Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 63


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Steven Mac Dantosch raged as hell.He and his sister had such a long trip behind them,overnight and through much of the day,across entire California and such towns amongst others as Santa Cruz and Sacramento,only to realize-when they arrived in Las Vegas-that Toni Barrington and his presidential campaign team moved to Washington D.C.
-“What a luck we have!”- Emmanuelle Burrows exclaimed ironically,meaning lack of luck than luck.
They were so much tired they decided to stay overnight in this city of casinos and gambling,despite that Harry Gullivers’ mafia members must have been represented here in vast numbers.Most of the casinos belonged to the underground world,and those who owned the most had the highest percentage of control in the US biggest towns.The evening came and the Las Vegas city lights were as spectacular as those in New York,Miami,Los Angeles or Chicago.Steven Mac Dantosch and Emmanuelle Burrows got a room in a low budget youth hostel for backpakers.While Emmanuelle took a bath Steven Mac Dantosch went downtown.When he returned an hour later he announced to his sister he was lucky to find a private airliner “El Cortez” and had a guaranteed fly trip for both of them the next day in the evening.He paid a substantial amount of money,much higher than charged by regular airliners,in exchange for a total secrecy and discretion.
-“At least one small luck.”- Emmanuelle Burrows thought.
They had a few hours sleep and in the middle of the night made an excursion downtown.They felt as if they found themselves in a fable of thousand and one nights.City lights,crowds of people,romantic pairs filled with love,sexy figures of passerbyes,nothing but wonders…They walked inside a few casinos,risking a bit of being recognised, and in the “Caesar’s Palace” Emmanuelle Burrows gambled a bit,loosing a thousand dollars within a minute.She laughed and her brother,too.Loosing a thousand dollars in a casino,especially in Las Vegas,was just nothing.
What was unusual,she laughed directly to her brother,something what she never did so far.The death of her boyfriend was the barrier which seperated them.It was still the case but she had now a bit different approach to that matter: she gave benefit of doubt to her brother.Perhaps for the first time ever she thought realistically her brother indeed might be innocent and she desired to learn it.She wanted the glass curtain which seperated them to be crushed down.She wanted him back.
They returned late at night to the hostel and then had a long,peaceful sleep till the midday.
In the evening,they arrived in the private airport of the “El Cortez” company,boarded a small plane and were heading for Washington.
After arrival in Washinton,just a few hours later,they took a taxi and came to Davis House,a low budget hotel for backpakers.They considered the low budget hotels safer than the ones which were luxuary and controlled by this or that mafia clans.The hotel was situated quite good,just next to the metro at the “Dupont Circle” part of it.There was the Connectitut Avenue in the neighbourhood,one which was the shortest route to get to the White House,the residence of the President of the United States of America.
Steven Mac Dantosch felt boiling from a rage for a moment when he thought Toni Barrington might become the next president.
What a disaster would it be! Terror and the likes as Osama bin Laden and Harry Gullivers,especially,would have their day! Chain reaction of evil would follow! The world would be doomed and the human civilisation would be thrusted into the fire and hell of the third world war,which would take its roots at various places at ones,including the Kashmir region and nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan,the Middle East war between Israel and the Arab countries,renewed rivalry and antagonisms within Europe and the fall of the United States.The outcome would be the triumph of barbaric forces and the fall of the USA would be followed by the fall of the entire modern world.
Steven Mac Dantosch realised he had a headache,excused his sister and went as first to the bathroom in order to take a long,a real long bath under shower of cold water.It helped.The headache was gone and he felt refreshed.Then his sister went to the bathroom and when she came back to the living room she seemed to have been shivering from cold.
-“Urrr,how cold!”-She tattered with her teeth and smiled to her brother who bursted with laugh.-“You must have taken a cold bath as I did!”- He noticed while laughing.They both laughed for a moment.
They dined in order to gather strenght and then put TV on.From now on they awaited nothing else but news on CNN,ABC,BBC or whatever other newschannel.They expected to hear some news about Toni Barrington.Spitfully,there was nothing but some rubbish on all that channels,just talking on many unsubstantial subjects and advertisements from the likes as Esso for example,one of the biggest poluters of the environment.
They were bewildered the United States government and other gvernments of the world did nothing to reduce the global warming and degradation of the environment.
-“We can’t risk the slowdown of the US economy.”- Was the motto of the US president,arrogant and without any feel and regard for the world as whole.Such policies could only backfire and it was going to happen sooner or later.The United States will certainly be not immune when the disasters,associated with global warming,extreme wheather conditions and numerous cataclisms will strike with the strength of God’s Hand.Ironically,nobody cared…Money,money and once again money as much as filling bellies were more important.
Their patience was awarded finally and they caught news on CNN.There was a substantial news coverage about the presidential candidates and especially about Toni Barrington who was getting enthusiastic reviews from all sorts of experts and a support from the American public as the polls suggested.There was an interview with the candidate,relaxed and smiling,who promissed to bring his beloved country to the greatest riches of all times.
