After many years of dreaming and later carefully searching, we found finally our puppy in the house of Jutta Müller. We became the proud owners of a little female :

Quanda ex Domo Leonis

LOSH 690.120 HD-A

Q-litter Ex Domo Leonis: 0/10 (4 x HD-A)

she was born on 05.06.1992 and died on
08.09.1999 cause of death: botulisme

These were her parents :

father: Jordy V.H. Spinnenest HD-A mother: Olympia Ex Domo Leonis HD-A

Quanda became a beautifull and very kind leonberger. She was still in good shape and in good health for her more than 7 years untill that mean intoxication made an abrupt end of her life and our joy.

She gave us 2 litters from which we kept a son Ursus and a daugther Voodoo. Now she lives in our heart and in her children and ... Quanda is already grandmother of more than 40 leo-puppys ... so we can hope that her qualities will never be lost.

Quanda at the age of 7 years, with Ursus and one of her grandsons

Quanda almost 4 years (feb 96) Quanda almost 7 years (winter 99)

Characteristics: 71 cm and 55 kg. Excellent head with high, black mask, excellent pigmentation and correct ears. Eyes mediumbrown, could be darker. Complete scissor bite. Harmonious build body with strong back, excellent croupe and fore-chest, correct tail. Strong bone, very good angulations. Moved parallel and fluently. Colour: brownred, no white and a few black tips.

She was an excellent mother to:
willing towards the male,
no complications during the process of giving birth,
enough instincts to do everything by herself
and milk untill the end.
She was very open and gentle to every visitor and even let big brother Ursus help to take care of her newborn puppys.