Voodoo Uit 't Berggat


Charactertest Leo Libero (NL) dd. 14.11.99
free of hereditary eye-diseases

08.10.97 LOSH 811.887
V-litter:5/2 (2xHD-A)

Voodoo 23 september 2001
+ 6 weeks pregnant

father: Sir Urian-Mor-Beoir of Pelgrims Ring HD-A

(Coras V. Steinkauz HD-A x Lady Oyee the Comic of Pelgrims Ring HD-B)
mother: Quanda Ex Domo Leonis HD-A
(Jordy V.H. Spinnenest HD-A x Olympia Ex Domo Leonis HD-A)

Some Characteristics: ca 72 cm and 62 kg. Excellent head with high (not so high as Ursus) black mask, good pigmentation and correct ears. Eyes mediumbrown (not so dark as Ursus). Complete scissor bite. Harmonious build body with excellent fore-chest, strong back, excellent croupe and correct tail. Strong bone, very good angulations. Moves very well. Colour: yellowred, no white.

Voodoo took also her time to devellop and finish as a female.The reasons are the same as for Ursus (nutrition and a lot of activities). She has a lovely character, always willing to please and with very funny manners. She can smile showing all her teeth. She likes to work and is a specialist in hunting frogs and mouses in our garden!

She is the mother of Zannekin born on 17 january 2000 and had her second litter, my A-team, on 10 october 2001.

for more information about our Z-litter : click here

for more information about our A-litter : click here

Some pics of Voodoo from pup till now:

2 months 3 months
5 months 11 months

hunting Voodoo 16 months 17 months

20 months

Voodoo & Ursus after Cluny 99 Voodoo & Ursus november 99

1 march 2000 while she had her puppys

january 2001 in full wintercoat



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