-“No American will know what does it mean to be poor.The right track of our economy will be as important as our political reforms which will give larger set of freedom and self governance to all the states within the United States.”- He announced.He promissed crime will be wiped out and those foreigners who will indulge themselves even in a small sort of crime such as theft for example will be deported.
”America is full!”- He continued his anti-foreigners slogans.
-“Shit,rubbish! Nothing but rubbish!”- Steven Mac Dantosch heard himself reapeating while listening to what Toni Barrington had to say on the TV screen.Emmanuelle Burrows felt no less agitated.She felt nearly exhausted from anger and agony,while looking at the face of the sadist and mafia guy whom Americans cherished so much,unknowlingly.She knew as much as her brother,Toni Barrington had to be stoped,not only for their own sakes but also-if not especially-for the sake of the country.They knew what nobody else knew except of the Harry Gullivers’ inner circle: America was in a deadly danger!
-“I appeal to you,my dear countrymen,all of you,from Texas to Alaska,vote for me! Vote only for me! Your future is with me!…- Toni Barrington continued while Steven Mac Dantosch and Emmanuelle Burrows thought they were close to vomiting.In other circumstances Steven Mac Dantosch would just throw the TV set out into the street and his sister would cheer it.
-“My dear Americans,and especially dear inhabitants of Washington D.C….”- Toni Barrington went ahead with something what seemed to be an announcement.-“You have an oportunity to meet me tomorrow at the Lincoln monument side.I hope you’ll join me."
Both,Steven Mac Dantosh and Emmmanuelle Burows looked up at themselves.It was this what they waited for.Steven Mac Dantosch turned off the TV and gaved a sigh of relieve.Emmanuelle Burrows felt,strangely,some anguish.She knew what her brother intended to do and how dangerous it was for him.It was sure he intended to go there,to the Lincoln’s monument and she was actually anxious for him.This realisation surprised her and was an indication her bond with her brother grew,independently whether she wanted it or not.She still faulted him for the death of her boyfriend she loved so much but at the same time feared for him.
-“Mathew,I hope you are not going to go towards the Lincoln monument tomorrow…”- She just said.
He looked sharply at her and smiled to her.
-“The opposite,Emmanuelle.I’ll go!”- He announced.
-“But,for Heaven’s sake,there will be the the police,FBI,CIA,Toni Barrington’s bodyguards and lots of his mafia fellows.It’s more than sure they’ll recognise you…”
-“I take the risk.If I don’t come back,just try to get out this country,Emmanuelle.”- Steven Mac Dantosch answered with a determined voice.
-“Oh,I don’t agree!”- Emmanuelle Burrows protested.Steven Mac Dantosch looked back at her with anger.
-“You can’t stop me from going there.”
-“I don’t mean this,Mathew.”- She named him steadfastly by his real name.-“I also go.I go with you!!”
-“Are you crazy? What if they catch us? They will again mistreat you!”
Emmanuelle Burrows had tears in her eyes.
-“Yes,I know.”- She said gently.-“But I fear to be left alone even more! And there…If they catch us I’ll make a noise…I’ll accuse him of molesting me sexually and of membership in a mafia…I’ll do it publicly…”
Steven Mac Dantosch caught his head with both his hands.
-“Oh,Emmanuelle! You’ll be shot dead before you’ll open your mouth!”
-“I care no longer!”
-“Well,so what do you want?”
-“I’ve already said.I go with you!”
There was a silence in the air.Steven Mac Dantosh was visibly thinking furiously.
-“You see,Emmanuelle,I’m a martial arts fighter and you don’t.Without you I might succeed all the way to Toni Barrington and assassinate him if needed.With you it won’t be possible.I must protect you.”- He said,weighing every word.
This time it was Emmanuelle Burrows who thought deeply.
-“Well,I propose a compromise.”- It looked she took a decision.-“We go together and see what outcomes are going to evolve to continue our actions.In case if there will be a need only for you to act I’ll discontinue and go away.It’s possible you’ll need me there.You must know that it is me who know more about them.I lived in their environment…”
Steven Mac Dantosch grimaced.
-“O.K.I agree but under condition that if things will get too far and it’ll become definitely too dangerous you’ll discontinue…”- He proposed.
-“Who will decide whether it’s too dangerous?”- She asked.
She did not like it and hesitated.It looked she considered pro- and contras.But it looked she also made her mind.
-“All right,I agree!”- She said,with nearly a boyish smile on her beautiful face of a woman an angel.
She got up from her chair,approached him and gave her hand to him.They shook their hands in silence,stamping that way their agreement.Steven Mac Dantosch was amazed how much in a partner alike way it was done,especially on the side of his sister who did it as if she were a man rather than a woman,steadfastly and determindedly.
What amazed Steven Mac Dantosch the most was what he discovered in her eyes.In the way she looked at him.There was no hint of whatever enmity,anger or distress directed against him and,instead,it was a look of a partner who understood him perfectly.It was sure their relationship was advanced by leaps and bounds.
-“Tomorrow,Steven…”- She whispered.
-“Tomorrow,Emmanuelle…”- He repeated…
To be continued…Author:Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail:  or:
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