When Quanda was whelping her second litter, Ursus stayed quiet whole day. Did not want to drink or eat anything as he was that fascinated by all those strange events. The evening we let him approach and he kissed his mam and licked very sweet and carefull all the little puppys. Our heart melted away !

Next day our 19 months old male lay together in the whelpingbox with his mother.

4 days old V-litter. Ursus pays attention if there is nothing to do for him ! Whenever a puppy made a little peeping sound he started his licking....

Later, when the pups grew older and started to run and play in the house, he continued his work as a foster-father.

They could do anything with him. He played with them and was always there to keep an eye on them. He really helped to raise them to.

In 2000 when Voodoo had her first litter, she was not that easy at first to let him approach her puppys. But Ursus insisted and tried every day. Finally Voodoo relaxed and after 1 week they were again with 2 in the box. And to our great surprise he did just the same : nursing and licking.... A 4 years old male ?!?

And again our big boy seemed really to enjoy....

The first october 2001 we arranged already the whelpingbox on his place in our livingroom. Ursus went immediatly looking at it and was sniffing for a long time... And now, every morning he runs at the box to see if there is yet anything there.
Yes we are sure, he still remembers !