Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 36


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


They have not had any opportunity to see the Ambassador in the following days.When one week passed and then the second one they felt themselves frustrated.Why Ambassador Daniel Parkinson steered clear of them?...Was it a bad sign?...They had no idea.They felt their nerves accumulated more and more in themselves,to such a point finally,they have been walking explosives.What if the Americans were no longer interested in the strategy?...God,they would instantly be treated like real prisoners and deported after a while against their wishes.Who cares for chickens?!....Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself the most thrilled.He would be brought to the United States and one day would end on the electric chair or with a deadly dose of poison in his veins.God,he would become a vampire in his afterlife,because he has not killed the boyfriend of his sister.He was innocent!But once again,who cares for chickens?...His chance was only in the strategy.As long as the strategy had a value he had also one,as much as his friends.Tadek Vangard did not have to feel himself as much raged with uncertainty as his Australian friend.His country,Poland,was already liberated and on a firm way towards a capitalist order and close cooperation with the European Community.The legendary and enigmatic Solidarity leader,Lech Walesa,was chosen the President of Poland already for some time and there was even some talk about eventual membership of the country in the European Community,the international Western European political organisation which also was in a stadium of reforming itself and changing its official name to the European Union.Whatever pluses there were in the political landscape of Europe,especially the historical transformations,Tadek Vangard still had his own individual dream:America.He had to get there,to this chosen country and breath and drink some elixirs of freedom the country gave to its citizen,such ones as human rights,privacy,right to a liberal vision of oneself and living in accordance with a man’s self and not against himself as often was a case in most countries around the world in which dogma,whatever dogma,and especially a religious one were the king and the monarch.No rules could be applied if you wanted one to be himself because every person was individual.A golden rule of no rule of which the powerful of this world were forgetting,including Vatican.No,he could not yet return to his native country,not even if the country were an oasis of absolutely cristal freedom.This oasis he had to find elsewhere.In America.This was the reason why he emigrated out of his country and had to realise it.Once he will find himself there,in America,he will place an elixir of freedom to a special bottle and then,perhaps,will return to Poland,open the bottle and let the elixir spread all over there in order to make sure the country will never again become a seedland for all sorts of dogmatists.He was convinced every man or woman is an unusual miniature of the world.Therefore,as many people there were around the world so many worlds there were.No one could take away what was the most important within a man:a feeling to be oneself and live in accordance with his or her self.What was a value of a man who somehow was turned against his own self or did it himself ,because of outside pressure? Such a man was a living dead.Melissa Charleroi was also at a loss: she did not want to return home but on the other hand Steven Mac Dantosch made it clear to her he will have to be away from her for a certain time,even up to five years.They all had shattered lives and needed some breaktrough.On Monday of the third week they were finally invited to a common breakfast with Ambassador Parkinson and his wife.Something was in the air. -“Welcome.I haven't seen you already for some quite good time,my friends.How are you?”- Ambassador Parkinson welcomed them friendly when they entered the dining room.He smiled to them.His wife,Eleonora Parkinson,too.Half of their nerves were gone instantly.There could not be bad news if they were so friendly to them.Mrs.Parkinson came even up to Melissa Charleroi,kissed with her,took her by her arms and directed to the table such a way they could sit next to each other. -“Feel yourselves here like at your own homes,my friends.”- Ambassador Parkinson said when they were already sitted.-“Oh,sorry.”- He added a bit later.-“You don’t really know how is it to feel oneself ‘at home’.You were away from your homes for too long.”- But his humour did not leave him.He reached for some liquer and poured its dark red coloured,thick liquid into crystal clear glasses.It was something absolutely delicious,just heavens in their mouths.It looked to be a squizzed juice out of woodberries,raspberries,kiwis,strawberries and one did not know what else,and all this was mixed with finely small amount of alcohol of some purest degree.They felt there was really something mysterious hanging in the air.What was it? They again felt thick in their souls and bodies.As if their blood streams in their veins turned into rivers and seas after some storm.Thanks to God,they did not have to wait long time. -“My friends…”-Ambassador Daniel Parkinson began while his eyes seemed to drill deep into each of them.-“It is my honour to announce to you the United States government agreed to your demands and you are to be assured an immunity from prosecution as well as given an assistance you need for five years.It is signed by Mister President himself.” -“Hurrah,hurrah…”- Steven Mac Dantosch,Tadek Vanguard and Melissa Charleroi jumped off the table and rushed to their arms out of happiness.Ambassador and his wife were already at their sides and offered them their hands to congratulate.Moment later they were sitted again at the table.It was then when Ambassador Parkinson got three envelopes out the pocket of his navy blue jacket.There was the official decision written down inside them.They took the envelopes,opened them and reached for the documents placed there.They began to read the contents.It was seen from their mimics,not everyone remained as enthusiastic as initially.Only Steven Mac Dantosch had triumphant mimics.Tadek Vangard became more and more perplexed while reading the content and Melissa Charleroi grimaced to the point of pain. -“You try to separate us all?!”