Glass Curtain by Thaddeus Hutyra

chapter 10


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Author:Thaddeus Hutyra


Andreyev Golubin,KGB boss,boiled over with rage.
-“Sergiej Chatunov was my best agent! I know for sure,from our informant in Burma,Khon Hun Sat,that the Polishman,Tadek Vangard whom we are trying to catch-already for so long!-and his Australian companion,Steven Mac Dantosch,killed him! Two guys outmanoeuvred us all! Is this not shame!?”
None of the attendants dared to say a word.They came with mixed feelings to this emergency meeting.They have already known that many things have gone terribly wrong way.For them,of course.
They could not believe now how they could be so optimistic when they met for the first time in Cracow,the ancient town of Poland and one of the most picturesque cities in the world.It was then 1980.They chose Cracow not only for their first meeting but also for the next meetings,because in that era of the so-called “Cold War”,it was one of the least suspicious places-just a cultural and academic center-for this sort of people as they were who everybody has known.And they were,indeed,well known,on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Andreyev Golubin was always the first among them.It was mainly he who created the strategy Beehive.It was he who kept in touch with them.It was he who protected them or assisted them with removing or at least silencing their opponents.Otherwise,all of them were equals.
The “inner board”of this gatherings consisted of the men of the West and East:Jack Foster,director of CIA in New York,Patrick Waltersh,boss of MI6 in London,Ruud Hendrix Temmerman,a Belgishman,who felt "at home" in the NATO headquaters in Brussels,two Polishmen:Andrzej Tomczat,a senior military man with a military title of a colonel and Seweryn Tetmarczyk,director of Polish special security agency,SB,three Russians,among them Sergiej Chatunov,the first from all of them who was already eliminated from the game,and finally…legendary Carlos. Already by the end of 1980 they had their strategy ready,finished with a masterfull touch.
According to the strategy,there was due to be orchestrated overnight coup d’etat in one of the western world countries,New Zealand,with the assistance of the Soviet Union.New Zealand would instantly,just overnight, become a communist dictatorship and a member country of the communist bloc.Thanks to this,according to Andreyev Golubin,the masterminder behind all of this, communist bloc would become an avangard of the world,a way to go,especially for the doubting countries in the so-called Third World.The chance for a global supremacy of the Soviet Union would increase rapidly.Finally Pax Sovietus would become an absolute reality. They gave a glorious name to their offspring:”Strategy Beehive”,the name taken from the official name of the governmental building in Wellington,New Zealand.
One day,however,Andreyev Golubin announced to them,there is a …traitor among them.Most of them panicked then,especially the double agents from the West.Since then their lives were permanently thrilled to the highest imagination.How did Andreyev Golubin know that there is a traitor among them,nobody knew. Apparrently,however,Andreyev Golubin did not know who is the traitor.
In fact,one of the attendants knew it : he himself. It was the Polishman,Andrzej Tomczat,a patriot and a secret enemy of the communist system and especially of the evil empire Soviet Union. He knew the truth and someone else from behind this group,a young American double agent,James Towers who sold himself to KGB. Primarily it was the mistake of Carl Lewis,CIA boss from Washington,who sent James Towers to Andrzej Tomczat,the double agent working in fact for the Americans.Complicated it was indeed. Andrzej Tomczat trusted the young American and passed to him a copy of the strategy,asking him to bring it as soon as possible to Carl Lewis. It was December evening that time and he invited the American to one of many cabarets on the Cracow Square,the so-called “Joy Cabaret”,a place of tremendous joy indeed,thousands of jokes,laugh,singing,heavy drinking and decadent life.
Then he made a mistake:he said to James Towers he also made another copy of the strategy and gave it to his Polish friend,Tadek Vangard,who was just leaving the country within days.When he heard the news about a traitor later on from Andreyev Golubin,his shock was uppermost.It was clear to him now that James Towers did not pass the strategy to Carl Lewis but to...Andreyev Golubin.Apparently he did not say to the KGB boss from whom did he get the strategy.A sort of status quo evolved between Andrzej Tomczat and James Towers:they had to keep silence about each other or otherwise both of them would be gone. Andrzej Tomczat swore to himself he will make revenge on the American,because in fact it was the American who made a disservice.He could say the truth and only truth to Carl Lewis,but then both,James Towers and he,himself would be dead within minutes.And he wanted to make something for the cause,to repair the damage and let the communist system go down…He had the tools to do it:he worked within a powerful inner circle of those who wanted to beat the kapitalist system,he had often first hand news from the boss of KGB,the one who orchestrated secretely many things with the rulers of the Kreml…And now it was 1985 and he still had to live with the consequences of what James Towers did...
-“I know whom in fact is Steven Mac Dantosch.”- Jack Foster,the CIA chief from New York state broke the silence.-“His real name is…Steven Burrows.He is a murderer…”
-“How do you know it? I mean his name.How do you know his real name?”- Andreyev Golubin asked him.He seemed to be astonished.
-“I am sure you heard about Harry Gullivers.The whole world know him.He is an oil magnat,in the state of Texas amongst others,and he ownes numerous enterprises in telecomunications on a worldwide scale.If he chooses so,he can become the president of the United States of America. He is my…friend.” The news were like a miraculous balsam to Andreyev Golubin who seemed to recover peace of his mind at once.
-“This are the only good news today to me.Thank you,Jack.Perhaps you can connect me with him one day…Can you?”
-“Naturally so,Andreyev…As soon as you only wish…I think you both could manage to make a lot of good things…I am sure you'll like him.”
-“We have to end today’s meeting.”- Andreyev Golubin returned to the schedule.-“When it is necessary I will call you.For now,we…all of us…have only one task to do : find the guy,Tadek Vangard and take the strategy away from him.Kill him...Eliminate also his Australian companion.Understood?...Carlos,I count especially on you…”
-“And the traitor?…What about him?…I am dying from uncertainties…”- Patrick Waltersh,the MI6 chief in London,asked mournfully.
-“Leave it to me.”- Andreyev Golubin snarled at him.He did not like this English coward...He was sure as hell the guy did not like him either...
To be continued...
Author:Thaddeus Hutyra,e-mail  or: 
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