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All software you can download from here is 100% FREEWARE !!!

Browz 3D

Very fast 3D model browser for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP displaying real-time animated preview of 3DS, ASC, DXF, LWO, OBJ and T3D files. Four display modes, dynamic selection of sub-meshes, zoom in/out, vertex and polygon count, auto-center, auto-resize, auto-rotate.

Color Lines 3D

Very simple but amusing old board game ported to 3D. Align five or more balls of the same color to remove them from the board. Three random balls are added to the board each turn. The game is over when the board is full. Many config options are available.

Screen Savers

Three colorful 3D screensavers for Windows. Dodecahedrons rotating, bouncing, growing realtime and metaballs moving and merging on your screen. Many config, quality, lighting and performance options allow you to customize the screensavers.

Buggy screenshots

Huge gallery of 160 very funny screen shots of visual bugs in 12 games, MS Windows, Linux, BeOS and other software.

Gaming Apps

Two game utilities allowing to launch Unreal Tournament with custom display settings and to entirely repair your Rally Championship 2000 car bypassing the in-game time limit.

Small Apps

Small apps useful to compute the actual clock speed of your CPU (for example when OCed) and to help you adjust your monitor settings.

InRaCi source code

Section containing all software I coded for school (COBOL, Pascal, Delphi, Exams ...). These pages are in french because my class mates are french-speaking.

Beta testing

Some demos and previews of my projects in progress are available for download here. Feel free to test them and to send feedback.

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