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Hello there and welcome to my renewed website.

Next to a description of the Superformula Saga, a technology I developed together with mentor and very good friend Johan Gielis, and some examples of it, I put in some topics on durable energy. 

Being disappointed with current progress on development and commercialising of some very interesting applications of fuel cells and stirling engines, I decided it is time to kick some butt and try to develop applications of my own in collaboration with a very close network people that have the same opinion.

There also is a link to a forum on which you can add ideas, comments, questions etc etc.

I hope you will find something interesting here.

For more info, feel free to contact me.

BTW, I am also active for the SETI@home project.  You can find my statistics here.

Kind regards,

Bert Beirinckx (remove .nospamaub from the address).

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