Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 61


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Most probably,Melissa Charleroi would not be able to say for how long have she been sitting in her armchair,looking dully at the fireplace or into the sky behind the window.She has been sitting so till the deepness of the night,having in her mind nothing else but the images of the man she loved beyond whatever comparison.
Oh,how she loved him!She remembered every sound of his voice when he called her just a few hours earlier.Every beloved sound! His voice which filled her,oh,so much,was like a music of the night.Like if she found herself on the central stage of a monumental scene and her Steven would sing only to her.What a magic was in his voice! She could not apprehend how was it possible she managed to live without him so long.It was already well over one year,or rather close to two years, when they farewelled each other,there in China,and while he departed to the United States in order to persue an ultimate fight against his archenemy,Harry Gullivers,she went back to Belgium with her parents.
Oh,how she missed him!
Sometimes she had impression she had no longer any strength left within her to wait for him.Yet she had to do exactly just this,she had to wait for him and be ready for him when he will finally return to her.That he will return to her she has never doubted it.He loved her as much as she did.Now she just stayed in her apartment,locked for hours and not reacting to her parents’ calles,inviting her to evening meals and drinks.She had no stomach for it.She had only her Steven before her eyes.As long as she would have him the way she had it,before her eyes and deep inside her own being,she would never starve even if she did not eat anything for long weeks.Nothing would beat the power of her love! And she knew her Steven loved her as much.She heard it in every his word,in the sound of his voice,in his deep,irregular breath and even in the gentle activity of his nose,so very human.Only a man in love would behave so,unaware of the wetness of his feelings he expressed.Even if by the crude means of a distance telephone call.And then she was just filled by all the images of the life she had with him,beginning with the time he saved her from her kidnapers and afterwards when they were treated by too many adventures,as much as their friend,Tadek Vangard.
It was quite late in the night when she finally went to bed.The soft voice of Celine Dion who sang a love song from "Titanic",nurtured her to finally getting asleep.Somehow she managed to wake up after seven in the morning,perhaps thanks to the noises getting to her from the part of the house where her younger brother,Ivo,lived who must have played with their dog,Rex,because the dog was heard the most loudly.There was also a noise,definitely too loud,from a CD.It must have been Aerosmith.Ivo was crazy for the rockers.
She went to the bathroom,got rid of her wardrobe before one of the walled mirrors and assured herself with a critical look her figure was perfect and she looked like a real goddess,a Venus,with her long,splendidly blond hair and delicious,long-legged,figure.She grew perhaps another ten centimeters the last year and was now a very attractive,tall blondie which would have chances to join the beauties in the modelling world.She did not intend to do this.She was interested in fashion but from some other perspective and she knew if she ever joined fashion she would rather be a fashion designer than a fashion model.She left this as an open option.For the time being she had some other professional interests.She attended first year of informatics at the local UFSIA university in Antwerp and was convinced she did not do a blunder with her choice.She was genuinely interested in informatics.She took shower,dressed herself to light blue,tight jeans and a silky blouse of colour blood.She smiled to herself,knowing she will shock her parents with that blouse.She needed to begin the morning with something strong and the only possibility left to her was to emphasize her personality beyond the mildness of the morning.
When she entered the dining room in which her mother,father and brother sat already at the table she indeed noticed a grimace on her mother’s face.
-“Oh,Melissa,you finally show up before us!”- Her mother said instead.The grimace was gone and in its place appeared a joyous smile on the face of her mother.She came to her and kissed her and then her father and brother.She took her place at the table and they could enyoy eating a breakfast together.They chatted on many themes which just passed their minds and Ivo was the most talkative.There was a football match in the afternoon between the team of his school and the team of another school in the vicinity.He was chosen to be a goalkeeper and felt himself,therefore,very agitated,thinking all the time on the strategy on not letting the adversaries to shoot any goal.
-“Just be yourself at your best when you’re the most active,as today when you seemed to have been at every corner of our house at the same time!”- Their father adviced him.They laughed then,because it was indeed he who woke them all up.
-“No! It was our Rex!”- He protested and also laughed.He was the first who left for school.
Then their father had to leave to his job.Both,mother and daughter were left in the house.Her mother poured orange juice to glasses and they sipped it slowly.
