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Welcome to the pages of Beersel Hills Observatory (B.H.O.)
Beersel Hills Observatory is a privately-owned astronomical (amateur) observatory, dedicated to the study of variable stars and visual double stars.
Variable stars are stars with changing brightness, caused by internal or external processes in the star. This web-site will show you the different projects we are involved in: CCD-photometry of
Delta Scuti Stars, Eclipsing Binaries and Visual Double Stars


  Beersel Hills Observatory is located in Beersel, a village about 10km southwest of Brussels. Beersel is known for its medieval castle and its fine beers: Geuze and Kriek (a fruitbeer we can highly recommend)

Our present observatory was founded in april 1998. Before that date, observations were carried out from another site but with the same instruments.



We are cooperating with professional astronomers and fellow amateur astronomers to observe Delta Scuti Stars
and Eclipsing Binary Stars. Our results are published in refereed scientific publications. Have a look at the list of publications we obtained so far.

  I hope you will enjoy reading this web-site. If you would want to contact us, please send your message to the following address:





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Beersel Hills Observatory is sponsored by ASTROTECHNIEK

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