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pics at 20 m
Zavoprince Zoran
pics 19 m
EX Clubshow 2001
pic at 1 year
pics at 20 m
pics at +18 m
EX Clubshow 2001

Reunion & litterevaluation at 10 months

Parents of the Z-litter Uit 'T Berggat

Da's Daan des Fosses Diaboliques
04.10.97 NHSB 2.152.303 HD-B1

Voodoo Uit 't Berggat
08.10.97 LOSH 811.887 HD-A


We saw Daan and his littermates already at the Young-Dog-Day in 98 and were impressed by the over-all quality of the litter. Later we studied the lines and it seemed to be a good combination as well regarding health as exterior. Cluny 99 reinforced our first impression and we enjoyed his results. We saw his litter again on the Young-Dog-Day in 99 and finally made up our mind. Hans Lieven, the breeder of Daan, and me had a very good feeling about our decision.
Daan and Voodoo suit perfectly to each other. They are both very gentle and social Leonbergers. And everything (a bit more bone, pigmentation and darker eyes) I wanted to add with a combination he has !


Da's Daan des Fosses Diaboliques

Zeto v. Stammhaus Eike HD-A x Ben Nou Nauw Lady of Pelgrims Ring HD-C

father of our newborn litter

And altough it was not our concern to have a super champ as father for our pups, we are very proud of his excellent showresults in the mean time.

3 EX French Clubmatch in Cluny oct 99

2 EX Winner in Amsterdam nov 99

1 EX CAC & BOB in Den Bosch dec 99

The mating on 18 and 19 november 99, they were virgins, went perfectly well. They liked each other and both were in good health.
The echo on 18 december confirmed the pregnancy.

So we had:
a beautifull litter born
on 17 january 2000

And it turned out that Voodoo is such a perfect mother as her own mother was...

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