Welcome to the first custom show in Brussels

We propose a exposition of 25 very nice motorcycle in Various style  like chopper , bobber , vintage, rat bike .. built on different engine like Harley Davidson, Triumph, Norton, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki etc...

There is in the same time, open to everybody , a swap meet for those who want to sell motorcycle parts or anything else for motorcycle

On the show there is a bar with soft an beer and some small food


Saturday 30 april from10 to 18H

# Custom Show with vote of the public

# Swapp meet all the day

Saturday 30 april from 18 to 24H

# differents demonstrations

# music concerts  and party with  the bands  1234's  at 18h30 and   Creeddance Dnzo   at 20h

Sunday 01 may from 10 to 18h

# Custom Show with vote of the public

# Swap meet all the day

# 17h Winners of the public vote





Intrance : 5 euro per day

Stand :    5 euro per day  for a table of   2 meter  for reservation call  02 523 5277

Adresse of the day : Espace Reperes ,  53 rue Sylvain Denayer, 1070 Bruxelles



          Camping 27 km

  More information tel  02 523 52 77 brusselscustomshow@gmx.com  
                                       www.bitschopstreet.be                                       www.espacereperes.be       www.conceptbike.be