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The Matrix Reloaded Screensaver Alpha - 410 Kb - 18/03/2002

Displays falling code with 3D dynamic object transparency and 2D picture transparency.
Use controls at the bottom to change some stuff
Each control has a hint with its name :)
A 3D video card with stencil buffer support is required !

Download here

Browz3D v2 Alpha - 216 Kb - 10/12/2002

New : Toobars & fully recoded classes

Use toolbars to choose view modes
Hold left mouse button to rotate view
Hold right mouse button to zoom in and out
Hold left mouse button and CTRL to pan the object
Click the middle mouse button to reset view & zoom

Download here

LyrixBar v1.3 PRE-RELEASE - 16/08/2002

718 Kb - The two sample MP3s are at 8 kb/s (sound quality is bad but dial-up users can download it)
Download here

LyrixEditor v1.3 BETA - 16/08/2002

761 kb - There will be no exceptions and unexpected errors but many things are still on a todo list ...
Download here