Ursus uit 't Berggat more pics !
Deepfrozen seemen
Belgian Breedselection for life dd. 19.06.99
Charactertest Leo Libero dd. 18.04.98
Free from any eye-diseases dd. 01.06.01

°13.03.96 LOSH 773.572
U-litter: 5 m/4 f (3 x HD-A)

pic 30 march 2001 - 5 year
more pics taken the end of march 2001
father: Onze-Willem Ex Domo Leonis HD-A
(Odin V. Stammhaus Eike HD-A x Astral V.D. Hirschhalde HD-A)

mother: Quanda Ex Domo Leonis HD-A
(Jordy V.H. Spinnenest HD-A x Olympia Ex Domo Leonis HD-A)

Some Characteristics: 79 cm and 75 kg. Excellent head with very high, black mask, excellent pigmentation and correct ears. Eyes good medium to darkbrown. Complete scissor bite. Harmonious build body with strong back, excellent croupe and long tail. Strong bone, good angulations. Moves almost parallel and fluently. Colour: brownred with black tips and 1 cm² little white spot on his breast.

Ursus took his 4 years to devellop and stayed until the end of 98 rather juvenile for open class. The main reasons were his nutrition - a natural mixed food - and a lot of space to run and play with his mother and sister. We didn't mind because he is in an excellent condition and full of affection. Really a happy dog! And he has a weak spot for puppys. Not just a little bit, but he is really involved, wants to be in the whelpingbox to.... Mum has only to give milk, he does the rest. The cleaning and licking of the little ones is his job : LOOK HERE We think this is very extra-ordinary for an adult male.

pics jan 2001 - Ursus almost 5 year

More Photo's (all taken by surprise, as he hates cameras !)

2 year - 13 march 98

3 year - 13 march 99

13 march 99

mai 99

summer 99

october 99 - 3,5 years

november 99

november 99

And these pictures are made on his 4th birthday 13 march 2000

and as he got really boored of it...
this was the end of the foto-session


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