Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 23


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Mount Abu,the end to Carlos' terrorist nest...

Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


At six a’clock in the morning,they have already arrived in Mount Abu,the town,which was surrounded by some mountains and the Mount Abu among them.They bought a second-hand jeep and went in the direction of the mountain of their destination,relying on the fingertips of the passerbys.The views were spectacular.Everyone and everything seemed to be of a purest originality.A world apart from the world.From here,in fact,was already not very far to the Kashmir region,even more mountainious,which was a bone of contention between India and the neighbouring Pakistan.At the bottom of the mountain,Mount Abu,they hid their jeep and decided to go up the mountain on its most difficult part,accessible only for real cliffhangers.They had to be careful beyond whatever means.If there was a terrorist nest on the top of the mountain,then,the normal routes up the mountain would certainly be watched by the terrorists themselves.There was a chance this part of the mountain which was not accessible in any other way than by the means of clifhangerring,was not really watched by the terrorists who might have had their nest on the top of the mountain.It was still too early to judge whether there was any terrorist nest on the top of Mount Abu but Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard felt there indeed was one on the top of the mountain.They knew there will be a shock wave in India and around the world if the terrorist nest will indeed be discovered there,simply because it was unthinkable there could be any terrorist nest in the most populous democracy of the world such one as India is.It took at least three hours before they found themselves on the level of the Hindu temple situated in the middle of the mountain.If they went the normal route they would appear there within one hour or…never,if the terrorists watched indeed over the mountain’s vicinity.They decided to do cliffhangerring further up the mountain and by the next three hours they found themselves already at the three fourth of their way.They decided to wait till the evening and rested the rest of the day,while hanging on the side of the cliffy part of the mountain.When the evening finally came they decided to proceed further.They realised something strange indeed was happening on the top of the mountain.Some strange noises and also mysterious light where normally should be nothing but dark.They clffhanggerd up and up.At some point,when they were already quite near the top of the mountain they found a square like hole in the cliffy wall of the mountain,big enough for their bodies to get into it,which was…illuminated by some mysterious electricity from inside of the mountain.
-“We found the Carlos’nest.”-Steven Mac Dantosch whispered triumfally.They sneaked inside and found themselves in a sort of long ,tunnelled corridor.They moved carefully forward until this tunnel abruptly ended and they found themselves on something like a theater’s balcony:before them,up and down,in all directions in fact,was nothing but monumental space,fully electrified.
-“Steven,look!”- Tadek Vangard showed to the bottom.A number,as many as fifty terrorists,exercised martial arts.
-“Do you see Carlos?”- Steven Mac Dantosch asked.
-“No,not yet…Oh…I see him…Look…He enters the hall…” They stopped breathing and looked closely at every move of Carlos,making sure also that nobody could see them.In fact,Carlos entered through secreet door,invisible and hidden in the wall.Then he went to what seemed to be a main computer and began to initialise a special programma he only knew.What happened next seemed to be a sort of futuristic science fiction:the top of the mountain slowly was being opened and the sky full of real stars appeared before everyone.Shock reached an apogeum on Tadek Vangard’s face but when he looked at his friend he noticed his friend studied every move of Carlos through a field-glass and also scratched some numbers on his notepad.It was,of course the code for opening the roof in the mountain.When Carlos filled yet another code in the computer,exchange of air for fresh one was felt.One hour later he reapeated the codes and the roof closed,and the cerculation of fresh air stopped.He spoke to some of the men and soon afterwards the terrorists began to go away,most probably to their private quarters.Carlos left the hall as the last one.It was already close to midnight.They descended themselves down to the hall,using a rope as a way to get there and found themselves next to the computer terminal.Steven Mac Dantosch seemed to have triumphed.
-“Tadek,look around…”-He said.-“We have here,on this terminal,all the information we need…Look there in the corner…We have a helicopter for ourselves when we need to escape from this place ,together with Melissa,of course….And,thanks to the codes,I have noted down,we can block the entry to this hall to all of them,including to Carlos himself…If we are successful,we will turn this night into their hell…”
-“O.K.,Steven…if we are successful…We don’t even know where to seek Melissa…”
-“Wait a moment…I have a look at the computer…”- Steven Mac Dantosch answered. He had a copy with detailed information from the printer a moment later.
