Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 67


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


-“Seat down there on your armchair!”- Steven Mac Dantosch ordered his archenemy while playing with his gun.His hatred was so great he would shoot at Harry Gullivers hundreds of times at the same time! However,he was not a man of revenge.He despised doing it.Revenge was for primitive creatures,those who had more common ties with the world of monkeys than the humans.He would never join the monkey business to which,unfortunately,so many people longed.At the same time,he was not a man who would let wrong things being left unpunished.There had to be justice done to those who played with fire and especially those who were cruel and inhuman.The foundation of civilisation rested on liberty and justice and if one of the two were disregarded one way or the other there might be chaos and even,in an extreem situation,the foundation of civilisation-so beloved by Americans-might tumble down.A vision of Statue of Liberty crossed the mind of Steven Mac Dantosch and he thanked God America,and the rest of the world,had the Goddess who guarded all what was the best in human civilisation and what was expressed so unprecedentally in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.He hoped it would stay so forever!!!
Harry Gullivers was still extremely dangerous.It was his place.He had state of art technology employed here and he might have another remote control hidden somewhere around.If he got it to his hands he might be the one who could emerge victorious.And if it happened,if he managed to have the upper hand,that would be the end for Steven Mac Dantosch and his sister.This could not happen!
-“I advice you to leave.You can do nothing to me.There are a hundred of my people around.”- Harry Gullivers said.The expression of his eyes was clouded.Steven Mac Dantosch did not react to it.
-“One move and I kill you.”- He only warned Harry Gullivers.There was a sickly feeling in the air.
-"What do you want?”- Harry Gullivers asked.
-“You!”- There was the answer.There was again a silence in the air.Once Steven Mac Dantosch got to his archenemy he was not quite sure what to do.Or rather how to do what he wanted to know.And to prove.Especially to his sister.There was only his innocence on his head.How to prove he did not kill his sister’s boyfriend.It happened already years ago.He had to hide for all that years.He was an outcast.For so many years! Now there was a chance.
-“Let’s see what you have on your terminal.”- He said.He pressed command on the remote control and screens after screens were turning on.
A shock appeared on the face of Steven Mac Dantosch when he saw a picture of the President of the United States on one of the screens.His secretary came to the office.They…kissed.God,it was real! Harry Gullivers had hidden camera in the White House and he was actually filming and recording a romance of the president.It was unprecedented!
Steven Mac Dantosch noticed he could do a remote search in the memory of the terminal.He pressed for a mysterious subject entitled:”Pax Gullivers”.There was a conversation recorded between Harry Gullivers and Toni Barrington in which the godfather ordered his subordinate to run for the presidency of the United States.
-“I want to change Pax Americana to Pax Gullivers!”- There were the final words in the conversation and Steven Mac Dantosch understood how sickly was Harry Gullivers in all his motives.The guy was mad!
Steven Mac Dantosch got excited because he knew what he was going to seek now in the terminal’s memory.He knew it when he saw a simple subject:”Mathew Burrows”.
He wanted to activate the information when something unforeseen happened.The armchair which Harry Gullivers sat on moved up the air.Steven Mac Dantosch,naturally,jumped over to the armchair,caughed it and was getting on top of Harry Gullivers who tried to drop him to the floor.There were acrobatics now happening in the space of the apartment.The armchair was a sort of vehicle now to which not known rules of physics could be applied,danced and turned easily,whether in the mid-air or attached to the ceiling and turned upside down.Yet they were not falling down to the floor,by the sheer force of antimagnetism.It was a maddening feeling! Steven Mac Dantosch noticed he did not have the remote control with him.It must have fallen down the moment he jumped in order to catch the flying armchair,with Harry Gullivers on it.Yes,indeed,it was on the floor,there next to the terminal.He could win a fight with Harry Gullivers but he had no idea how they could land on the floor.The ceiling was about ten meters high and there was no way to jump even if one wanted,without hurting onself.The other remote control was hidden somewhere within the armchair and only Harry Gullivers knew where was it.
