Combinations with Ursus Uit 't Berggat (HD-A & Elbows free)

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Kennel USI MAYA YE (the Netherlands) owner: Rob Somers

A-litter °13.12.98

born : 10 pups
5 m/3 f
+ 2 dead m
stayed alive : 7 pups
4 m/3 f
(1 m was accidently crashed
on the 3th day)

mother: Lilith Mkoowy of Koyaanisquatsi (HD-C)
(Epice du Domaine de la Pecauderie HD-B x Elenna Flanna of Koyaanisquatsi x HD-B)

Kennel DU CLOS D'ELLVEDRA (France) owner: Jacques Guelly
x Hi-Fi Du Moulin aux Cent Clés (HD-A)
(Dalton HD-A x Essia du Val de la Varenne HD-A)
dd. 19.01.99 A.I. because she was already at 28 progesteron - Hi-Fi stayed empty.

Kennel EX DOMO LEONIS (Belgium) owner: Jutta Müller

Y-litter °31.05.99

born : 9 pups
4 m/4 f + 1 dead f
stayed alive : 8 pups
4 m/4 f

mother: Uwvenus Ex Domo Leonis (HD-B)
(Eyquem de la Roseraie du Chenay HD-A x Queeny Ex Domo Leonis HD-A)

owner: Anita Rubli (les Charmées, Ancy-le-Franc)

mating on 24.08.99

after 68 days and many hours of labour: 1 female pup and several hours later 1 male pup but to our great regret it was to late for him, he was already dead. We are so sorry for Sylviane Chorin because she wanted so badly a male for herself. "Pirusch" lives now in Switzerland.

mother: Jasha (Chorin) (HD-A)
(Mamouth du Bois des Princesses HD-A x Gaira Freya Zum Silberlöwen HD-A)

Jasha at our home mai 99 and Jasha going back to France, with Ursus on 25 august 99

Kennel DE BEAUBEYROT (France)
owner: Maugane Meteyer


born : 9 pups
5 m/4 f

After 3 days all the pups started to die as the result of an infection with a colli-bacil brought in out of the stables.
after 2 weeks only 1 girl survived she stayed with her breeder (pics are promised already for a long time)

mother: Illie de Beaubeyrot (HD-C)
(Sascha v. Stammhaus Eike HD-A x Dirona de la Bardonnière HD-A)

Kennel DU VAL DES CYPRES (Belgium)
owner: Philippe Chauvaux-Laurent

Z-litter °09.01.2000

born: 8 pups
2 m/5 f
+ 1 dead

stayed alive: 7 pups
2 m/5 f

mother: Usha du Val des Sarrasins (HD-C)
(Badahcksan's Quhan HD-B x Kara v. Wasserturm HD-A)

Kennel V. CHANOEKKA (Belgium)
owner: Jacky Jongen-Elemans


pics up to 5 m

born: 12 pups
6 m/5 f
+ 1 dead m on 25.02

stayed alive: 10 pups
5 m/5 f
(the male of 230 gr died)

mother: Irish v. Kleinen Dörfchen (HD-A)
(Beninyo V. Equitania HD-A2 x Fraulein Gina v. Kleinen Dörfchen HD-A1)

pics from july 99: Irish had a false heating on their first rendez-vous so Ursus wouldn't mate.

Kennel V. COCHLEA LINEA (Belgium)
owner: Marc Moerenhout

Z-litter °28.04.2000

born: 6 pups
3 m/1 f
+ 2 dead f on 29.04
ups were very big and vet came much to late to save the last ones

stayed alive: 4 pups
3 m/1 f

mother : Cajiga Cuny la Madreselva (HD-B)
(Nygärd's Flying Genghiz Khan HD-B x Makoum Sjika HD-A)

Kennel MOTSJIK EKA SARAI (the Netherlands)
owner: Anny De Vos - Ans Van Berkel

F-litter °28.05.2000
the pics

born: 9 pups
4 m/4 f
+ 1 big f on 29.05
reanimation failed

stayed alive:
7 pups

4 m/3 f
the girl of 340 gr was euthanised:
autopsie showed out that her pancreas was underdevelopped.

mother : Eyak Usdi Motsjik Eka Sarai (HD-B1)
(Hearst Du Val de la Maurienne HD-A x Bahti Aymara Motsjik Eka Sarai HD-B1)

about 20 months

26 months

We planned also some combinations in other parts of Europe and Oversea.

Kennel LELIONAZ (Sweden) owner: Lena Lindgren

A.I. with 'fresh-cooled seemen' on 23.05
Ursus Ponica litter °24.07.2000

born: 9 pups
2 m/2 f
but so very sad the other 5 were born-dead

stayed alive:
4 pups

2 m/2 f

mother : Remröd's Princess on Ice (HD-A) "Poni"
(Arko av Nordens Löve HD-A x Mathoaka's Girl Running for Remröd HD-A)

Kennel KISERDEI (Hungary) owner: Lajos Kardos

V-litter ° 27.10.2000
pics up to 17 months

born: 9 pups
2 m/5 f + 2 dead m

stayed alive: 7 pups
2 m/5 f

mother: Kiserdei Quira (HD-A2)
(Dyango Löwe v. Bayern HD-A2 x Kiserdei Lola HD-frei)

Kennel RAMAVANS (Finland) owner: Raili Ahonen
x Fin. Est. CH. Baltic W 2000 Lapponica Löwe Birke von Norum (HD-A)
(Mathoaka's Relaxing Boy HD-A x Terr-Leon's Gräfin HD-A)
fresh-cooled seemen was send for an A.I. on 29 & 30.08.2000
unfortunately Birke stayed empty.