-“Let’s go,Tadek,I have it.”- He whispered.What followed next was nothing short of a labirynth of tunnels.They could meet,at least by an accident,one or more of the many terrorists who lived here.If this happened they might be unable to save Melissa Charleroi.Therefore,they had to move with an uppermost caution.No slightest a noise could be heard.There was no time to play Indiana Jones.Life of Melissa Charleroi and their own lives were a sky more important.
-“Tadek,I think,we are nearing the place in which they keep Melissa…”- Steven Mac Dantosch whispered.They went straight to the door behind which,according to the plan Steven Mac Dantosch kept in his hands,Melissa Charleroi was locked.Suddenly,out of nowhere an unidentified guy appeared before them.Steven Mac Dantosch used one of his kung-fu decisive methods and gave a knock-out blow to the guy nearly at once.They opened the door and went inside the room they expected Melissa Charleroi should be in.They put light on.They saw a girl lying on the floor in the corner of ugly rather a room who covered her face with her arms and was thrilled visibly.
-“Melissa,we are here…Your friends…”- Steven Mac Dantosch said enough loud to be sure she heard him. She took her hands away from her face and looked at them.
-“Steven?…Tadek?…Do I dream?…Or is it real?…”- She whispered.
-“It is real,Melissa…We came here to take you away from here…”- Steven Mac Dantosch answered.He did not wait for her further reaction,just approached her and helped her to get up from the floor.A minute later she was ready to go with them.She finally realised she had a chance to escape from the place with her friends and beamed with happiness now.They were lucky to get to the hall without an encounter with any of the terrorists and Steven Mac Dantosch went instantly into the computer terminal and order the computer to shut down all the entries to the hall.At the same time filled a code for opening the roof above the hall and slowly the sky full of stars began to shine over their heads.At that moment alarm began to sound through the terrorist nest and they heard the very many trials of the terrorists wanting to get inside the hall.
-“Run to the helicopter.”- Steven Mac Dantosch ordered his friends.-“I will join you there in a moment.They did as Steven Mac Dantosch asked.In the meantime,he rushed to the magazine adjacent to the hall and took from there a number of explosives.Then he returned to the helicopter and brought it up the air.They found themselves above the open mouth of the Mount Abu.Steven Mac Dantosch began to laugh.
-“We do them something what they deserve…a hell…”- He said. At that moment first terrorists managed to run into the hall.Carlos was among them.
-“Look,what I am going to do now…”-Steven Mac Dantosch said. He droped down one explosive after another one and then did a shot from the helicopter's guns directly into the place where was situated an enormous magazine with explosives.It resulted in a tremendous an explosion and Steven Mac Dantosch had to bring the helicopter up masterfully and rapidly,much a bit only over a tremendous fire which as fast shot up into the sky as a result of the explosion.They have been already quite high in the sky and free of whatever a danger to them,but what was happening in the underground terrorist nest of Carlos was one big sort of bewilderment:after the initial explosion,there were new ones…Every explosion generated a new one and this was enough of an evidence Carlos had storied there tremendous amounts of explosives and whatever war devices.
-“I have an impression there will be one more an explosion,the biggest…”- Steven Mac Dantosch whispered.He was right also this time.A powerful explosion took place somewhere deep inside the mountain and a fire skyrocketed into the night sky ,and the Mount Abu turned itself into a monumental torch.
-“We can be sure now,all the explosives are useless and let’s hope Carlos is among the dead.”- Steven Mac Dantosch concluded.He turned the helicopter into the south direction,towards Lonavla.Just early in the morning they have found themselves on the courtyard of the orphanage,welcomed like heroes by the nuns and the orphans themselves too.Melissa Charleroi was welcomed especially warm.Sister Maria and other nuns played a mother to her all the time.
-“I feel myself tremendously happy I am again free.”-Melissa Charleroi expressed her feelings at a breakfast feest.
-“My dear child,may you be free and happy forever now,may the evil is never able to touch you again…”- Sister Maria said in a prayer mode.
-“We will have to leave the country as soon as possible.Even today if possible…”- Steven Mac Dantosch surprised everyone with his announcement.
-“Why?”- Sister Maria seemed to be dissappointed.
-“What if Carlos survived? He would seek a revenge instantly.And secondly,what happened is news all over the world.Entire world will want to know who destroyed the terrorist nest of Carlos.There would be just a short matter of time before they would find us here,in this orphanage.Neither Tadek,nor I can afford it…”
-“Well,were do you want to go to?”
-“I think the best choice is probably…China.The country is still isolated from the outside world and I am sure Interpol still does not have a footage there.In the meantime,I heard,international tourists are treeted quite good there in China…What do you think about it,Tadek?”
-“Well,Steven…I escaped from a communist country and feel dread when think about coming yet to another communist country…However,we probably have no any other choice…I do not object…”
-“Melissa…And you?…”
-“I go with you.”
-“Well,we fly to China then…Yet today or tomorrow…" To be continued…Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail