Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 55


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


-“Well done! Well done,Harry! Well done!”-Harry Gullivers heard suddenly a mysterious,momentous but grave voice getting to him from every side of his apartment,and even from inside of him.
He panicked but despite that he got lost in a state of paralization from fear he managed to turn himself over and over only to see the mysterious intruder.He saw him,in the far end of the apartment,this part of it which was the most in the shadow,where two walls were connected to each other with a perfect line.
He was…Satan! The Allmighty Satan!
He just stood there and continued to give an ovation by clasping in his hands.He looked like a warrior from the ancient times and like a handsome rather vampire of all times,a sort of blood thirsty Dracula,the Prince of the Carpathians,whom people saw so many times on the movie screens.His hair was long and brilliant with astonishingly golden-reddish,sometimes oranged fire which engulfed the Satan’s head.His coat was long to the floor,of a colour of human blood Satan must have consumed in hectoliters only the last minutes before he appeared to Harry Gullivers.The most terrifying was the Satan’s face.With no one even a wrinkle or crow’s foot,as if he were immortal and the flood of time had no effect on him.But his face was a sort of mirror or even a sort of a screen through which Harry Gullivers could see eternal tongues of hell consuming everything around with a power of thousands upon thousands of Hiroshima bombs.Yet the epicentre of hell seemed to have been inside the Satan’s eyes which resembled more lights of a beast than any of the human eyes.They were a sort of atomic nucleus of hell in which was the throne of the Hannibal of all times as Satan was.The fires there in his lights of a beast were most fierce,totally of a colour of blood and Harry Gullivers was sure he knew where Satan drew his strength from.
-“Hello Harry,I have impression you don’t welcome me.”- Satan stopped clasping in his hands.
Only then Harry Gullivers caught himself on a realisation he has not utterred one even a word.
-“Oh,Satan,my dear friend,I,naturally,welcome you here with all the intensity of welcoming you deserve! You’re my best friend!”- Harry Gullivers threw as many words as he could from his mouth nearly shut down.He did not feel as standing on his own feet while alone with Satan.It was different some time ago when he encountered the meeting with Satan together with Carlos.Now,however,he was alone.Satan could do anything with him,could torture him if he wished so,could turn him along his finger like a rubber or even throw him alive into the hell.He was not ready to die.No,he had so many plans! Including his beloved Pax Gullivers! Yet he remembered now Satan applauded him.It meant Satan’s intentions towards him could not be bad.Satan,most certainly,needed him for some reason.
He regained his stature,opened his arms and without fear anymore,although excited from agitation rushed towards Satan.
-“Welcome in my apartment,my Satan,the lord!”-Harry Gullivers exclaimed his welcoming formula and was surprised it got out easily through his mouth.
He fell into the arms of astonished Satan who certainly never believed there could be a human being who would have a courage to do so and they embraced each other.Harry Gullivers felt he was engulfed by fires,the fires of hell and was descending down the hell.Yet the fires were kept at a distance from him,certainly by the sheer force of Satan.He reached perhaps the nucleus of hell and saw crying souls of victims thrown away by God.They were consumed by whatever devils,the chosen of Satan who were cruel to unbelivable dimensions.A butchery forever! And a sufferring forever,too! Harry Gullivers thought he was dying from the repulsions of sickness when he saw the devils and demons trying to get over towards him and tear him to pieces.
-“Get me out of here!”- He cried out while feeling he had no more breath left in his lungs,the way the victims of nazis felt when they were gazed and burned alive in the concentration camp of Aushwitz.He would burst with laugh if not this what he just expierenced.There were more nazi style people around the world now than there was the case during the second world war! They did not see sufferings around them and if they saw them they rejoiced in them.They wanted closed borders towards foreigners whom they treated like monkeys.It seemed Satan had some mercy towards him because he felt he was ascending up,away from hell.Out of a sudden he again found himself in the Satan’s arms.And the only thing,from that split of a second trip to hell,which seemed to last ages because time simply stoped,was the smell with which he had his nose filled.He thought he will never forget that smell,the smell of hell.He rejoiced because he realised he was in his own apartment and in the arms of Satan who seemed to be friendly towards him.