Kennel LEO VON ADJANTI (Germany) owner: Jörg und Kerstin Hupe

C-litter °29.12.2000
pics up to 11 m

born: 13 pups
3 m/8 f
+ 1 big dead m + on 30.12 another dead m

stayed alive: 10 pups
3 m/7 f

mother: Enny V. Roten Schopf (HD-C1)
( Remröd's Midnight Pania Magic HD-A2 x Dona Benigno Connatus Amaranthus HD-B)

Kennel V. RÖTELBACH (Switserland) owner: Theres Köller

A.I. on 18.01 
M-Litter °21.03.2001
a few pics till 5 w
Multi Ch Merlins page

born: 9 pups
5 m/4 f

stayed alive: 9 pups
5 m/4 f

mother : Khaimas' Only Love (HD-A) "Cheeky"
(Leonberget'z Swedish Diamond HD-A1 x Remmen's Kamelia Kame HD-A2)

Cheeky was willing & Ursus still jumped but was not excited enough anymore to mate - bloodtest showed (18,6 nan.prog.) so we did an urgent A.I.

Kennel V. KAIJA JUCUNDA (Germany) owner: Erika Gilles
Ketteler Strasse 53 D-41363 Jüchen tel. 0049-(0)2165.1597


pics up to 14 m

born: 8 pups
3 m/5 f

stayed alive: 8 pups
3 m/5 f

mother : Gör-Gunda Löwe v. Kleebach (HD-C1)
(Brentano v. Equitanië HD-A2 x Dona Charline Connatus Amaranthus HD-A1)

After a stop of more than a year, as we wanted to evaluate the results of his first litters, we agreed for 1 more mating in Belgium

Kennel V.H. HOF VAN EDEN (Belgium) owners: Filip and Monique Surinx


pics up to 11 months
born: 13 pups
4 m/8 f + later a last big m but he was already dead
stayed alive: 11 pups
4 m/7 f - the little girl was euthanised

mother: Yade V.H. Hof van Eden (HD-B)
(Urasi Lion de la Toison d'Or HD-A x Ubelle von Titus Hof HD-A)

The mating went very easy, it took them only 10 minutes of love-playing to decide they really liked each other. Bloodtest the morning-after gave already 18.9 nan.prog. so timing seems good. Unfortunately my camera failed : no pics.

After an exciting period with many bridges to take, we sended a shipper with deepfrozen seemen to Bonnie Meldrum in the USA.

Kennel POINTE AUX PINS (USA/Michigan) owner: Bonnie Meldrum

A.I. with 'deepfrozen seemen' on 14.09

pics up to 7 weeks
born: 7 pups
4 m/2 f + 1 dead-born m

stayed alive: 6 pups
4 m/2 f

mother: LCA.CH Slättvika's Mischief Maker "Rave" (HD good)
(Slättvika's Bobo Bear HD-A x Mälarlejonet Pebbles HD-A)

We got the remaining seemen back in Belgium, for further use in FCI recognized countrys : read more

But shortly after the seemen arrived back in Belgium I had a caraccident. Recovery from my severe injurys was very hard and in the mean time I had to postpone all further breedings.
Now after more then a year I feel finally able to make new plans.


owners: Wanna and Enrico Bressa

visit them at Leonberger della Brughiera website

Zaira started her season on 14 april 03
She took her time and was finally that far on 3 may 03

A.I. with 'deepfrozen seemen' on 03.05.03
Alvit van Ursus

see link to her webpage
born: 2 pups but it was a very long and difficult delivery
1 stillborn  m/1 f that survived the caesarian

stayed alive: 1 pup
1 f

 mother : Zaira Zwiebel (HD-A/ED-O) "Zaira"
(Berljon Ignazio Imbiss HD-A/ED-O x Leijonamielen Rento Rosita HD-C/ED-O)

Kennel LION DE LA TOISON D'OR (Belgium) owner: Dominique Dewame

A.I. with 'deepfrozen seemen' on 20.09.2005

E-litter ° 20.11.2005

 born 5 heavy pups, but the last 2 by a ceasarian
1 f was already dead then and the other boy died 2 w later

stayed alive: 3 pups
2 m/1 f

mother: Sou-Yin de Val Mauriens (HD-B) Breedselection LCB 2004
(Castor v. Stammhaus Eike HD-A x Lilofee de Val Mauriens HD-A)

(pics of Sou-Yin taken in a quick photo-shoot after the clubmatch sep 05)


Kennel DU BARRSAINT (Canada) owner: Lucie Barriault
Deepfrozen seemen was send in march 2000. A first A.I. was done on 31 march & 1 april 2000. We had hope for a litter but unfortunatly, after an X-ray on the 5th of june, it turned out to be a nervous pregnancy.
x Lady Hekefinne of Lionslair (HD-A) "Kefinne"
(Dannor Frazer Lord of Pelgrims Ring HD-A x Lady Xshinooka-Dhu of Pelgrims Ring HD-A)

26 months

Kefinne in the middle

Kefinne was inseminated again on 15 august 2000. The ultra-sound on 8 september showed at least one pup ... a second on 7 october showed nothing anymore ! So a second desilusion !!!
Kefinne had in 2001 and 2002 a litter after a natural mating. In 2003 she stayed empty after another natural breeding and in the mean time she died.

That way Lucie Barriault is the last one overseas. who owns deepfrozen seemen from Ursus.


If You want more information about Ursus' deepfrozen seemen  :