Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 58


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Perhaps never before Andreyev Golubin felt himself so frustrated as now.His beloved Soviet Empire was already gone.
-“Shit,that’s history!”- He heard reapeating himself numblessly but endlessly.He still could not come to terms with it.Yet,despite that “evil”,which happened to the empire there was another blow coming in,threatening this time the heartland of the empire gone with the wind,his most beloved Russia.He would do for her everything!Yes,he personified his beloved Russia as a most beautiful woman imaginable! At the same time,he would give his soul,on the tray,to Satan and he would bomb the United States and the rest of the world with entire arsenal of nuclear weapons which there were in the stockpiles.So grave was his hatred towards America,the land he fingered as the one which caused the traumatic chain reaction towards dissolution of the Soviet Union.This time his motherland,Russia,was in trouble.Standards of life,low as always,have deteriorated further,the economy as much and whatever else.He could not believe there could be such a fast falling down a bottomless hole.But this was a fact! In the meantime,the archenemy,America,became the only superpower in the world which dictated the world what must be done without asking others whether it was right to do or not.
At least he thought so.
He was always a communist and never thought about changing his doctrinal and fanatical views.
He could not believe his own eyes and ears: Russia changed rapidly towards a western oriented capitalism,much due to the efforts of president Boris Jeltsin who manoeuvred the country in that direction.Total madness was happening around him! How was it possible? How was possible Boris Jeltsin who once was a communist could turn himself into a sort of a capitalist? Absolutely sheer madness! He realised most people changed their minds every time the wind blew in another direction.He did not like Boris Jeltsin's predecessor and protector,Mikhail Gorbatchov, whom he faulted for the ineffective rule and wrong policies,because-in his mind-the Soviet leader should have acted the way as his predecessors,such as Josef Stalin or Leonid Brezhniev,did it.And he felt,he did not like also Boris Jeltsin for his determined efforts to change the system in Russia.The communist opposition in Duma,the Russian parliament,was still very strong,with nearly half voices and often even much more but Boris Jeltsin ruled by presidential decrets in such instances.
The phenomenon of transforming Russia from a communist country to a capitalist one,just within a decade,was now a matter of fact.The economy was rapidly privatised,banks and state services reformed,social system changed and the list of changes and transformations seemed to have been never ending.The actual premier,Jegor Gajdar,tried his best to change Russia overnight.The money people kept hidden in their materaces often lost their value the next morning.Sometimes even they were worthless the next morning.There was chaos and once again chaos.
In all this river of terrifying events-from his point of view,naturally-there was at least one good thing,his own survival.He could consider himself a lucky man in the new circumstances.Despite that he was one of the organisers of the coup d'etat which backfired and became a mark of the end to the Soviet Union's existence,he was not punished in whatseover way and even more,he was nominated to a position of a chief director of the new intelligence agency,FSB,which took over dissolved KGB.He was simply too important,the one who knew practically everything and in the eyes of the new leaders in the Kremlin who made just a cosmetic change to make the world pleased,he was the most competent to be given that position.That he was a communist,nobody bothered.The system was already firmly changed and there was no danger to it even from someone as he was.What they demanded from him in the Kremlin was only one thing: to be loyal.He learnt quite fast the new intelligence agency was de facto the one he managed over for quite a long time.This new “KGB”,known now as FSB had all the privileges it enjoyed before and he could run spy affairs the way he used to do it before.The only difference was here he had to do more spying now in the economic fields than the political ones.He knew the key to a new re-emergence of Russia as a worldwide power depended on the dynamic development of the economy.The so-called market economy.
It was already the middle of 1992,the summer was exceptionally warm and there were even many hot days,over thirty degrees centigrade,which could be compared to the summer known in Spain.Andreyev Golubin got up and went away from his desk towards the window overlooking the Lubyanka square.He opened the window and got a blow of a fresh but exceptionally warm air in his face.
He returned to his desk,consumed now by the rage he felt within himself over the failure of his brilliant strategy Beehive,which Tadek Vangard handled to the Americans.Yes,it was something of the past by now,but he raged over and over every some time.How different the world would be if the strategy Beehive stayed within the inner circle of those who created it! He swore his revenge on Tadek Vangard and knew he will be satisfied only then when he will get the news he is dead.He was amazed Carlos could not catch the guy who seemed to have either eternal luck or sixth sense,or…both.He was so much determined to fulfill his revenge he began to think about some other form of revenge.If not Tadek Vangard then why not someone within his family? He knew enough much about every member of Tadek Vangard’s family.He knew even that his youngest brother,Robert Vangard,was an alcoholic.He could use it to his ends.He decided to have more thinking on this matter later on.
He focused himself now on his next meeting,scheduled in a month,with Harry Gullivers and Carlos.The meeting was going to take place in the Harry Gullivers' secret estate on one of the small islands in the Pacific Ocean's paradise.His face flashed red and his body stiffened for a moment when his thoughts allowed the images of local teenagers he had a love with every night he stayed at the Harry Gullivers’ estate.He felt his body ballooned and nearly doubled him in size.The blood stormed every corner of his inner world.Oh,yes!He would go there,to the Pacific Ocean's paradise,just for the sweetness of the nights alone.
He had a high esteem about Harry Gullivers who was not only a worldwide figure in the business affairs but as much a mafia godfather.Carlos had a number of his own people who resembled him and were ready to die at any time,if captured,with words on their lips,they were the Jackals.The world would never learn who was the real Carlos.
