Because a lot of people ask me about my home, my family, myself ...
I searched for pictures and found out that there is always a leo on it!

They follow everywhere. Where we are You can find them to and they are really a part of our life. On this picture taken in august 99: Benjamin with his grandmother, me and my dogs...


I am 46 and since a couple of months a granny (help! I entered the 3th generation).
I work at home, so my dogs are almost never alone.
As a consequence their life seems to stop when I am not around... the food, the water stays untouched untill I am back!
When we are all at home : Ursus has definitly the most attention for Laurent - his strong 'master-friend'. This picture was taken on Ursus' 2th aniversary : the last time we managed to take his weight this way!


We live in what was earlier a farm. This is the frontdoor with me and - of course - my dogs!

Picture winter 96-97.

We have an enormous 'wild' garden. There is a large meadow, kept up by our sheep.

Picture december 96 with a 9 months old Ursus.

There is the restant of an old orchard, parts of wood with a spring, flowers and a biological kitchen garden - as we are concerned with our health.

Picture august 99

This is our gate. With Quanda alone, it was always open. But she started to make a little walk with her son every day! Now we have also a fence of 2 m to keep them inside.

Picture spring 97

There is always a lot to do outside and here is another bunch of work waiting! Quanda 7 weeks pregnant We left some to big trunks to dry and Ursus uses them as a perfect out-look. Ursus about 1 year

And our puppys are born in our livingroom. Our dogs love to look true the large window. So we move the couch and put the box there.

Nathalie on 14 march 96, she looks very troubled because she was supposed to stay awake to survey the newborn litter.
But my teenage-daughter fell asleep and Quanda crashed one pup that first night.

When the pups at 3 weeks start to climb out of the box, we move them to a lower level at the fire-place.
The evenings we are sitting really between the pups !
And every morning they are waiting very impatiently to come out.

My daughter Nathalie is almost 23 now and married Dimi

They live in Ghent which is about 15 km from us.

My first granddaughter 'Lien' is born on 20th february 2001.

Lien at 2 months and her 'pillow' is one of their 5 cats