Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 34


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Steven Mac Dantosch took a few steps back.Carlos got inside the room while firmly holding Melissa Charleroi.He closed the door.At that moment there was yet another knock on the door.Steven Mac Dantosch felt even more thrilled.If it was his friend,Tadek Vangard,behind the door he might enter the room without hearing the invitation.He did it often because he was unsure whether there was an invitation or not,due to his partially damaged hearing,not as much damaged one but enough to have no trust in his own hearing.The door opened and…it was indeed Tadek Vangard. -“I heard some strange noise…”- He said and the moment he saw Carlos he got a powerful knockout punch from the deadly adversary.Without knowing it he found himself on the floor,completely immobilised.Carlos pulled him inside the room,while still holding the girl and having a look at the Australian. -“One unwise move on your side and she is dead.”- Carlos warned the adversary he considered an equall to himself. -“You’re a pig! I hate you! “- Steven Mac Dantosch remarked angrily in between his teeth. -“An I love you!”- Carlos countered ironically and his face uncovered a sadistic grimace.They looked for a moment straight into their eyes,showing nothing but hatred.They measured themselves savagely as if they were two beasts,a lion and a tiger,ready for an ultimate fight.Which one was the lion and which one a tiger,it was impossible to guess. -“What do you want?”- Steven Mac Dantosch asked gravely. -“You know what I want.”- Carlos retorted. -“No,I don’t know.Leave her in peace,you yokel! If you have a bone to pick with me then do it just with me!” Carlos began to laugh sneeringly.-“You want that I leave her in peace,don’t you?! But you haven’t left in peace me and my people on Mount Abu! I myself escaped by the skin of my teeth…You’ll pay for it!” -“Don’t compare yourself to her.She is innocent while you’re a pig,a murderer,psychopath and simply a beast…” -“Stop it! Stop it because otherwise I kill her right now!”- Carlos yelled out. -“Then I’ll turn you to pieces which I’ll give to the pigs for eating.”- Steven Mac Dantosch was no less agitated and raged as never before.But he felt himself helpless. -“What? What have you said? You’ll turn me into pieces?…Me?…The legendary assassin?…How can you dare to say it!”- Carlos was no less agitated and his eyes were overfilled with rage to such a point they seemed to be real explosives.Steven Mac Dantosch suddenly began to feel there still was a chance,somehow.He should play on the Carlos’ ill fated ambition and try to challenge him to a fight in which one of them would prove ultimately he is the best. -“Yes,I’ll do it! Besides,I consider you to be a coward because you hide behind a back of a girl.If you really think you’re the best,master above the masters,then leave her in peace and fight with me.You’ll have a chance to prove yourself the best.I doubt so,naturally,because I am the one who is the best,the world’s champion!” -“First give me the strategy Beehive!”- Carlos demanded. Steven Mac Dantosch began to laugh. -“You see,I was right:you’re a coward! You’re afraid to fight with me!”- He said. Carlos was raged to such a point it seemed he was getting out of his own skin. -“Who dare you!”- He yelled once again. -“I know you fear me,Carlos.”- Steven Mac Dantosch added fuel to the fire with his words. -“You want a fight? O.K.You have it.We go outside to some place and I’ll prove you’re no match to me.In fact it will be easier for me to recover the strategy once I am done with you.Your friends will be too afraid not to give it to me.Let’s go.”-Carlos said determindedly. -“You,too!”- He said to Tadek Vangard who just recovered from his unconscious state.Steven Mac Dantosch triumphed a bit.He was sure he can win over Carlos.They went out of the hotel and were ordered by Carlos to go to the right.They have seen three Chinese jeeps,discretly parked at the side of the hotel.Some strong,young men got out of them.Carlos spoke a few words with them,in Russian.It was doubtless,the guys were the KGB agents.Steven Mac Dantosch began to feel himself thrilled again.He and his friends had now not only Carlos as adversary but also the KGB agents.There were nine of them.The only chance was he will win the fight and take Carlos as a hostage. -“It won’t be easy.”- He thought.They were placed inside one of the jeeps,with Carlos and one Russian agent behind them.The other Russians packed themselves in two other jeeps.Moment later the jeeps moved and went,strangely,in the direction of Qiao Yuan Hotel,but then turned over a channel via a bridge and rushed towards the Taoranting Park,the one which was situated opposite Qiao Yuan Hotel,just across the channel.It was still fullness of the night and there was no living person around there,in the park,at the moment.Except of the Russians,Carlos and their three hostages,naturally.They found themselves on a grass covered place,about fifty square meters wide,surrounded by the trees.The jeeps created a sort of triangle,staying in one of the three corners each and with lights directed towards the central part of the place.Only Steven Mac Dantosch was allowed to go to the center while his friends had to stay with the Russians.Carlos began nearing slowly towards Steven Mac Dantosch who was already prepared to fight this life and death encounter.They began to turn around themselves at first.Then they exchanged vicious punches which they were able to withstand.And then there was nothing else but a deadly fight, a dance of two warriors.The movements of their hands,legs and entire bodies were swift and most of the time so fast that nearly invisible.Steven Mac Dantosch realised Carlos made a tremendous progress and was his equall adversary.He realised it was not quite so sure he might win.Carlos also might win,with some luck.And what then with his friends? No,he could not lose this fight.Yet Carlos thought the same.It was an ultimate fight in his eyes,one which would cement his supremacy in martial arts and would add more of a prestige of him in the eyes of the Russians who witnessed this fight and in the eyes of the entire world.He,the legendary Carlos,had to win.There was not any other solution.Both hated themselves beyond whatever