Yet,neither Harry Gullivers nor Carlos knew his own secret.He smiled to himself at the thought how would citizen of his own country react if they learnt that he,the chief director of the intelligence agency belonging to the Federation of Russia,was also…a mafia godfather.His mafia network was called the”Red Avengers” and was comprised mainly from those among his collegues at the agency who had hardline convictions,as much as he had.But he brought also some criminals and psychopaths to his mafia network.No ordinary Russian knew who was the godfather of the Red Avengers but equally,there was no Russian who would not hear about the Red Avengers,the ones who were known to be more cruel than any other criminal organisation in the history of Russia.They went after everyone who got in their footsteps and accumulated capital by purchasing or rather stealing the state owned companies which were privatised.Andreyev Golubin gave a smile to himself once again because he,the communist,was in fact accumulating tremendous riches by getting the previously state owned companies to his hands,via his mafia network.How ironic it looked to him! By all standards he was a capitalist now despite that he hated everything what it meant.But he knew better: one day he might have to go away from the agency. He would be thrown into the empty air and forgotten.He would never stomach it.His ambitions flew still high and he even thought perhaps he might even become a president of Russia one day.In any way,he had to be prepared for any circumstances.
Being a mafia godfather,the way as Harry Gullivers was,guaranteed this to him.There could be no ups and downs in his future which absolutely had to be but rosy at any given time.He agreed with Harry Gullivers they had to go ahead with their strategy Capital,which would bring total changes both in the United States and Russia,and furthermore around the world,enabling them to become de facto rulers.But he went even further in his secret plans.
He dreamt of establishing a new worldwide order which would simply sound as:”Pax Golubin”.This would,naturally,be the last phaze of his new strategy evolving in his mind and when it would come to that stage in reality he would have to do something with Harry Gullivers.He had no doubt one day they will turn against each other.He left this problem for later on.
He heard a sound at one of his computer terminals.It was a digital phone which rang.Alarmed,he gave a long look at the computer screens.He noticed a young guy in one of the screens,handcuffed to a metal chair,which was fixed permamently to the beton floor.It was the interrogation room,the one to which many enemies of the communist system were brought in the past and some Chechen fighters captured in Chechenya nowadays.Most of them have never left that room.
Andreyev Golubin instantly recognised the imprisoned guy.He was a political activist who succeded in establishing an organisation called “Free Russia” and demanded openly transforming Russia into exactly the same political model as the one which existed in the United States.His name was Grisza Malakov.
Andreyev Golubin made a sadist grin.
-“I have you!”- He whispered and his voice had a deadly sound.Only then did he reach for the telephone which stil rang.
-“What’s the problem?”- He asked.
-“Boss,we have problems with the guy.He is mad!”- He heard a voice of Sasza Niemkov,one of his most loyal agents,who was also a member of his mafia “Red Avengers”.He knew he was a psychopat but did not mind it as long as the guy followed his orders.Some of the other agents were also members of his mafia.He could easily steal the president’s attaché-case with the nuclear buttons,thanks to the agents loyal to him and could terrorise the world to cooperate with his demands but had a better plan,his Pax Golubin.
-“I’m there in a moment!”- He answered.He felt anger in himself.He could not understand there could be a Russian as Grisza Malakov who would be so much Americanised.
He found himself in the interrogation hall a few minutes later.
-“You meant this guy,Sasza?”- He asked and gave a long,despiteful look at the prisoner.
-“Yes,Boss.”- Sasza Niemkov answered.
-“So you’re the chief here!”- Grisza Malakov looked up at Andreyev Golubin.He had already some blood on his face what was enough of an evidence he was already mistreated by Sasza Niemkov.
-“Yes,I’m the chief here!”
-“Well,why am I here and why am I handcuffed?!”- Grisza Malakov demanded to know.
Andreyev Golubin bursted with laugh.
-“You’re here for grave crimes! You’re propagating here the American ideas,and even more,the American system.You’re the one who brought to existence an organisation called 'Free Russia'…”
-“Yes,I’m the one and I’m proud of it!”
Andreyev Golubin gave again laugh.
-“Sasza,have you heard what he said? He is really nuts! We better treat him with an electrical current.He sits on a metal chair thus it won’t last long before we’re done with him.What do you think,Sasza?”
-“Exellent an idea,Boss!”
-“How dare you to do what you do to me! This is a total mistreatment! I demand you give me a telephone.I want to contact a lawyer! The communism is over in Russia and you can’t treat me this way! I demand…”- Grisza Malakov protested but could not finish the whole sentence because Andreyev Golubin was already at his side and gave him a powerful blow with both of his fists.Blood spurted out of the prisoner’s nose and his head turned over and over from the sheer shock and disbelief.
-“What have you said? Shit,what have you said?!”- Andreyev Golubin,filled with a rage, shouted to him.-“You say communism is finished?! No guy,not yet! As long as I’m the boss here!
A blond haired,handsome rather Grisza Malakow looked back at Andreyev Golubin with hatred in his eyes.
-“You don’t know what you’re saying.”- Grisza Malakov shot back.-“ Freedom,democracy,human rights can never be defeated! And what you do here with me is nothing else but a criminal affair!”
Poor guy did not know he added oil to the fire.
Andreyev Golubin straightened before him.His face now looked cold-bloodied.
-“You want to see freedom? O.K.,You see it!”- He said,waging every single word.He reached to his pocket,got a gun out of it and gave a deadly shot to the head of Grisza Malakow with no warning whatsoever.
-“Remove him!”- He just gave order to Sasza Niemkov.
-“Yes,Boss!”- There was an indifferent answer.
He had nothing else to say,left the interrogation room as so many times before,and went back to his office.The guy he killed was already gone from his mind.He did not have to bother for any consequences.He was unacountable for his deeds and he knew there will not be any consequences.It was always that way.
-“One day I’ll become the president of Russia! The way will be open to Pax Golubin,a world order as I envision it!”- He whispered...
To be continued...
Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail address:  or:
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