- Tadek Vangard asked with this sort of voice colour and soundness which did not express a satisfaction.Only then all of them realised fully how complicated were the contents for each of them.Steven Mac Dantosch got the most.He was offered to go to the United States whenever he wished and was indeed granted immunity from a prosecution for five years.Tadek Vangard was offered to go to New Zealand and Melissa Charleroi back home to her parents in Belgium.In all cases special Interpol agents,CIA ones and the local governments’ agents as well would look for their safety,without harassing them at all.All this in exchange for the strategy Beehive which should be delivered to the representative of the USA government at the same time they get the immunity letters. -“Why can't we go to the United States together?”- Tadek Vangard asked while feeling irritated.His initial enthusiasm has already evaporated. -“Well,from what your friend,Steven,said he’s going to make a whirling overture against a man he calls as the biggest mafia godfather in America since Al Capone.Assuming it is right,you both,you,Mr.Vangard and Melissa would find yourself in an absolutely deadly and unacceptable situation.The United States government envisioned it in a different way:first Mister Burrows goes to the States and then,after some time and successively,also you both.I think this is the most prudent decision.Safety must be put on the first place.In your situation,Melissa,our government could not…Please believe me,could not let you go to the United States so soon.We think you are too young for this and you should be first reunited with your parents.” -“But I will never agree to this! I hate them!”- The outburst of anger from Melissa Charleroi’s mouth thrilled them all.Steven Mac Dantosch bited his lips from pain.He loved her as never anyone before and did not want her to be away from him but if he wanted to prove his innocence she could not be present at his side at least for the time he will confront his archenemy,Harry Gullivers.She would face numerous deadly encounters if she went with him to the States.No,he could not do it to her.His crusade against Harry Gullivers and his mafia will be a sort of an apocalypse,his one.Even a sort of a cosmic black hole in which he could only hope for a light,the light which would get him out of the monstrous labirynths and vicious circles,out to the innocence.He felt as if he were cut in half,especially when he saw tears in her almond blue eyes.He knew only one think,which unfortunately was abstract one:something had to be done for her but not against her wish.But what?… Wife of the ambassador,Eleonora Parkinson,took Melissa’s hands into her hands and began to stroke them gently. -“Melissa,my dear girl,we have a surprise for you.”- She whispered to her with a motherly touch in the sound of her voice and loud enough for everyone to hear what she has just said.Melissa Charleroi looked up at her,not knowing how to react,but somehow trusting her.Two crystal tears droped out her eyes and stayed on her cheeks.Eleonora Parkinson reached for her handkerchief,embroidered splendidly with gold and silver threads,and took the tears away from her face.She still kept her hands and were stroking them.And then…the doors opened and two people appeared in them,a woman and a man who could not be older than forty years.They were dressed simply and with a taste but also looked definitely older than their real age.It was seen especially on their natural,undied and light rather hair on their heads but with many grey pieces.While the man stoped and was standing at the door the woman moved a few steps further. -“Melissa,don’t you recognise me?...This is me.Your mother. »- She said with an emotional voice.Melissa Charleroi indeed recognised her mother and her father,already when they appeared at the open door.There was perhaps no a child who would not recognise his or her own parents even after a very long seperation.She sat rooted to the chair.Veins suggesting her exhaustion appeared on her neck and her hands.Her face became a rithmic mixture of grimaces and feelings of pain and disbelieving.Her lips moved constantly like if there were Antarctic highs in negative temperatures in the dining room.Her grimaces of pain were so numerous everybody got concerned.It looked she was shocked tremenduously and did not wish to see her parents for some reason,known only to her.She pulled her hands away from the hands of Eleonora Parkinson,got vehemently out of her chair which has fallen down to the floor with a noice and began to run to the opposite corner of the room. -“No,nooooo!”- She screamed while running.Her mother was visibly shocked and seemed to have been rooted to the floor. -“Melissa,it is me…Your mother!…”- She reapeated and made a few new steps forward. -“Don’t come up to me!…I hate you!..I hate both of you!…”- Melissa Charleroi screamed again.Her face was red from anger and despair.Her mother once more seemed to have been rooted to the floor,unable to make a step forward. -“Melissa,for Heaven’s sake,but it is me,your mother.What happened with you,my baby?…God,what have they done to you!…Melissa,it’s me…Your mother!”-Tears appeared in the eyes of the woman. -“I hate you! Go away! Go back!”-Melissa Charleroi was wide-eyed and pale,and looked like a patient of a psychiatric hospital,one step away from abyss of insanity. -“My God,Melissa,how can you say this?…Why?…”-Her mother has already cried.She also faced abyss,a different one,of motherly pain. -“Why?…And you can ask me,why?…Because you have sold me to the pedophiles! Because you got rid of me in such a cruel way!