J - litter uit 't Berggat
expected on 22 may 2010

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Hungarian export to Germany
Ungar Ursus vom Matthiasberg
°19.10.06  DLZB 21601  HD-A2 
ZTP of 23.08.08 till 22.08.11

B CH 08 & B Winner 07  
Elixir Lion de la Toison d'Or

°20.11.05   LOSH 993052   HD-B2 ED-0
eyes tested all clear 13.03.08


I am very pleased with the over-all quality of Elixirs first litter with Rosaceeën Carduus.  Sofar no problems, outgoing characters, very clever and sweet and exteriorwise they have some very promissing children.  In 2009 Homer took best Baby at the National Specialty in the USA.  The Belgian Clubmatch was very succesfull : Hannibal 2 EX, Happiness 4 EX, and her 4 sisters all got a VG in Youth Class.  The highlight of the day was when Elixir and her 6 children took a first place out of 8 breedgroups :-) 

So I decided that she is worth it, to have a second litter.

Again I focused in  my search on males with excellent pigment and mask and an interesting pedigree.

The U-litter vom Matthiasberg is over-all of high quality, the pedigree international.  Ungar has a Swedish father and an Italian mama.  Behind them Finish leo's (amongst them 'Rolle' Tuliketun Mesikämmen who's seemen I was at the point to import for my Voodoo just before our carcrash), Swedish, Hungarian and German lines. 

In Leonberg 2009 we met Ungar for the first time and I fell in love with that goofy boy. 

As I wanted to give Elixir a longer break then our breedingrules require - she carried 14 big puppys - I had plenty of time to research further the + and - points of this combination.... and I stayed with my idea. 

In march I was watching her season with argus-eyes...  I needed to organize a lot for our trip of 800 km to Buchloe.
Thursday night (day 7) progesteron was 2,10 - we decided to do a second test on saturdaymorning and not wait for the result.  We hit the road of to Germany.  Late in the afternoon, my daughter phoned the result - already 6.14 - we catched the day of the ovulation :-)   
So we visited Ungar that same evening and had a first mating and since we had booked a hotel till tuesday, Elixir and Ungar made love to each other 4 days on a row.  Each time they both enjoyed it obviously.   And we had a very relaxed journey and felt very welcome at the house of the Lutzenbergers. 

Mating on 20 march 2010 and again and again and again till 23 march

This happy marriage had it all to result in puppys 






This is only a selection out of the many pics we took. 
For more You can look up the website of Schloss Rio where Ungar lives or visit my album at Facebook

We got confirmation that she is pregnant with many pups again. 
We plan to keep a boy this time.  People who might want a pup can contact us now.


J-pups will come on 22 may

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