Kirkjubøur! The old capital of the Føroyar with the Bóndagarðurin, the Saint Magnus Cathedral's ruins, and the ancient St. Olav's Church

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The Bóndagarðurin (farm house), the former Bishop's residence, has been in the hands of the same family (Patursson) for 17 generations, since
1550 (!) and includes the Roykstovan, an ancient feast hall dating back to about 1100. It is the historical and cultural centre of the Føroyar.
The Ólavskirkjan, built in 1110 and was the offical cathedral in Føroyar during the Middle Ages; recently excavated and restored in the 60's.
The Magnuskatedralurin was built by Bishop Erlendur around 1300. It is not known whether it has ever been completed, though it has
probably been used up to the Reformation. Damaged by an avalanche in 1772. Under repair (not from the avalanche!) while we were there.