-“Land us on the floor,you pig!”- Steven Mac Dantosch said through his clenched teeth.Harry Gullivers,in answer,kicked him with his head,so strong that Steven Mac Dantosch nearly lost his orientation.It was too much for him.He blew a number of vicious knocks at the forehead of the godfather and brought him into his unconsciousness.
-“Emmanuelle,the remote control is on the floor next to the terminal.Dezactivate it! Be careful with pressing buttons.I have enough of that cosmic trip!”- He called to his sister.He did not have to repeat himself.She had it already in her hands and studied it as fast as she only could.Then pressed one of the buttons and…it was indeed the right one.Armchair began to descend to the floor.
-“Uff,I hate this place!”- Steven Mac Dantosch expressed himself while bursting off Harry Gullivers' torso with uppermost distate.
They tied the godfather with whatever they could find around and locked also all doors.If anybody knocked on any of that doors might have impression Harry Gullivers is resting.
-“I’m so afraid! They might be here at any time.”- Emmanuelle Burrows whispered.Steven Mac Dantosch knew what she had in mind.Harry Gullivers’ bodyguards or whoever else who dealt with the godfather.
-“We must call FBI,Mathew.”- Emmanuelle Burrows said this time.
-“No,not yet!”-Steven Mac Dantosch turned with his head vehemently.
-“I must see what he has on us in the terminal’s memory.Perhaps I can find evidence I was not behind all those murders he implicated me as a gay in,and also behind that murder when your boyfriend was killed…Remember,FBI have files on me as a...serial killer.There is only death sentence for that!”
-“Oh,Mathew,we might have not much time…”
-“Much time or not,this must be done.It’s crucial.Without evidence proving my innocence I’m arrested by FBI as well.Come!…”
They rushed to the terminal.They did not need now the remote control.They could search with the mouses.They did it,both of them.They did it feverishly.
Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself especially excited.Perhaps there was a chance.He found the file on him.He ran down the text,saw numerous Harry Gullivers’ commands to his people and the descriptions of the actions which had to be taken…Finally,Steven Mac Dantosch felt a shot of piercing triumph within his mind.His face was all smile.He touched the hand of his sister.
-“Emmanuelle,look here…”- He showed her this part of the commands in which the death of her boyfriend was orchestrated by the mastery of Harry Gullivers.
She read the commands,read about the shot from a hidden mafia guy,the replacement of the gun by Harry Gullivers himself and many other details.She read it with astonishment on her beautiful face,while tears ran down her cheeks.She turned to her brother,her face was full of mixed emotions,happiness of getting her brother again and sadness at the same time of remembering the man she loved and reconstructing what really happened.
She put her gentle hands on arms of her brother.
-“Oh,Mathew,I was so unjust to you!”- She cried out. He touched her cheeks with his fingers.
-“Don’t cry,Emmanuelle.We’ve all fallen victims to him.”- He said gently,feeling a sunshine returned to him.Because he had his sister back!
-“Do you forgive me,Mathew?”
-“Don’t even ask,Emmanuelle.Of course!”
They kissed gently,the way a brother and a sister could kiss each other.
-“Emmanuelle,we must seek more and…download it all on CD-ROM,just in case.”- Steven Mac Dantosch whispered to her and they began to search more.He was absolutely triumphant when he found a file which described how the death of a famous fashion designer and a number of other people was orchestrated by Hell Angels,how his fingerprints were planted in the scenes of crimes and many other details which concerned him so much he was pale for a moment and thought even he was going to vomit.If he did not find the file he would be figured in the FBI files as a one hundred percent serial killer.He thanked God in his mind million times and downloaded that files too.His sister was busy with downloading all the files which concerned criminal activities of Harry Gullivers.She did not forget about Toni Barrington,the sadist! She had her sweet revenge now.
