Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 40


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


At some point Herman Van Veenen gave sign to everyone he wants to say something.Everybody stoped talking and looked to him.
-“Dear Family members.”-He began.-“I wish to propose to you we bring a toast on behalf of our great mother and grandmother.She made this family great and happy,and rich beyond whatever means.Let’s make a tribute to her!” A waiter walked around a long,a very long table,and poured champagne to glasses.Then everyone stood and they brought toast to Angela Butterby.She drank her portion to the last drop of the champagne,turned the glass upside down and joked:”You see my dear children,I drank everything! I wish you all never ending happiness and luck at the same time.” And this was everything she wanted to say.She never liked to say lots and despised people who talked for hours one and the same while in fact everything what they were saying was just rubbish,an empty talk.This was characteristic especially for a great number of politicians and whatever sort of dogmatists.It was well into the deepness of the night when the party was over.Tadek Vangard stood a long time in the window of his apartment and looked down at the city lights of magic Wellington’s city,just beyond the harbour of the Oriental Bay.Memory crossed his mind,from the time of his childhood through the madness of Asia wonderings with Steven Mac Dantosch and Melissa Charleroi to this night's Christmas party and the image of Raquel, the beauty of all times,at least in his imagination he met this night.His heart beat hard and loud and it looked he discovered in himself some feelings which partially terrified him.The image of Raquel Hendrics did not want to leave him.He thought of her and felt it was accompanied by a fierce passion and perhaps even…love.He never believed it was possible to fall in love just the moment two people met for the first time in their lives.Now he expierenced this on himself.He looked at the magics of Wellington and had …Raquel before his eyes,especially.She was such an incredible beauty,so fresh and modern at the same time,emancipated and feeling at ease with the males around her.He was sure she had many men in her life but it did not bother him too much because he knew at the same time,or at least felt it,she was not this sort of a woman who would sell cheap her body.No,she was just a sort of a demanding woman,one who considered herself absolutely equall to men and to such an extent her thoughts and her bahaviour was that of men.Yet no one who saw her doubted she was the best of the best of a woman,intelligent,and above all beauty and beauty.Only Helene van Veenen was as much of a beauty.But she was married while Raquel was still free.Tadek Vangard felt panicked,he did not have much expierence in love making.He knew that if Raquel chose him to become her partner and a lover she would enslave him easily towards herself.No logics would become enough powerful to keep his passion at bay.He went to bed and still had her before his eyes.The next days he was left to himself.Nobody bothered with him and everybody was busy.He felt lonely and without actual purpose of life,in a beautiful but strange country.Strange one to him,naturally.His reality was twisted.God,how he wanted to go to the States! And,instead,he found himself in this country,a paradise somehow but to everyone else but him.He walked up Mount Victoria and sat for hours in one place,contemplating everything and nothing at the same time.Or he went downtown and walked the streets ,observing the happy life around him,just the normal life which was out of reach to him.Everything to him was here upside down.He knew it was correlated to his mind and also knew nothing could be done about it.Perhaps one day the things will change and he will become one of all this people around him.He doubted it.He was too mad about his America,the promised land.Was something wrong with his mind? He knew also the answer to that question:from the perspective of every normal person his psychic stature was a sort of nuts.It did not mean,however,he was not normal.He has simply fallen in love in his America.Perhaps this was not normal taking into the account he could not go to the States for a foreseeable future but,on the other hand,why not? You don’t kill a love…Finally came the last day of the old year and the next day would already be called nineteen ninty one.He was again invited by the family of Angela Butterby to participate in a dancing New Year party.Strangely,he agreed easily and the image of Raquel Hendrics reappeared in his mind.He longed to see her.Just before going to the party he observed the landscape of Wellingto around and was bewildered,as so many times so far,at seeing warm and sunny,summer day and then the sun slowly disseapearing behind the horizon.The New Year in his native country was always snowy and close to zero centigrade.At least the people of Poland could enjoy return of their nation to the family of democratic countries.Prime Minister there was Tadeusz Mazowiecki,one of those who were the leaders of the Solidarity trade union.Lech Walesa was the president of Poland,very controversial in this new role he was not accustomed to but familiar to the rest of the world.The brightest star in the Polish politics was the minister of finance,Leszek Balcerowicz who began a so-called "shock therapy" in everything what concerned the Polish economy,the economics,trade and finance.It was too early to say whether his policies will succeed but Poland,thanks to it,became a pioneer towards change among postcommunist countries.The New Year’91 dancing party was organised on the outermost terrace which nearly hanged above the slopes of Mount Victoria.All the ladies looked fabulous,dressed in expensive,designer dresses.Tadek Vangard felt for a moment he found himself at a fashion show.Sonia Veenendaal looked a la Gianni Versace,Raquel Hendrics a la Kelvin Klein,Fabienne van Veenen had much out of the Gaultier design on herself.The same the other ladies who looked angelic this night,from Ralph Lauren to John Bartlett outfits on their slender bodies.His eyes were fixed especially on Raquel.He felt a passion was evolving in himself rapidly once again towards her.While all the other young wemen had fine dresses on them she had a complet of jacket finely embroidered by golden threads and silk trousers through which he could easily see her long,wonder legs.The heels of her golden shoes were at least fifteen centimetres high despite that she was rather a tall woman.Her long hair was gently blond and tied to a horse veil a la Brigitte Bardot.Only Angela Butterby was quiet and pleased herself with watching her relatives.They all greeted the New Year enthusiastically.It was then when Raquel Hendrics approached Tadek Vangard,gave a gentle kiss on his cheek and said he forgot something.It was a joke,naturally.
