Zannekin Uit 't Berggat
+1 year
+2 year new pics & showresults
She is the one we choose out of the 3 females of our Z-litter born on 17 january 2000

on the left : Zannekin at 8,5 weeks

at 11 weeks

almost 3 months

Just thinking what I should do next...

14 weeks and already loosing my teeth

...must sleep on it !
at 4 months

to heavy for my big friend Benjamin
at 5 months

already hunting like my mam

resting while the big ones run

very tired after a walk on the wild side

Zannekin 6 months
about 6 months - a visit from Zotte and Diesel !

playing and running after each other for hours

tired of Diesels attempts to ride on her
the end of the day... goodies for all of them !
at 6,5 months - still a bit wet after swimming
Zanne 7 m with Kiserdei Quira and her mam


Zannekin in Tiel at the Young-Dog-Day
(at 10 months) - comment of the judge:
Very beautiful bitch, good body, nice head.
Needs still more time to be finished.
Excellent character.