Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 17


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Steven Mac Dantosch and Carlos indeed fought as two masters of martial art.Steven Mac Dantosch had no illussion.Already the moment they began to fight he knew it will be difficult for him to beat his enemy.He could not loose this fight.It was a matter of life and death not only for him but also and rather especially,for his friends.He valued their lives as much as his own life.And here was this paradox:on one side he,Steven Mac Dantosch,freedom fighter in fact and on the other side the guy,Carlos,whose name thrilled politicians even in the most powerful countries in the world,the one for whom human life was equall zero.A beast and once again a beast! Steven Mac Dantosch began with a style called Aikkido,only to change it to taekwondo.To his shock his legs “landed” in the void.He missed his aim because Carlos was extremely fast.He lost,therefore,his balance and staggered .At that moment he got powerful blows from Carlos who kicked him with both of his legs,while being almost entirely with his body in the air.The blows at his neck an his back were so powerful that,despite his will to hold the ground, he was thrown by the impact of the blows a few meters back and fell down on the ground,feeling at the same time a pain in his neck and praying that it was only a pain and nothing more serious.
-“I, indeed,deal now with someone who is extremely good in martial arts.”- The realisation opened Steven Mac Dantosch’s eyes.-“I must pull myself together and keep him in the hollow of my hand…I must try to run this death and life show…I must come loose...Relax…Get the run of things,of his style of fight especially…Attack with sudden changes of technics…God,I know so many styles,so many technics…What happened with me?...” –Steven Mac Dantosch felt himself extremely alarmed.To his luck,his enemy let him get up on both of his legs.This meant Carlos was too confident of himself.It was clear this was the Achilles Foot of Carlos...His overconfidence…
-“Come…What are you waiting for?…”-Carlos snarled at him,beckoning him with the fingers of his hands towards himself.Steven Mac Dantosch simulated an attack and his hands stopped short before hitting Carlos.This way he could see what the reaction of the guy will be.There was a sort of a whirl,as if a sudden cupful of wind turned around taking everything into the inside circle.Steven Mac Dantosch,however,indeed was able to see,with the imagination of his mind rather than his eyes,what his foe performed actually.The opponent simply jumped at him with his legs rapidly turning in a circle like way.It lasted a split of seconds and a devastating blow or even multiple blows seemed to be inevitable.Steven Mac Dantosch,however,transformed himself already into a structure of reality and virtuality in which his mind and his body,his self and even his soul were one…He never expierenced it so far.There was no time to think.Before the Carlos’ legs could reach him,he found himself in the air,did a saldo and contrattacked with an unbelievably fast movement of his legs.Carlos was hit with several blows but managed to jumped off .Also he knew there could be no a second wasted while fighting and moved instantly to his contrattack.They exchanged series of blows to each other.Strangely,Carlos stopped his movements for a second or two and then did a spectacular saldo,finding himself behind the back of Steven Mac Dantosch.The tremendous blows as a consequence were unbearable to Steven Mac Dantosch.He found himself for the second time on the ground.He felt himself dazed.
-“Now or never.”-He whispered.This was enough to reagain full control of his mind and body.Within a split of a second.It would not be possible to achieve such a state so fast in other circumstances.Carlos already went at him again,once again attacking from the air,and if he reached him,he would be dead.Steven Mac Dantosch jumped off and nearly at the same moment fell directly at Carlos.They became now a sort of ball,turning around the ground in all the directions,chaotically and furiously,like if this was a soccer stadion with a number of soccerrers…No mortal would be able to see what actually was happening between the two foes fighting for their lives.In case of Steven Mac Dantosch also for the lives of Melissa Charleroi and Tadek Vangard.The gods on Olimp had to be wide opened with their mouths.In the end,however,they managed to get off themselves and did a deadly “dance” in the air once again.This time,however,Steven Mac Dantosch seemed to transform himself even more.He was more soul than a body.He acted as if he just now began really to fight.The movements of his legs and also of his hands were constantly like multiple scisors cutting off everything what was on their way.Carlos was more and more dissoriented and it looked more and more he could not win the fight.Just then Steven Mac Dantosch did something unusual,he did a number of multiple saldoes and kicked Carlos –always from unexpected side-with powerful blows by his legs which he thrusted centrifugally.In this stage of their fight,Steven Mac Dantosch made a mistake.Instead of going ahead with new powerful blows he stopped and had a look at Carlos as if he wanted to memorise the expression of the face of his foe who must have realised he is loosing the fight.It was indeed a mistake.A grave one.Carlos seemed to regain all his strengths and did a multiple saldoes,but not in the direction of Steven Mac Dantosch.He found himself next to Tadek Vangard and Melissa Charleroi.Tadek Vangard landed on the ground after being treated with an enormous blow.Blood was going out of his nose.It was Melissa Charleroi who was now in a biggest danger.Carlos stood behind her and his hands were placed on her neck.
-“Stop!”- He shouted to Steven Mac Dantosch.-“Don’t move even one step forward! If you do it,she is dead!”
Steven Mac Dantosch stopped.A despair appeared on his face.