Satan threw him gently out of his arms,with a grimace on his face.
-“If not the fact you’re my friend,Harry,you would have already been swallowed by my demons and your soul would be mistreated forever!”- Satan had amusing expression on his face through which now a dozen of ugly creatures were getting,from inside out and vice versa.He looked now much uglier.
-“Is this what will eventually happen with me after I am dead?”- Harry Gullivers asked and felt there was fear inside him.Satan thought a moment.
-“Hmm…”- He answered.-“ I think there is a chance for you.I can make you my demon.Under condition,of course,you do what I asked you to do.”
-“I am in the middle of doing so,Satan!” – Harry Gullivers exclaimed triumfally.
-“Yes,this is why I've applauded you! You’re heading in a good direction,Harry!Pursue this road and you will have special privilages from me,you’ll be my demon!We must have our man at the White House! We must have our President! Because only then there is a chance to establishing global Pax Satan!”
-“Are you sure,Satan,we can do it? The believers of God are also powerful if not more powerful!”- Harry Gullivers expressed his disbelief,although in fact he never doubted.Satan instead bursted with laugh.
-“Ha,ha,ha…There are atomic bombs in the arsenals of the United States. We’ll drop some of them on Vatican,Mecca and other the so-called holly sides.Our forces will get the upper hand!”-There was a triumphal expression in the voice of Satan which still seemed to get through towards Harry Gullivers from every possible place and even from within himself.He was unable to decoder this phenomenon as much as many people would never understand his own invention,the system of magnetic and antimagnetic forces synchronization within his apartment and even a larger one within his secret estate outside of Washington,the capital.He would astonish even Satan with his invention.
-“Let’s sit down in the armchairs and have a drink.”-Harry Gullivers proposed.To his astonishment,Satan did not mind it and turned himself towards the armchairs situated next to the window or rather wall of glass from which there was a spectacular lookout onto the panorama of New York.Harry Gullivers brought a Bloody Mary liquer and gave a glass filled with it to Satan who began sipping it the way humans do it.They had a look at what they saw and sipped their liquer at the same time.Silence engulfed them for a moment.The eyes of Satan seemed to be seeing every detail in every corner of New York.He smiled once for a short while.-They’re raping and killing an innocent girl! They’re mine!”- He exclaimed at one point.Harry Gullivers said nothing.He knew what was happening every split of a minute on the streets of New York or any other place of the Earth.The globe was a mixture of goodness and evil split evenly.Even his own mafia engaged in numerous acts of rape,murder,torture and killings. The Sun was already hiding behind the Atlantic Ocean and some of its last rays of light beamed at the Empire State Building and the twin towers of World Trade Center.It looked unbelievably picturesque and it was nothing strange Satan and Harry Gullivers had a look also at that phenomenon.The top of the Empire State Building shone intensively and captured the bewilderment in the Harry Gullivers’ mind.Satan,however,looked rather at the WTC towers.In his own eyes, or lights of a beast rather,there was nothing but supernova explosions.
-“Do you see,Harry,the twin towers of the World Trade Center? They will be gone in a few years.”- Satan announced and an ironic smile appeared in the corner of his arch-ugly face.
-“What do you mean by saying:’gone’?”- Harry Gullivers has not understood.
But there was no answer.Only the towers looked even more spectacular.They were now crowned by the beams of the Sun’s last rays,as if they were the bride and bridegroom on the way from their wedding ceremony to their sweet,and,oh,so sweet honeymoon.
They continued their drinks and chatted then on all posible themes.Satan looks were changing constantly,remaining Harry Gullivers he dealt with someone who had immense powers,to such a degree he could play with a number of dimensions humans could never apprehend.Only the eyes of Satan were a full mirror of him and there was a dance of eternal fires within them.At some point of their chatting Satan took nearly on a monologue.
