Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 5


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra

Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard were already about one hundred kilometers south of Georgetown.When Tadek Vangard pressed the CD player on,music and fabulous,heavenly voice of Luciano Pavarrotti filled their ears.It was great to travel with such a car as their Porsche Carrerra.They have been just passing a military airport.Steven Mac Dantosch stopped the car.He thought furiously.
-“Steven,what are you thinking about?”- Tadek Vangard asked him.He felt already,down his spine,that his friend was thinking of a new hilarious action.It seemed to be his friend’s lifestyle. Steven Mac Dantosch did not answer him.He seemed to be lost in his thinking.
-“Is he sometimes not thinking about stealing one of the planes at this airport?”- Hilarious thought crossed Tadek Vangard's mind and he became instantly aware that this indeed might be the case. He grew uneasy.Sometimes his friend was a sort of a desperado man.
-“Tadek,we have to steal one of these flying machines in order to escape out of Malaysia in the most effective way.This is our only chance to survive."-The words Steven Mac Dantosch said proved Tadek Vangard’s concern.He realized he could anticipate his friend's thoughts.It meant,therefore,he acquired knowledge of his friend's nature.It was tremendous to discover it.Nevertheless,his mind was now so much enraged with the idea of his friend he felt as if he just steped on a landmine.
-“Steven,are you crazy?! How are you going to do it? Do you think they'll let you to do it? You'll be dead at your first attempt!…And me,naturally,too!…And,besides,have you a pilot’s licence? Flying is not the same as driving a car…” – Tadek Vangard knew that no matter what he says,his friend will just do it. Steven Mac Dantosch began to laugh.
-“Don’t be afraid,Tadek,flying planes,whatever planes,is the least difficult for me. It was my hobby and I flew a lot of flying machines in my carefree pastime…How many times have I flown my father all over Australia and New Zealand?!…Uncountably!”
-“But you want to deal here with professionals who have orders to kill anyone who infiltrates this base and airport at the same time…
-“Ssch…Just follow me…”
To Tadek Vangard’s amazement Steven Mac Dantosch drove the car towards a police car hidden behind a Buddhist temple in the corner of the street. They found themselves next to the police car.Tadek Vangard saw a gun in Steven Mac Dantosch’s hands.There was no time for anything.The least time for whatever conversation.And he,Tadek Vangard,would have angry words to say.
-“We get out of this car.”- Steven Mac Dantosch commanded with an icy voice.He got out of the car and Tadek Vangard had to follow him,whether he liked it or not.Steven Mac Dantosch made sure that nobody watched them and when they appeared besides the police car’s driving side he took his gun out of the pocket of his light brown jeansy trousers in which he put it while approaching the patrol car and aimed it at the forehead of the policeman who,strangely, noticed them just now. The face of the policeman became a concerted show of shock in all its expressions.And there was also something else in his dark eyes: unspeakable fear.It seemed he was paralysed by the fear.Steven Mac Dantosch got inside the car,on a seat next to the policeman and Tadek Vangard had no choice but to follow and sat on one of the seats behind.
-“Get inside this airport.Do not try to do any tricks,because if you do,I'll turn your head into thousands of pieces.”- Steven Mac Dantosch sounded like a real gangster.
-“If we have no problems with you,we’ll leave you free…”- He added. Deep in himself,Steven Mac Dantosch was afraid only of one thing: what if the guards at the entry gate to the airport will ask for a permit pass?…He knew that in such a situation many dangerous events could take place. They got to the gate which looked now to them like a Heavens Gate because just on the guards in that gate depended whether they would get inside the airport.And…they were lucky. The guards opened the gate without a problem once they saw a police car before the gate.Afterwards the events were smooth. They got to one of the top class military planes,F16,next to which they spotted a pilot.They forced him to get inside the jet and pushed in also the terrified policeman. When they found themselves about 20000 meters high in the sky,in the arms of the heavenly blue sky,Steven Mac Dantosch moved to the pilot’s seat.Earlier he gave another gun to Tadek Vangard who despite that he knew he would never kill anyone,had the gun aimed at both of their prisoners.But he was