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Using the Boolean Modeler

These examples have been created using the Genicap 3D Modeler.  This piece of software is still in development, however, below are some nice examples of what is possible with it.  These examples have been created without the use of other software whatsoever.

1021 bytes

An application of the Superformula in wing design.  This areoplane has its wings and geometry designed in simple Superformula shapes, so there is no external operation done on the geometry.

576 bytes

This simple F1-like racing car was designed using parts, assemblies and grouping functionalities. Although these functionalities are similar to those of mid range and high end CAD systems, this model was generated in 576 bytes.

142 bytes

This example is an assembly of the same part used twice. The teeth of the gear are actually only one Supershape, so not one tooth modelled 18 times.

In fact, the gear is built using only 4 objects: 3 cilinders and one extruded "starfish" with 18 arms. One cilinder is used as an intersect to cut away the upper profile of the teeth.

1072 bytes

This one is a bit more complex. It is a very simple mold design for a rounded square product. The upper half and bottom half are seperate subassemblies with their own sub coordinate system. Closing the mold is done by setting the correct positioning parameters of the subassemblies, all parts inside the subassembly will follow automatically.

Again, all geometry, material properties, location settings, part-assembly hierarchy etc etc is coded for all parts and subassemblies in the mold using only 1072 bytes!

280 bytes

Here is a nice example of how you can create a goodlooking item with a minimum of 3D base objects. The entire model consists of only 4 objects, resulting in 280 bytes when saved in binary code.

331 bytes

A very simple gear setup. Built using only 3 different parts. So actually, the entire assembly contains a total of only 4 objects coding the assembly in 331 bytes (binary).

Extraordinary Geometry

This next picture is one of the new features that are in development for future releases. This is a torus that has been modified using the Superformula. It is a 3D shape that closes after rotating 720 around its center axis.

Other geometry:

This type of geometry can be used to create some very interesting sceneries (Created by Albert Kiefer, SectorA, Venlo, The Netherlands):

Further advantages:

At present, file format is saved in ASCII file format, creating an open application. For more information, feel free tot contact Genicap Corporation or Geniaal BVBA

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