-“You see,Harry,you people have natural inclinations towards all the things I represent rather than my arch-enemy you call God.”-He was saying.-“Despite that you have the second world war behind you-it’s already over fifty years since then-you still embrace the ideas and ideologies the fascists tried to realise.There are uncountable numbers of fascists and rascists around the globe nowadays,and especially in the so-called first world.There are equally many fundementalists and fanatics around the world,and especially in the arabic and moslem states whose countries failed to modernise to such a deegree as to be able to compete effectively with the Western world.There are also equally many dogmatists who for the sake of their religions created walls reaching both the hemel and the hell,who multiplied labirynths with Rubicons through which there is no way to cross and who divided themselves successively from others belonging to different religious denominations.This is the case with the Israelis and the Palestinians for example.Those people,although living next to each other,are like beings from a planet Earth and Martians put together on a small island and fighting with each other for survival.Yet they could simply mix and blend to the point of creating one civilised society in which their religions would and should be put on the second if not a further plan.A modern society of tolerance and humanity.Oh,shit,what I say!…”- Satan stopped his monologue for a moment.He smiled to Harry Gullivers who remained silent this time.
-“You see,Harry,you people do such crazy things that I catch myself sometimes on a realisation I am thinking contrary to what I represent as the lord of evil and darkness.What is actually happening on your planet is the way I desire.You,people,go down into my arms! You seem to enjoy in hating each other and killing each other.You don’t care for your environment as I have already once said it to you and this planet will turn into another red planet as happened with Mars if you don’t stop the exploitation of this planet.Yet,I can’t see you have any other choice.You are doomed,people! If you could,at least,stop the madness in the relations among you! Is this not strange Americans desire hegemony,fundemental Moslems hate Americans,Europeans despise each other?...You,people,believe in God but you brought him to pieces and created your own gods in accordance with your interests,and-ha,ha,ha-kill each other in the name of your gods.Why Israelis think Palestinians are not people? Why Palestinians don’t want to be friends with the Israelis? Why Moslems think Americans are infidels? Why Germans and Dutch or the British think they are better sort of people than the other Europeans?...Ha,ha,ha,you are getting nuts,people!- Satan amused himself immensely,because he knew the picture of the civilisation he was talking about was the way he wanted.They were his and not God’s.
-“My thoughts are in a whirl,my dear Satan!- Harry Gullivers exclaimed when Satan was over with his monologue.-However,whatever to say,all this what you said is absolutely of no concern to me and simply nothing of my business! I’m concentrating on my plans and my desires.I want to rule this country and,therefore,want to have my man chosen as the President of the United States.And I think I’ll manage it.Afterwards I’ll get onto putting the world into pieces the way I envision it.I’ll establish a global Pax Gullivers which will give a way in the end to…Pax Satan,my dear friend!”
Satan just laughed and clasped in his hands.
-“Well done! Well done,Harry!”-He said finally.-“I’m sure you’ll manage it.And call me whenever you need me.Just call my name,my full name!” Satan gave a piece of paper to Harry Gullivers who read it with astonishment in his eyes.He now knew the full name of the lord of darkness and evil.
-“Give me this paper!”- Satan commanded when he made sure Harry Gullivers would remember his real name.Harry Gullivers did as he was ordered.Satan brought the paper to his mouth and swallowed it.
And then everything followed the way as Satan only knew.There was a tremendous whirl,like if a tornado passed through the apartment and Harry Gullivers had nothing in his mind but a thousand of little stars which moved over and over within his mind like a bunch of crazy insects.When his mind cleared there was nothing else left after Satan in his apartment but a strange smell and a bit whistle of the wind which took Satan to his kingdom: the hell…
In the meantime,the music of Ludvig van Beethoven continued to fill the air in the apartment,absolutely with a masterful touch,as if a Judgement Day was just knocking on the door of planet Earth...
To be continued…
Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail:  or:
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