-“You’re a bastard! You’re a coward!”- He said aloud.
Carlos became red-faced.
-“I want to hear it no more!”- He warned.
At this moment a most unbelievable thing happened .A solid,archblack figure catapulted up the air from the brushwood of the jungle and landed on the arms of the dissoriented Carlos.They felt on the ground.Carlos tried to defend himself but was powerless.When he realised who or what was it he tried his best to be turned back to the invader.It was Tommy,the jaguar.Before Carlos turned his face away from the jaguar his cheek was partially teared off by the teeth of the animal.Carlos seemed to be unconscious or perhaps was dead.Nobody cared.Tommy moved away from Carlos and ran to Melissa Charleroi.He began to lick her on her hands.The horror-strucked face of Melissa Charleroi was transformed now into expressions of joy.She put both of her hands around the neck of the powerful animal and pressed her head to him.And then she began to leap for joy.They all were overwhelmed with joy.Tommy was their saviour.Carlos in the meantime did not give any signs of life.He was motionless.Perhaps dead.Time arrived now to think seriously of the next steps they should do.It was possible Carlos might be still alive and,therefore,still dangerous.Steven Mac Dantosch did not even think about killing someone who was unable to defend himself,even if he was someone as the one who just lied on the ground with no signs of life,feared by many world class politicians.The American comandoes might have already began to seek them in the jungle.The mysterious strategy Beehive seemed to be priceless.They would give themselves away into the hands of the Americans if not the fact Steven Mac Dantosch was sought by the Interpol.He could not give himself away to the so-called justice,injustice in fact,for something he did not commit.He did not kill the boyfriend of his sister.He absolutely did not commit the crime.He had to prove his innocent first.The only way to prove it was to get to the United States and catch Harry Gullivers into his hands.An impossible task taking into the account Harry Gullivers was the most powerful mafia godfather in America since Al Capone.An nobody knew the truth.Certainly not the American public.How was it all possible? How was it possible in the modern twentieth century,closing to its end? Whatever to say,he had a bizantium task to do.It had to be done.But how? Getting to America was like crossing through an invisible glass curtain.How could he manage to do it? They had to run deep into the jungle right away.Tommy came up to Melissa Charleroi,caught a piece of her short jeans with his mouth and began to pull her.
-“What he is doing?”- Melissa Charleroi asked.
-« He invites us. »- Steven Mac Dantosch answered.
-“He invites us?”-Tadek Vangard turned his head incredulously.-“The female will kill us all!”
-“I do not think so.”-Steven Mac Dantosch seemed to understand the behaviour of the animal.-“Tommy is the head of the family.The female must obey him.We cannot turn away an invitation of an animal.”
-“Well,let’s follow Tommy.”- Melissa Charleroi said resolutely.
And they followed the animal.They could not believe how it was much easier to get through a jungle when a guide was a wild animal as Tommy was.Like if one followed the traffic on the 5th Avenue or the Avenue of the Americas in New York’s Manhattan! Their four-footed friend knew every corner of the jungle.Somehow he instinctively knew they were in a danger.This is why he guided them now away from whatever danger.It was without a doubt the animal had its own intelligence.After about an hour of walking through dark and dangerous places they finally came before especially splendid place full of the jungle’s wonders.It seemed no human being would be able to get there.Not with Tommy,however.As if gates of jungle opened to them,multiple ones,they entered this paradise hidden from humans.A bit later they found themselves entering a cave,a strange one,with multiple entries and exits,also at nearly a top.It must have been the part of jungle close to the beach with cliffs which they called the Tommy’s beach.It meant they were now rather on some hill,won by the jungle and they could get to the beach the way Tommy did it earlier.It also meant they could try to get a look at the place where they lived in a villa just a day before. The female did not react friendly at first and Tommy had to approach her and issue strange voices with its mouth to warn her while blocking her way to the intruders.She seemed to accept the warnings and became quiet and quite lazy and sleepy.She did not look once at the intruders while the little jaguars wanted nothing but to play with them.Suddenly they heard human voices spoken in English.It was beyond all questions the voices belonged to the American comandoes who searched them.They were loud and not really carefull.The jaguar family changed their bahaviour instantly.The little jaguars ran towards their mother.She lied but her eyes were stormy and the mouth was opened.Tommy stood at the entry to the cave,ready of course to defend them all.No sound went out of their mouths.Not even out of the mouths of the little jaguars.They had in themselves the instincts of the jungle and knew perfectly how to behave when there was a danger and they did not want to be found by whatever threatening creatures.Slowly the human voices faded away.Shortly afterwards Tommy guided them to the cliffy beach which they called Tommy’s beach.Here they bidded farewell to Tommy and Melissa Charleroi even caught its mouth and kissed it.Strangely,the animal knew somehow they are going away and will be no longer seen.They moved to the most hilly place,the one from which they knew they can see the place where the villa stood just last night.They found themselves on the top of the hill.Tadek Vangard had field-glass with him.He looked through it.His hair stood on end.
-“God Allmighty,they are in a deadly danger…”- He whispered…To be continued…Author: Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail address:  or:

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