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Our beefarm is open for visitors. A small exposition explains the evolution of beekeeping during the last 50 years: from the hollowed trunk until the beehive, value of our bees for nature and also the difference between the bee and her species.

Therafter we visit the bees where the beemaster will show and explain to you how the bees are working, when and where the beekeeper can help. By opening a beehive he can show you the special and  mystery world  of our bees. How to breed queens, how  the bees are collecting honey, pollen etc....all your questions will be answered. This all will take place in the middle of a splendid   scenery, where the bees are not disturbed by our presence but where they will, as usual, finish their job.  

After the visit we drink in this magnificient scenery a glas of our delicious honeymead.

Only guided visits by appointment from 15/04 until 30/09