raged,naturally.His friend went definitely too far in his behaviour!Luckilly,the prisoners did not know that Tadek Vangard would never be able to shoot at them.To him a human life was too precious. He would never kill anyone! He did not kill even one animal in his life,no a scheep,no a chicken,no a frog…So he was raged as hell because of the arrogance of his friend!He promissed to himself he will make a speech to his friend and let him know what he thinks about all of these.Perhaps he'll even anounce their ways must split and one and the other must go his own would mean a definite goodbye.For the moment,however,he had to play the role his friend coerced him to.Just for the moment.He prayed silently none of the prisoners makes a maddening move.This would be end to all of them.
Steven Mac Dantosch turned out to be as professional pilot as the army man they kidnapped.It looked they would already be out of Malaysia airspace just in a matter of minutes.
-“You’re going to parachute! Both of you!”- Steven Mac Dantosch ordered to both of the unwanted passagiers.
-“But I never parachuted! I cannot do it!”- The policeman objected.
-“You will do it!”- Steven Mac Dantosch said cold-mindedly.
The pilot jumped first and Steven Mac Dantosch had impression he even gave to him a glance of smile before he jumped.Worse situation was with the policeman.It took several minutes before he jumped.He looked sickly.
An hour later they found themselves in the airspace of Burma.The country was ruled ruthlessly by the military junta and oficially was named "Myanmar" by the junta rulers.
-“Let’s pray they do not have sophisticated radar systems,because otherwise we have problems.”- Steven Mac Dantosch expressed his wish.They,however,had one half an hour later.Not the sort of problem they expected.
-“Tadek,we have a big problem,there is no more fuel and we’ll have to parachute.”- Steven Mac Dantosch announced. Tadek Vangard became completely pale.Even white faced.He pitted the policeman and now he had to pitty himself.
-“Steven,everything but not this! I have height fear! I really can't do it!”
-“You must!”
-“No,I can't!”
-“So what? You want to go down with this plane and end your life in a fireball?!”
-“Oh,Steven,I am already dead now.”
-“Overcome your fear. You will see,it’s great!”
Time became torturous now.Tadek Vangard let to put a parachute package on his shoulders and listened to Steven Mac Dantosch's instructions impassively.Finally,when he really had to parachute,he felt so much paralysed that simply unable to make one step,and especially not this step,out there into... the hell.
-“Steven,better you jump first.”
-“No,Tadek,you must jump first.Don’t be afraid.I will safeguard you.You can count on me.Do not forget to press the button after a while...So the parachute can open...”
-“May the God’s will happen.”- Tadek Vangard whispered.Despite that he was dying out of despair,fear and feeling of an absolute horror,he did it,he jumped...
-“So the death looks like this.”- He thought when powerful forces of sky nature took over him.He was eaten alive by sky monsters.He felt he was loosing his senses and his consciousness.God,he was loosing his mind!He was falling into the jaws of unconciousness!God,he was loosing his touch with anything what was real! It happened...
When he regained his consciousness he already was dangerously close to the land while his parachute …still was not opened.He saw Steven Mac Dantosch closing on him,also without an open parachute.He knew now what was the matter.Steven Mac Dantosch tried to reach him in order to save him from death.Only this way could it be explained why he has still not opened his own parachute.
-“Open your parachute!”- He remembered now what Steven Mac Dantosch instructed him to do.
He pressed the button and,God,what was it?! He nearly stopped falling violently and hanged now nicely under the heavenly blue sky. He looked up. His parachute had all colours of the world.He was saved! He escaped the death!
He saw now Steven Mac Dantosch also had his parachute opened.His friend was laughing to him.He could see it.To his amazement,his fear was gone.He looked now down there onto the land,the jungle on the left side and the mountains on the right side.What a spactacular view was it! The God's view!
He saw their fighting jet,F16,going down onto the mountains and then the plane hit one of the mountains.What a fireball was it! How majestic and devastating!
-"If not Steven,I would end up there in that fireball!"-He realized. He thanked God he jumped out of the plane...
To be continued...
Author:Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail or:
All Rights Reserved.

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