A collection of funny photo's of the leos 'Uit 't Berggat'

Quanda summer 95: How was it again ? Ah so ! Keep on training...

96 our home: Just enough for two of us... 98: Three is just enough!

'Talking Heads'
Ursus-Urian and 'Laughing Dog' Ursus (14 months)

Leos are 'great' in bed to ... and Vincent is a real bedroom-lover!

Ursus spring 98: Oeps, a rabbit! - spring 99, same place: That same rabbit again!

spring 98 Most horrible dreams came true ! Leos tied up and left alone...

aug. 98: Greetings from our hotel in Hawai... and Four on a row !Quanda, Ursus, Vincent, Voodoo and (Frederick) Voodoo, Ursus, Vincent, Quanda

98: Attention for the rules of the game and then... forget it!

98: the older generation in the dayshift and the youngest in the nightshift

After more than a year patiently waiting, Ukie got finaly the couch for herself !

There is always some symmetrie in nature...
Quanda and Ursus '96 - Ursus and son, Sheep and son '99 - James and Ursus '99

Leuven 06.99 James & Ursus: a boring day, nothing happens... untill Smackies!!!

The evenings are the best part of the day ! Ursus with the love of his life...

3 sep. 99 the last pics with Quanda:
Everybody want's to be with the chickenfamily !

Zottebie may 2000:
a minor quality of the leo is their attraction to water, this could bring some mud into Your house!

sep 2000 :
all tempted by ice-cream
they try to wait 'patiently' and then ATTACK !....

JUPILER...as the publicity says : "Man knows why !"
Zannekin & James aug.2001: a real Belgian Leo adores french fries