-“We have to find yet the file about our father,Emmanuelle.”- Steven Mac Dantosch told her.They looked deep into their eyes and then turned fast to the terminal.
-“I have it!”- Steven Mac Dantosch reported to her.
-“I also have it!”- She announced.
There was nothing but bewilderment on their faces,but also tremendous relief when they read what was happening at the CIA tower the time when CIA director,Clark Lewis,was thrown through a window to his death,about the masterful projection of Harry Gullivers as Joseph Burrows,with a mask on his face,and then the arrest of their father by the FBI officers.
They downloaded also that file and clasped their hands.
-“I think,Mathew,you can now call FBI…”- Emmanuelle Burrows smiled to her brother.
-Yes,I can and and I do it! I want to feel their reaction when I announce them I’m Steven Mac Dantosch…”
-“…the serial killer…”- Both added with amusement.
-“Oh,Mathew! It’s Satan’s place here! Harry Gullivers must deal with Satan! I dream of getting away from here!”- Emmanuelle Burrows added what she thought. Steven Mac Dantosch panicked for a moment.
-“Oh,Emmanuelle,don’t say that name.Satan might indeed be here!”- He answered.They both treated themselves with a sign of cross.
Steven Mac Dantosch had yet a look at the terminal,thinking whether he should download anything else for himself but got idea anything he needed he already had.There were thousands of files incriminating Harry Gullivers,a number of influencial people and,unfortunately,also the president of the United States.He did not think most of the files will ever get to the public light and will be scrutinized.They were too damaging.He was convinced,however,that some of them will be displayed to the public.Especially all those files which concerned vicious activities of Harry Gullivers,not the respected man as everyone thought but the greatest serial killer of all times,taking into the accounts his,as a godfather,and his mafia’s murderous deeds.There were going to be tremendous repercussions in the States and far beyond.
Steven Mac Dantosch searched the contact possibilities with FBI on one of the screens,reached for mobile telephone and dialled a number.
-“FBI office,here?…”- He heard.
-“And…Steven Mac Dantosch,here!”- He said loud and with amused voice. He heard an eerie noise,as if someone out there had a difficulty to catch air.He was not surprised.He was a serial killer in their minds…There was some more noise,people were shouting.There was even a sound of a tape recorder.It was all so foolish!
Finally he heard a male voice.
-“Do we understand it correct,Mathew Burrows alias Steven Mac Dantosch?…”
-“What do you want to tell us.I hope you did not kill yet another innocent person.”
-“No,sir,I call to announce to you I gathered enough evidence I’m an innocent man and there is in my hands the greatest killer of all times,a godfather…”
-“Who’s that?”
-“Harry Gullivers!”
-“May I know why do you play with us?”
-“Shit,what I’m saying is true! Come over here to the Washington estate of Harry Gullivers and not just with five or ten people but at least a hundred or more.There are a hundred of mafia guys within the estate,all with guns,naturally.Hurry,if you don’t want to blow it!”
-“Could you prove somehow what you’re saying.”
-“Yes,I can!”
There was already CD-ROM with videoed conversation between Harry Gullivers and Toni Barrington prepared by Steven Mac Dantosch’s sister.She pressed it on. The FBI officer,and a number of other FBI field agents certainly also listening,could hear a thrilling exchange of words between two most respectable men in America.
-“Toni,nothing can stop you anymore.You’re the next President of the United States!
There was a laugh heard.
-“No,boss,it is you who is the next president!”
-“That’s only between us,Toni.It is you who is the president in the eyes of our countrymen and the world! Congratulations!”
There was a silence.
-“There is a final stage of our strategy awaiting us: Pax Gullivers!”
-“I’m sure,boss,we manage it.Nothing can stop us anymore.
Steven Mac Dantosch brought the mobile phone to his ear.
There was nothing but sheer silence.A silence of entire astonishment.
-“We’re coming within minutes!”- Steven Mac Dantosch heard finally a male voice….
To be continued….Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail:  or:
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