-"Mom,I also have to go in a moment.My lessons begin at ten a.m. at the university.”- Melissa Charleroi announced to her mother who just touch her hand and kept in her hands.
-“Yes,I know my dear daughter.”- She said after a moment of silence.
-“Melissa,say,he was Steven who called you?…”- She asked asked a bit later.
Melissa Charleroi knew her mother would ask her that question.It was in her eyes all the time they had a breakfast.
-“Yes,mom,he was Steven!"
Her mother placed her hands on her daughter’s arms.
-“You long after him,don’t you?”- She asked despite that she knew it was so.
-“Oh,mom,so much! Sometimes I’m dying from fear and anticipation,and am afraid so much that something bad might happen to him.I bite my lips,my nails,my fingers…”
Her mother took her to her arms.
-”Oh,my dear daughter,knowing him I know nothing bad can happen to him.He is just too bright for that.And I know he’ll return to you one day…”
-"One day,mother,it sounds like ages!”
-“Oh no,I’m sure it will happen much sooner!”
-“Oh,mom,I fear so much for him!”- This time Melissa Charleroi bursted with a cry,unintentionally and earnestly.It must have had a good effect on her because she felt much more quiet when there was time for her to leave to the university.She knew she will be so busy for the next several hours there will really be no place for her personal thoughts.Nothing but study.
She was pleased,however,when the lessons were over,well in the late afternoon and she walked in the direction of Grote Markt,the Antwerp’s most picturesque square,where she intended to meet her colleuques from the university in one of the cafes.The weather was just great,the Sun still shone and the trees which were placed in some places around the square were a mosaic of colours,the image of the golden autumn.She instantly remembered the Brasschaat park in the vicinity where she lived and promised to herself to make a walk there within days.She was sure there was a monumental carpet all over the park crafted by the nature from the all colourful leaves which were flying down to the ground.She directed her footsteps towards the cathedral,one of the very few of its kind in Europe,because in fact she was meeting her friends at a cafe called "Paters Vaetje",just next to the cathedral.There were many cafes there.The tourist business.
She was tremendously surprised when she saw her father talking to a man turned with his back to her,about fifty meters from her.She felt joyous and began nearly to run towards her father.He had to join her with her friends in the cafe.
Then…she just stoped when the other man turned himself and she could see his face.The joy and smile died away from her face and,instead,a terror filled her face.She did not know what to do with herself.She shivered as if she just caught a malaria or some other deadly desease.She recognised the man,he was one of those who kidnapped her when she was a child.Her earlier suspision that her parents were involved resurfaced with a blowing force.Perhaps her mother never did it but her father certainly did it.She had the evidence now,before her face.If her father were not invoved he would not know that man.But he knew him! They talked to each other!
They both saw her.Her father instantly turned himself to a living dead:he was pale like a marble.The other man,the kidnaper,went away instantly and without a word.
The father and daughter stood that twenty meters away from each other which grew now to light years distances.To absolute light years distances!
He just looked at her,totally pale and suddenly so old and she looked at him,broken by the realisation what her own father did to her.And then he just collapsed to the ground.
She passed him without looking at him anymore.In fact she was seeing nothing.She was absolutely seeing nothing.As if she were a blind person.A total shock was puncturing her mind and her entire being into a black hole.Her life was over,her life was definitely over…
She passed the cathedral and many passerbyes around,seeing no one and seeing nothing.She managed to reach the Rubens Square,or Groenplaats as local people called it,which neighboured the Grote Markt and sat down on one of the green benches.The civilization she believed in was gone.There was no longer whatever light despite that the Sun still shone.There was nothing but blackness,an entire blackness…
Some dirty guys with their female companion,in their twenties and smoking hashish sat down on the same bench.They passed the hashish from hand to hand and breathed it deep into them.She was offered the same.She took the hashish to her hand and pressed it into her lips,and then just breathed it deep into her.And then again,again and again.
It was already dark when the punks stood up and looked back at her.
-“Do you go with us?”- One of them asked her.
She stood up without a word and followed them.The world as she knew was over for her.There was nothing left but the black hole…
To be continued….
Author:Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail address:  or: .
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