-“May I ask you to a dance.”- He did instantly what she expected from him.Since then they have been dancing together non stop and their bodies were closer and closer to each other.Some invited male guests gazed at them and there was nothing but jalousness in their eyes.Tadek Vangard was the king and they were the servants.This was exactly the magic of the beauty Raquel Hendriks was.Only when Helene van Veenen danced next to them,the men eyes were double fixed and one had impression they were dying both from absolute fascination and jalousness at the same time.Most of them,however,had female partners and somhow had to kill their new found feelings,and,instead,direct them at their partners.It was three a’clock night when Raquel proposed to him they go to one of the Oriental Bay’s beaches and have a bit strolling there.He agreed and they went there with Raquel’s red,sporty Chrysler Baron.They wandered a dry beach of the Oriental Bay and the stars at the firmament of the sky played a music of God.How peacefully was it! Their hearts pulsed hard and their bodies felt nothing else but honey and sugar.Tadek Vangard panicked a bit feeling he was loosing his logics to all powerful passion which made men fools.They sat down next to the sea waves and listened to their music too.The performance of the nature seemed to be a full picture.They hold themselves by their arms and felt a fire burned in their bodies and souls.What happened next was magics and once again magics.Their lovemaking fulfilled the nature which witnessed not only their bodies but also their love.They had impression they were gods of Olimp who found themselves on a cosmic trip which began at Oriental Bay and was due to bring them to the outermost far away places of the Universe.Raquel Hendriks astonished her lover with multiple orgasms which every time gave a birth to a new star in the Universe.While Tadek Vangard was lost within her she was lost within him.Yet both they could not loose themselves because their love was their guide.
-“I am so happy.I love you.”- Raquel whispered at one point after their reached their climax once again.
-“And I love you,Raquel.”-Tadek Vangard answered and yet again began his lovemaking to her which culminated in all powerful orgasm within himself which was like thousands eruptions of volcanoes at once.She cried out from unbelievable pleasure and what was next was a dance of his and her orgasms while they cried and cried aloud from the unspoken pleasures they felt.And the nature in the meantime recorded their love,the one of the god and goddess of Olimp.They rested a long time afterwards,lying on the dry sand and kissing each other once for a while.It was already early morning,six a’clock and it was better to leave the beach before some stranger might appear there.They were lucky they had the beach for themselves and not at all surprised : the population of New Zealand was not large in numbers and there was practically enough sea sides-the most spectacular and breathtaking beaches the world citizen could ever see-for every New Zealander or Kiwi as the inhabitants liked to call themselves.They returned to the estate of Angela Butterby and shortly afterwards Raquel Hendricks went to her own villa in Eastbourne.She promised to keep in touch with Tadek Vangard before leaving him.
-“Do you still love me,Raquel?”-Tadek Vangard asked her just when she intended to leave him,get to her car and go away.
-“Yes,I do.See you soon,Tadek”- She answered.They kissed each other and then she got to her car.Tadek Vangard stayed long time on the terrace overlooking the Oriental Bay and the city of Wellington and wondered whether this exhilarating love he expierenced in this New Year,just the last night,was a permament one or just an event of the night…Was he just phantom of the night?...To be continued…Author:Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail address:  or