Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 19


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


What happened next was a fire spectacle,deadly,making one’s blood run cold…As if performed in ancient Acropolis,with God and Satan,Homer and Shakespeare,Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso among the very spectators.
-“Heaven’s,this was real!!”
American comandoes regrouped themselves rapidly and formed a number of circles.While the most central circle focused on evacuating some comandoes who rushed into the fighting jets,the outer circle held a heroic defence against the invaders.
The biggest casualties were in this circle.Young men who just a moment ago enjoyed life entered the gates of death.The casualties on the Soviet part were not smaller.In fact even bigger.They probably could not understand how was it possible the attack which was supposed to be a surprise one turned suddenly,out of a blue,into a masterful resistance which in a matter of minutes could be turned into a devastating offensive action.
That mysterious shot to the air!…
American fighting jets catapulted up into the Eden of the sky,much the same way as the British Harriers are capable to do.Once in the sky they could get into fully offensive action.
-“Tadek…Melissa…Wait here for me…”- Steven Mac Dantosch said.-“I can't stand seeing this young American comandoes dying.I go there…into that fire.Perhaps I can help them a bit.”
-“Be careful,Steven,please…”- Melissa Charleroi had tears in her eyes.
Steven Mac Dantosch did not react.In fact he was already running down the hill,eager to assist those who found themselves an eye to an eye before the face of death,whoever one was.Nobody knew what was the gender of death.Only the spectators on the scenic benches of the ancient Acropolis could have know it.But all this what happened in reality,the rapid fire,was of Shakespearan dimensions,indeed.The American bombers began a dance in the sky and hit now the positions of the Soviet comandoes with a deadliest fire imaginable.
At that very moment,Soviet fighting jets appeared on the sky.They seemed to have flown in from four points of the world.The weight of the Shakespearan drama was now unfolding not only on the land but also in the air,a drama in which young men on both sides had to die because of the madmen of this world,ideologists,dogmatists,corrupt philosophers and politicians,criminals who were lucky to get to power,religious feeders of intolerance despite that God is one and only one whatever name was given to Him by the believers of many religions worldwide,ruthless old men who did not care for the young and thought only of creating Byzantine systems in which people would be chained and become easy prey for the rulers.The world was still far from the perfection.Nevertheless,not the Soviets but the Americans were the defenders of the best values of the humanity,freedom and democracy especially.There was,therefore,some hope.
A full scale sky war evolved now among the American and Soviet bombers.The Americans were in trouble.They were outnumbered.For seven American fighting jets the Soviets had over twenty bombers,quite efficient and technologically as good as the American ones.The Soviets outnumbered the Americans also on the land.
Steven Mac Dantosch was already close to the place of intense fight.He was behind the backs of the Soviet comandoes.He saw one Russian who directed his machine gun at one handsome,blond haired American comandoe fifty meters away.Such a man should gift beautiful women with love and not die.Dying of such a man would be a sky high rape of life,of the young life especially.It was this what Steven Mac Dantosch thought and when he saw the danger he sprang like a lion and after a short,vicious fight immobilised the Soviet comandoe into the state of unconsciousness.The same afterwards was happening with a number of other Soviet comandoes who did not expect an enemy could attack them from behind their backs.Steven Mac Dantosch,however,risked he might be shot by mistake with a fire from some American comandoe.He had to be careful double as much as whoever else in this hellish place of fire,the place which just a day ago was an idyllic paradise.There was no trace after the yesterday’s Garden of Eden and the neighbouring jungle must have cried like a widow who was a bride just a moment ago.As if forces of evil were more powerful than forces of goodness.As if Satan triumphed over God…No,there was at least one man in this brutal slaughter among the offsprings of Cain and Abel,who was determined not to let the forces of evil to win over the forces of goodness.Steven Mac Dantosch was sure the Americans had to win.There was not any other alternative.At least in his mind.A ghostly bullet could reach him at any time.
The firestorm from the sky could wipe out the American comandoes on the land also at any time.Everything depended on who will take the charge over the sky.Two American bombers ended already in a fireball.The Soviet bombers were circling around the other ones…
And then…Steven Mac Dantosch heaved a sigh of relief…
An aerial fleet of about forty American supersonic bombers entered this part of the sky which was dominated by the Soviet bombers so far.Unprecedented events followed…God stopped Satan who wanted to rush with assistance to his Soviet pupils,with one movement of His Hand…One fireball after another fireball under the heavenly blue sky were visible signs the encounter among the mutual enemies was coming to an end.Only Abel and Cain sat silently in their places,one in heaven,the other one in hell…Two brothers forever separated…It was evident the Americans were the winners,just in a matter of minutes.
Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself no longer obligated to assist with further help to those who served the free world and instead he had to think now about his two best friends,Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi.They had to get out of this place.Undoubtedly,all this apocalyptic encounter was caused by the mysterious strategy Beehive both sides were seeking.It meant the search for strategy Beehive will be continued.Therefore something had to be done.
Steven Mac Dantosch noticed there was one more fighting jet,just in the shadow of the jungle,unattended.He knew instantly what he was going to do.He did not waste time.He circled both fighting sides and was nearer and nearer the bomber.Finally he got to it.It lasted no longer than a quarter of an hour.The Soviet comandoes were already under a hellish siege.Their ship was destroyed and they had no longer slightest a chance.
Steven Mac Dantosch started the engine and the moment before the jet began to rise rapidly up the sky,he felt a ghostly bullet reached him.He saw blood soaking in his shirt,just ten to fifteen centimetres under his heart.He gave a last look around trying to discover who did a shot at him and he saw…Carlos.He knew now who hurt him.Whatever fire was available to him,he turned at Carlos who managed to escape back to the jungle,unharmed and save.
Steven Mac Dantosch flew up the sky and then turned in the direction where his friends were awaiting him.He did not have to be afraid of the American fighters squad.They must have assumed he was one of them.There was no problem for his friends to get into the bomber and soon afterwards they were already far enough away to feel themselves rather safe.
Only then Tadek Vangard noticed his friend was hurt.
-“Steven,my God,you are hurt!!”-Tadek Vangard shouted.Steven Mac Dantosch grimaced from the pain.
-“Yes,I am hurt.You will not believe me…It was…Carlos who shot at me and succeded in hurting me…”-Steven Mac Dantosch announced. Tadek Vangard felt convulsed.
-“He is alive? How is this possible the dreadest among people,the monster Carlos surely is,can always escape death?”- His convulsion bordered with an astonishment and a despair,and a number of other antagonistic feelings.He was essentially against whatever violence,but this…He feared now for the life of his best friend.Melissa Charleroi cried silently.
Steven Mac Dantosch gave them a shot of smile,despite the pain he felt and despite feeling himself weaker and weaker.
-“Do not be afraid…”- He said.-“I am hurt but not deadly.I think I can still bring us to a safety.Do you know where do we fly?…” He changed the theme so unexpectedly both of his friends did not react at first.
-“Where to?…”- Tadek Vangard asked after a moment of silence.
-“To India.”- Steven Mac Dantosch answered matter of factly.
Thanks to their supersonic fighting jet it indeed was not too far to get to India in time.They found themselves within two hours over the eastern part of India.Luckilly they were not intercepted.They landed on the outskirts of Calcutta.Just in time.Steven Mac Dantosch was already close to loosing his consciousness.They abandoned the bomber and under the cover of the night moved slowly towards the town.They were lucky nobody saw them landing with the American fighting jet and leaving it but now they needed an assistance of other people more and more.At least a taxi…Their friend might loose his life…To be continued…
Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail
All Rights Reserved.