to say.At some point of their fight Steven Mac Dantosch got nearly nockouted.The blow from both legs of Carlos was so vicious and powerful he has fallen onto the ground.Carlos catapulted like if from a sling and landed on the torso of his adversary or nearly succeded in it.Steven Mac Dantosch turned himself away in the last split of a second while Carlos repeated his vicious attack.Steven Mac Dantosch turned himself firecelly again and once again and then,wanting to be less defensive,he simply jumped off the ground while using his hands and hit Carlos with his legs who has fallen two meters away but instantly put himself on both his legs in a very spectacular manner.All this happened within the tenths of a second.The world has perhaps never seen such an intense fight.The movements of their bodies,hands and legs especially were dynamic and highly elastic,and not binded within one only a style.They both perfected a number of martial art styles for the purpose of one only a fight,a life and death one.Steven Mac Dantosch felt he might lose this fight if he does not evolve in himself some spiritual guide,a sort of mystic light within his mind which could enable him to foresee perfectly the next movements of his adversary.As long as he could not evolve this light within himself his chances were fifty to fifty.Carlos used many styles,from standard taekwondo to juijitsu and ninjiutsu,higly mixed with each other.He was,therefore ,unpredictable.Steven Mac Dantosch even more.But it was still not enough.What was happening with his ego? Why it has not evolved within himself accordingly? What happened with him,him as the inner man?…Carlos suddenly turned himself violently and then thrusted himself so fast that Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself dezoriented a split of a second.It was enough to get hit violently by Carlos and he landed once again on the ground.Carlos already was sitting on his torso.Steven Mac Dantosch saw Carlos’ fist directed into him,the one which would immobilise him,perhaps forever.He heard a cry of Melissa Charleroi and felt a desperate effort within his mind.It was then,in a thousandth of a second,when a stream of a mysterious light,his ego,spread all over his mind.Thanks to it he managed to be faster than Carlos and with the thrust of his legs he hit Carlos’ head so strong,his adversary felt dizzy a split of a second.Steven Mac Dantosch used it for himself and freed himself from under Carlos and then attacked him instantly from the side of his back.Carlos,however,managed to jump to his feet.They began to turn around themselves again.Steven Mac Dantosch smiled this time to the face of Carlos what thrilled his adversary who did not understand such a sudden change of behaviour on the side of one he fought with.Steven Mac Dantosch was sure this time he was the winner.It would happen quite soon.Perhaps even within seconds.All this thanks to his ego,his self which lighted his mind like if it was a star from within his mind.He could easily foresee every movement of Carlos.The evidence of it was the moment Carlos attacked him.His blows did not reach Steven Mac Dantosch and landed in fact in…a void.At some point Carlos turned himself viciously,the way he did it already once and got himself off the ground.Steven Mac Dantosch did the same.They became invisible,two warriors in the air.The Russian agents observing them,certainly must have been shocked and gazing with unbeliveness: what they saw was a fight of two nearly invisible warriors who looked more like a ball of air,such one as appears during a tornado.It was then when Steven Mac Dantosch employed his ultimate weapon which he called jianjitsu,the vicious circle.It was his own style highly effective,one which he created from the best of many styles.It was characterised by never ending movement of styles in rapid changes,chain reactions and without smallest of an interval.A rapid fire of deadly blows! This was too much for Carlos.He was loosing his strength and finally was unable to react to yet another powerful blow from both legs of Steven Mac Dantosch,such a blow which movie goers could see only in the films in which performed Claude van Damme.Carlos found himself on the ground and the expression of his face was one of a desperate guy who knew he lost.Steven Mac Dantosch could kill Carlos now easily yet he knew if he did it the same would happen to his friends.The Russian agents would not hesitate. -“Let him go,because otherwise we kill your friends.”-He heard one of the Russians,just the moment he was opening his mouth to say his proposal. -“O.K.”- He said.-“I let him go and you let them go.But first they go away about two hundred meters and then I and Carlos split.” The Russians talked a moment. -“We agree.”-They announced. Melissa Charleroi and Tadek Vangard were free to go.Melissa Charleroi came first to Steven Mac Dantosch.She was crying. -“Steven,I don’t go without you.”- She said.Steven Mac Dantosch kissed her gently. -“No,Melissa,you must go.And try to escape with Tadek as far as you can.Don’t be afraid about me.Go!”-She understood him and rushed after Tadek Vangard. -“Now both of you!Go slowly in the opposite direction.”-There was an order from one of the Russian KGB agents.Steven Mac Dantosch knew what it meant.Twenty meters away from Carlos and the Russians will shoot to him like to a duck.It will rather be a miracle if he will survive.Stll he was happy his friends had a chance to escape.He was already twenty meters away when first shots were heard,exactly as he has foreseen.And decisively many of them.Nothing but shots. -“God,I am dead.”-He whispered.But…What was it? He was still running and not a bit hurt.He jumped onto the grass and looked back.Only then he saw what looked to him like a miracle.There were American comandoes,or perhaps both,the comandoes and the CIA agents around dead Russian KGB ones.-“Where is Carlos?...Is he dead?...”- He asked himself.When he,however,saw a Chinese jeep going away and two American jeeps rushing after it,he knew one thing for sure:Carlos survived,is just escaping and most probably will manage to escape and disseapear from the eyes of the Americans.Strangely,he had always luck….To be continued...Author : Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail address:  or :
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