The bronzes

All the bronzes you will see on this site are exact copy from antique chinese bronzes. Nevertheless, most of them are made at a smaller scale. They are finely realized with a very high quality. They can be easily integrated in modern or classic home decoration. These bronzes are directly imported from China and are provided with beautiful boxes to improve their beauty for a very original gift. Some of these bronzes are provided with a small lacked wooden block to present them without any risk for your furnitures.



Most of these bronzes are decorated with kui, taotie, leiwen and other mytical animals. These themes have been carved directly in the grey terra-cotta or in the wax, they don't have been carved after the casting. They are very thinly made and proove the quality of this art.


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Réf.:BD 001

FU XIN JUE (~900-800 After JC) Western Zhou.

Fuxin wine vessel, a relic during the reign of Zhoumuwang Emperor of Western Zhou dynasty.The original is a first grade relic unearthed from the first pit of Zhuangbaija, Shaanxi province. It is now in the Zhouyuan museum. Fuxin was the owner's name. The replica which bears great resemblance to the original is marvelous in design and decoration. As a rarity of the Western Zhou bronze vessels, it is of great value for collection. During this period, this kind of vessel was only used by very important people like the king or the ministers. It was used to warm the wine.

22 X 18cm 1.64 kg (69 euros VAT included)


Réf.:BD 007

CRANE (~1600 Ap JC) Ming

Crane and tortoise are symbols of longevity in the Chinese mythology. This replica is modelled on the mascots of the imperiel court in the Ming Dynasty. It one tenth the size of the original. It represents a crane on the back of a tortoise. The crane is the female symbol of longevity and the tortoise is the male symbol of eternel youth.

25 cm 0.34 kg (39 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD011

HORSE (~25-100 Ap JC) Eastern Han.

Galloping horse with its tailed raised. Excavated in 1969 in Gansu province. You can see it now in Gansu Museum.

24 X 16 cm 0.91 kg (49 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD021

FLYING TIGER (~100 Ap JC) Eastern Han

This tiger is redy to fly. Its body is decorated with dragons and animals designs. It has a single horn.

23 X 15.5 cm 1.49 kg (69 euros VAT included) NOT AVAILABLE


Réf.: BD026

FLYING DRAGON (~206-100 Av JC) Western Han

The dragon, symbol of the Chinese nation. It is an exquisite handicrft article for appeciation, collection and presentation as gift.

18.5 X 11 cm 0.61 kg (69 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD034

RHINOCEROS (~475-221 Av JC) Western Han

Wine vessel with a lid. The replica looks vivid with a raised head, two deep eyesockets and protruding eyeballs. It look plump but not too fat. The body is covered by clouds designs. It is an extraordinary handicraft article.

19 X 11 cm 1.49 kg (69 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD036

OX (~900-800 Av JC) Western Zhou

Wine vessel. It is shaped like a ox with a big head, a short neck and small feet. In its mouth is an outlet for wine.On its back is a square cover with a tiger. Unearthed in 1967 in Shaanxi province.

24 X 16 cm 1.81 kg (99 euros VAT included)

ox zun

Réf.: BD037

OX ZUN (~1200-1100 Av JC) Shang

Ox-shaped wine vessel. Excavated in 1977 in Hengyang, Hunan province. On the lid is standing a tiger. Its chest is decorated with designs of animals faces and its sides are embellished with phoenix designs.

19 X 14 cm 1.46 kg (89 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD039

Sheep (~1200-1100 Av JC) Shang

Wine vessel exposed in the "Tota Gallery of Japan". The bird and the dragon on its back serve as handles for the lid. The horns curl up and the legs are thick and strong. The lis is decorated with taotie designs and the bears the designs of dragons and phoenixes. It served as a sacrificial ustensil.

18 X 14 cm 1.34 kg (79 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD042-1

PIG ZUN (~1200-1100 Av JC) Shang

Pig shaped wine vessel used for the sacrifices.The designs on the head are animals faces and those on the body are fish scales.In the middle of its spine is an oval hole with a lid. Excavated in 1981 in Hunan province , it is now housed in Hunan Provincial museum. Récipient à vin, utilisé pour les sacrifices.

18 X 12 cm 1.02 kg (69 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD047

OSPREY (~1200 Av JC) Shang

Wine vessel. The head of this bird is a lid. The body is completely decorated and the wings are shaped like curved dragons. With the tail and the two feet on the ground, the bird stand s firmly.

25 X 14 cm 3.04kg (199 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD075

VASE ELEPHANT ou TRIPODE (~1100-770 Av JC) Western Zhou.

Cooking tripod was a food vessel. With an open mouth, the pot has three legs and two ears. It is loved and treasured by people in general.

13 X 14 cm 1.39 kg (69 euros VAT included)


Réf.: BD087-1

The Bull (~475-221 Av JC) Warring States

The bull plants its feet firm on the ground, ready to fight. Its chest is broad, its hindquarters and buttocks are muscular; its tail sticks up into the air, its head lowers to point its horns, its eyes are wide open and its nose dilated. It is a treasure in bronze culture.

25 X 12.5 cm 1.75 kg (99 euros VAT included) NOT AVAILABLE

zhong yi

Réf.: BD096

ZHONG YI (~900-800 Av JC) Etats Combattants

Wine vessel. It is decorated with two small ears like dragons and a old chinese text.

17.5 X 13 cm 2.24 kg (139 euros VAT included)






















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