.What you need is to put your mind into your hands,as if your mind were a helm and you were a boatman on whom it were dependable to get out of the stormy sea harm,simply away from the storm.You need to take your mind into your hands an be a person at the wheel.Perhaps that could help…”
-“But…how can I do it while sleeping? The nightmares come over and over then,while I am sleeping.”
-“Oh,Melissa,I don’t know.Perhaps you should enter a psychiatric and psychological therapy.I think it would help.”
-“I’m not a mad woman!”- Melissa objected.
-“Yes,I know. But…there is something within your mind you don’t know how to deal with it.Something what proves you lost a certain percentage of ability to defend yourself from the harm’s way.I’m talking about your mind.
-“Perhaps you’re right,Steven.We have to talk about it in the morning.”
-“Yes,Melissa.Let’s have a bit more sleep.”
-“Can you kiss me,please?”
-“Oh yes,my darling!”-Steven Mac Dantosch kissed her gently on her forehead.
-“Steven,kiss me on my mouth.”- She whispered.
Hid did so and had impression an archfresh light entered his mind.It was certainly the case also with Melissa because when she already slept,fifteen minutes later,her face mirrored happiness.
It was in fact their first so erotic kiss.It made him to regain his belief that one day Melissa will really be free of her nightmares.That day- and night,naturally- had to come….To be continued...
author: Thaddeus Hutyra. Address: Frederik de Merodestraat 1.
2600 Berchem.Antwerpen.Belgium.
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