The latest years to many Leonbergers die much to young.
Our principal concern is breeding a healthy Leonberger, who can be a joy for his people and have fun in his own life. So we try to avoid bloodlines with a manifest predisposition for diseases which could be a cause of a to soon death.
We try also to introduce some new blood to the population of our country which is necessary on the long term for our breed.
And concerning the question of beauty, we had the luxury that Quanda came out of a very good litter and that she had no really faults, except for the colour of her eyes - which could be darker.

So we choose as father for our first litter:

Onze-Willem Ex Domo Leonis HD-A.
(Odin V. Stammhaus Eike HD-A x
Astral V.D. Hirschhalde HD-A)

Not a super-show-stud, but a male descending from excellent bloodlines not yet omni-present and as far as we knew very sound.
He had a beautifull head with very dark eyes and no faults either.

We thougt a good combination.

photos 95: Onze-Willem Ex Domo Leonis (ca 5 year) x Quanda Ex Domo Leonis (3 year)

This combination resulted in:

U-litter Uit 't Berggat: born on 13.03.96 5/5 stayed alive 5 m/4 f (Quanda crashed accidently 1 pup the first night)


they ate a lot... and... slept a lot

they played a lot... and... Quanda teached them everything a dog should know

The time they stayed with us went much to soon

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In march 97 - after months of research - we went to Gunther Lwe de Valdyana HD-A in France. To our great regret this male wasn't interested in mating anymore... he preferred his croquettes ! So we had to start our search again.

After carefully studying and several stud-seeing tours, we choose as father for our second litter a Dutch male:

Sir Urian-Mor-Beoir of Pelgrims Ring (Yuri) HD-A
Coras V. Steinkauz (HD-A) x
Lady Oyee the Comic of Pelgrims Ring (HD-B)

Several of his brothers and sisters are important breeding dogs in other countrys but not yet introduced in Belgium. Fathers line was again descending from DDR-lines, which seemed to be a good combination with Quanda regarding the results of our U-litter. And we had a lot of information about the mothers line and earlier offspring of Yuri. When we finally saw him, we were very charmed by his character: gentle, sure of himself, vivid, attentif... and with a certain male 'presence'.

photo's from july 97 on their first rendez-vous

This combination resulted in:

V-litter Uit 't Berggat: born on 08.10.97 5 m/2 f they all stayed alive and were nursed from day 1 by their mum and Ursus !


Ursus helped to take care of the puppys - with this double portion of affection they grew very fast and later big brother became the animator of the gang.

they were ruining my house and all the plants - inside and outside

but it was such fun !

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