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AMBROGIO (2003) LIESEN (2006A)

AMBROGIO, Livio (ed.), Nel mezzo del cammin ... A Dante Journey through 700 Years of Text and Images. English Translation by Martin Davies. - Brussel: Bibliotheca Wittockiana a.s.b.l., 2003. - ISBN 90-7751-601-8
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Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), the most celebrated Italian poet, was born Florence into a family of Guelfs, political rivals of the largely aristocratic Ghibellines. He rose to become one of the priors of the city in 1300. In 1301 he journeyed to Rome as a Florentine delegate to confer with the Pope Boniface VIII. In 1302 the Black Guelfs, his political opponents, seized power in Florence and Dante was banished from the Florentine Republic and forever excluded from public office. In the remaining two decades of his life he travelled widely in Italy, living for a period of time with the Della Scala family in Verona and later moving to Ravenna where he died. He composed the foremost masterpiece of Italian literature and the greatest epic of the Middle Ages, known in English as The Divine Comedy. [Text on the cover]
This exhibition catalogue offers a survey of more than 100 editions, translations and studies of Dante's Divine Comedy from the editio princeps of Foligno: Ioannes Neumeister, 11 April 1472 to the German translation by Karl Vossler, illustrated by Monika Beisner (Leipzig: Verlag Faber & Faber, 2001). Each catalogue item is illustrated by at least one illustration, mostly the title-page. Also some manuscripts and a coin are described. [JH]
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LIESEN, Bruno & SORGELOOS, Claude, Le Rayonnement des Moretus. - Brussel: Bibliotheca Wittockiana a.s.b.l., 2006. - 287p. ISBN
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    Michel Wittock, Fondateur de la Bibliotheca Wittockiana, [Introduction]
    Eric Speeckaert, Avant-propos
    Dirk Imhof, Trois siècles d'édition et d'impression à Anvers. L'Officina Plantiniana sous les Moretus (1589-1866)
    Claude Sorgeloos, Introduction
    Bibliographie abrégée
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