Beepollen is a natural food that contains a high concentration of all nourichment substances, that do more than only feed the human body . They will give a feeling of a inner reborn and of youthfully energy.

POLLENBIJ.JPG (18869 bytes) Beepollen contain enzymes, vitamins, glucocides, hormones, rutines and antibiotics. These substances:

1.give your body the  lack of substances which guarantee full health.

2. ensure a safe functionning of the body and make for a better degestion

3. have a stimulating effect and will increase the bodyenergy.

4. work like a tonicum,activate the body and  p

urify the human organism.

Beepollen can be used as a source of energy for spotsman. The most important meaning of beepollen for heigh performances lies in the effect on the progress of the training performances. Beepollen can lend a helping hand with allergies ( asthma, pollinosis), prostaatproblems, depressionsyndrome, fatigue,  asthenia and alcoholism.

an appropriate use:

For maximum results take beepollen always before the meal. Dried beepollen 1 2 coffee spoons a day. Pollenhoney 2 3 coffe spoons a day. You can and may adapt the qauntity at your own needs (until 6 coffespoons a day).