Cruising for sex


City Park. Cruisy park.

Lots of trails, trees and thick areas of bushes, and lots of single men walking around. There's a bridge over the duck pond. Cross over the bridge and turn right. That's the gay cruising area. Some guys hang out on the bridge to make eye contact with perspective partners."


Van Aerdstraat 7; 231-3483. Cruise bar with dark room. Open Friday and Saturday 10:30 pm to 5 am.
"Clothes check, four floors, lots of bathtubs, gloryholes, and slings. Membership fee."
This first hand report from February, 2000:
"I was there on a Sunday night. Hot men, mainly leather. First I had a nice foursome then fucked this guy till he begged for mercy (came on his balls). Good people, good vibes."

Kouros Sauna

Botermelkbaan 50, Schoten. Cruisy healthclub. Open daily 1 pm to 1 am, Sunday 11 am to 1 am. Take bus 61 from city centre to Schoten-Koningshof.

Le Parc

Florisstraat 10. Sexclub. Located at Florissant and Rembrandt Streets just south of central park.
We also have the following to add:
"Hard to locate, so you might do well taking a cab. Clean, well maintained and lots of diversions. A wonderful whirlpool, swimming pool, sauna with a window overlooking the whirlpool and a darkroom maze like we've never seen. A nice mixture of men. Lots of different ages, races and body types."

Spa 55 sauna

Sanderusstraat 55; 238-3137. Cruisy healthclub.
"Even though it was a Saturday night there weren't many men to be found. Those who were there were more interested in watching TV in the bar area than they were in cruising. Why pay thirty Francs to watch the television? There was very little action."

Gay-Ron Theater

Van Wesenbekestraat 54; 234-0443. Sexclub. Located near the main train station, one block away from the red light district. With Central Station behind you, walk down the left hand side of the landscaped garden square you see before you. Cross over the busy main street. Carry on straight ahead down the street on the left of the new Plaza Hotel. Gay-Ron is about halfway down on the right hand side.
"Not really a movie theater, but more of an indoor cruising area or a run down bathhouse without the bubbles. If you like sleazy, scary places, you'll like Gay-Ron. It's a four story 'row house' type place. Lots of stairs and rooms. There's a small maze and a very dark room in the attic. I found the whole place to be too dark, especially the stairways, which really are dangerous because one cannot see where one is going! We did manage to get into a foursome with two locals. But, even for a couple of experienced sleazehounds, this place was too dirty and too scary for us."


Central Station

Cruisy toilet.

De Brouckere Metro

Cruisy toilet.

Foret de Soinges

off Avenue Louise. Cruisy park. The "forest" is located on the southeast fringe of the city, just south of the Bois de la Cambre. If you're in the center of Brussels, take Avenue Louise as far as it will go and you will be at the Bois de la Cambre. Go through the park and once you are past Chaussee de la Hulpe (a street) you will be in the forest.
"The cruising spots were along any of the smaller trails and off the trails between the Hippodrome (the horse track) and the main trail called Dreve de la Lorraine. Being a forest, it gets pretty dark (I don't remember there being any lights along the trails) so it was daytime cruising. I have been there anywhere from dawn to sunset and there was always action. The best times being later weekend afternoons."

Gare du Midi

Cruisy toilet next to Quick Restaurant. Next to the terminals of Eurostar and Thalys, located left of the terminals; next to phone booths.


on Uccle. Cruisy healthclub.
"A public swimming hole, there are peepholes in cabins eighteen to twenty-five. Guys signal interest in the shower area and follow one another into a cabin. Best on Saturday or weekdays from 5 pm to 7 pm."

Park du Cinquantenaire

Cruisy park. Located near European Commission building.

Park Royal

Cruisy park. Located in front of the King's palace.
1)Active afternoon and night. This park is a cocksucker's paradise."
2)This place continues to rock. It's a fucking and sucking paradise in the middle of Brussels. Most action is in the two sunken wooded areas right as you enter the park across from the palace. Another intense area is in the bushes around the big circular fountain across from the parliament building at the other end of the park. After dark, action takes place everywhere."


on Woluwe. Cruisy healthclub. Located near a Metro Tomberg.
"Swimming pool with action in the first row of cabins at your right as you enter. Best from 4 pm to 7 pm."

Zaventem National Airport

Cruisy toilet near gates C01-C50.
"Situated on level three departures in the older part of the airport. Lots of under the stall action. Also, a lot of appointments on walls. Minimal supervision and men from all walks of life."

Duquesnoy (The Duq)

12 Rue Duquesnoy; 502-3883. Cruise bar with dark room. Weekends from 10 pm until 3 am. Open 7 days a week. Near Grand Place and Central Station.
"Bar with three floors of dark rooms including a set of cabins with gloryholes. Particularly active on weekends late at night."
"Visited this bar several nights and there was always some action in the upstairs dark rooms. Something for everyone as well, from leather to jeans. Know that in Brussels most bars do not get crowded until after 11 pm. Guys will go to the bathhouse first and then maybe out to a bar later. Reverse of the states!"

La Griffe Sauna

Rue de Dinant 41; 512-6251. Cruisy healthclub. Open 11 am - 10 pm, and Friday and Saturday until 2 am. Sunday from 2 pm. About six blocks south of the central station, along Emperor Boulevard, then about two blocks west, in an old four-story building with a modern facade facing Dinant plaza.
"A place to go if you are young or looking for the young."


Rue van Orley 10; 218-0800. Bathhouse with limited facilities. Open noon to 1 am daily, until 2 am Friday and Saturday. Located between metro stations Botanique and Madou.
"Bathhouse with steamroom and sauna, bar, TV room, private rooms and one big orgy room. Very clean. Lowered prices on Tuesday evenings."
"Went on Tuesday night (cheaper entry, so busy) and found the crowd quite old (sixties?). The place was not that clean (especially the cubicles) and the food served made the whole place smell of chips (french fries)."
"In the afternoon, the place was quite busy with a good mix of ages. It is very clean and has plenty of space on all the floors. I particularly like steamrooms and this one has a steamroom like I've never seen. It was almost like a maze. It was the first place I visited in Brussels and I immediately got into a three/foursome with one guy fucking me. The rest of the place is very well looked after. I will go there again."

Padoum Center Club 3000

Boulevard Jamar 9; 522-1050. Cruisy healthclub.
"Not very popular."


Plattesteen. Cruise bar with darkroom.
"Best time are weekends 10 pm to 5 am."

Spades Four Sauna

rue Bodeghen. Bathhouse with full facilities.


Macho is not as good as it used to be, probably because of the competition it gets from the other sauna, Spades Four. There are much fewer young guys than before, and they are almost always the same ones. Bring your own condoms and lube.


Rue des Chartreux 52; 514-3078. Cruise bar with dark room. Closed Monday, otherwise opens at 10 pm nightly and closes 7 am.
"No guarantee of enough boys and men to chew down on. But sometimes very busy."

Orly Cinema

Boulevard Jamar 9; 522-1050. Theatre showing porn. Located in the same building as Padoum Center Club 3000 sauna. Gloryholes open up between sauna and cinema. Near the west side of the railroad tracks, about three blocks north of the Zuid (South) station.
"All visitors are cruising, a lot of action going on (I was happy every time I left), especially during the afternoon, less during the evening. A bit sleazy. And there were a lot of pickpockets in this establishment. So just a warning to guard your valuables."



Cruisy park.
"This is one of the biggest and most cruisy places in the country. Lots of action, especially in the evening and during the whole night. Watch out for pickpockets, though."


Rest area off E42 (Amoudries)

Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods. Located between Fleurus and Gosselies.
"The woods are full with guys. Not busy in cold weather or if it rains, but otherwise a good stop."


Rest area off E314

Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods.
"You will find men walking around in the bushes and waiting in their cars."


Central station

Cruisy toilet.
"Toilets are active every day with students and older men, especially late afternoons."


Street cruising along Parc d'Avroy

between Boulevard D'avroy and Avenue Rogier.
"Cruisy at night."

Street cruising along Parc ile Monsin.

Very active day and night.

Tournant Saint Paul

Cruisy toilet. Located along the cathedral.


Rue Saint-Jean-en-Isle 12; 223-1259. Cruise bar with dark room. Located in the carre.

Cine metro midi minuit

Theatre showing non-porn. Open 11 am - 11 pm.
"Upper floor cinema is active. Just up the stairs for action."


Faculte Notre Dame de la Paix

Cruisy toilet on first floor. Located in Parc F. Rops, close to the train station.


Rest area on the highway between Brussels and Mons. Cruisy parking lot.
"Both sides are active day and night."


Rest area on the highway between Brussels and Liege. Cruisy parking lot.
"Active day and night."