…I hate you!…Do you hear?...I hate you!…” Melissa Charleroi’s mother has fallen onto the floor and began to cry aloud,while trying to cover her ears with both of her hands against the accussations of her daughter which were like deadly bullets from a gun.The other participants,including Eleonora Parkinson,the one who got the idea to bring the parents to their child,have not known what to do with themselves.Everybody was shocked.There was a Dante alike drama before their eyes. -“What don’t you say! That we have sold you?...Who told you this,my child?…Yes,I can imagine who told you this.Those beasts who kidnapped you!...Melissa,we have not sold you.No parent would reasonably do it!What they told you is a lie! They have kidnapped you! On our own eyes!…Oh,God,what a dreadful fate!…Can you imagine what an agony we went through all this years?…Look at us,Melissa.We are nearly grey from despair and worries,and never ending cry…Melissa,do you really think we sold you to those beasts?…Oh God,oh God,oh God…”- Melissa Charleroi’s mother began to cry earnestly and aloud,while lying on the floor and holding her head with both of her hands.Her body shook spasmatically.Melissa Charleroi in the meantime stoped crying and looked now at the woman on the floor,her mother,with wide open eyes.The view of her mother crying so much,and in the agony of spasms,and also the words her mother said just a moment ago seemed to have opened her eyes.The revelations of her mother reverberated deeply in her mind.How could she ever believe in the version the kidnapers told her?! How could she ever believe that her parents have sold her?! While the fact was just simple and cruel as hell:she was kidnapped.She felt now ashamed.She felt there still was a war of echoes:the ones said by her kidnaper,Ducroix,and the ones said now by her mother.There was a final storm lightning within her mind and it was doubtless now to her she was simply kidnapped,against her wish and against wish of her parents.Everything was clear now.She ran up to her mother,still lying and crying on the floor.She kneeled down and pulled her mother towards herself. -“My dear mother,I love you.Forgive me.”- Melissa Charleroi whispered to her. -“Really,Melissa? Really?…”- Her mother,still sobbing,asked. -“Yes,my dear mom,don’t cry.Please…Don’t cry.” -“And I also love you,my daughter.”-They got into their arms and stayed so for a very long time.No one would be able to take them away from themselves at such a moment.Everybody was happy and from the eyes of Eleonora Parkinson tears of happiness got onto her cheeks.She removed them quickly with her embroidered handkerchief.In the meantime,Melissa Charleroi’s father came up to them and touched the arm of his daughter who looked up at him. -“Pa,is it you?”- She asked simply. -“Yes,it’s me,my dear daughter.”- Her father answered lovingly to her. Melissa Charleroi got off her mother’s arms,stood up and let herself be emboldened by her father’s arms. Her mother also stood up from the floor and joined them in holding each other in their arms. -“I’m so happy.”- Melissa Charleroi whispered to them.And she really felt like this. -“And we too,our dear daughter.”- Her father answered her.When they managed to get off their arms,Ambassador Daniel Parkinson called them to the table.They treated themselves with the riches of the breakfast table while joking and laughing.They felt as if some stone was removed from their hearts. -“Mom,and my brother? Is everything all right with him?”-Melissa asked at some point. -“Oh yes,Melissa.He is waiting for you impatiently.He fears he can have a problem with recognising you…” -“I,too.Heavens,he is already thirteen years old? I can’t believe I saw him the last time when he was only four years old…”- Mother and daughter caughed their hands so they could overcome the pain which once again filled their hearts. -“Let’s go to the garden.”- Father of Melissa Charleroi proposed to them. -"You don’t mind it,do you?”- He turned his head towards the other participants at the table.The drama they witnessed united them all and,therefore,they felt like a big family rather than some strangers. -“Of course,please treat yourselves and feel at home everywhere around here in the Embassy compound.The garden is very beautiful.You’ll enjoy it.”-Eleonora Parkinson answered on behalf of her husband and herself as well. While Melissa Charleroi was away in the garden with her parents and Eleonora Parkinson went to her bedroom for a morning rest Ambassador and the two male guests discussed their arrangements.Tadek Vangard had an opportunity now to express his dissapointment with the decision of the United States government to send him instead to New Zealand.He feared the country was too far away from the rest of the world.Besides,he did not really know much about the country.When,however,Ambassador assured him he will be free to go to the United States whenever he will wish so after his arrival in the Kiwis land,he agreed to follow the plan. -“I’ll get to the States sooner or later.”- He announced.Only then have they given strategy Beehive to Ambassador Daniel Parkinson.He looked perplexed at first. -“Is this really strategy Beehive?…”- He even asked.-“It look to me some guide for tourists.”- He added. Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard bursted with laugh. -“We thought the same and for years.”-Tadek Vangard explained to him the reason of their laugh.-“You must,sir,turn it over and begin to read in the opposite direction,beginning with the last letter as the first one.” -“Let’s see...”- Ambassador Parkinson proposed and did as he was instructed.He began to read.Five minutes later his eyes were strangely bright.Ten minutes later his face beamed with a rage and an agony. -“Heaven’s,this is indeed strategy Beehive…”- Ambassador Daniel Parkinson said aloud and Tadek Vangard remembered his friend,Steven Mac Dantosch,reacted the same way when he realised the truth…To be continued…Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail address:  or: