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Match Maniac

The game

The aim of Match Maniac is quite simple: you have got to clear all the stages of the stones they contain within a time limit.

To remove the stones, you must connect them by combining two of the same kind and there must be a free path with a maximum of two corners between them. 

If no time remains, you loose a chance. When you have lost three chances the game is over. 

Match Maniac contains 40 different stages. Selecting the level in the main menu will allow you to start at stage 1, 10,20 or 30. 

The time limit will change depending on the level you have reached.

There are 4 levels of 10 stages. In each level, when you finish stage 4,8 and 10, you get the reward you deserve for such a level of concentration. 

Be careful, those rewards can annihilate all your concentration :-)

If you are good enough to finish stage 40 , you will reach the ending part. 


System requirements

Match Maniac runs on any MSX2 , MSX2+, or Turbo-r with a memory mapper of at least 128 KB. It is compatible with MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO( required if you want to hear the nice samples in some music).

A mouse is not required but it is a big plus for the game play. 


Important Notes

This game contains some adult material and thus is not suitable for children under 18.

This game and manual have become freeware. If other websites will publish this also on their site they are invited ! 



Download the User Manual in PDF format here

Download the disk image here