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Igloo      Happiness

Puppys expected around 5 may 2012

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our girl 'Happiness' at 3m
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Ursus  10 y with his daughter Elixir Lion de la Toison d'Or

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update 26 july 2010


Zannekin - Elixir and her crazy daughter Happiness  (Eastern 2010)


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Ursus - Quanda - Voodoo (august 1998)


We are passionated lovers of this kind and wonderfull dogs who are living with us as members of our family.
We have only 3 leo's because we want to give them each, enough time and attention as they deserve.
We live on the country side, so they have enough space and possibilities to develop a strong health and a fine character.
I am a member of the Belgian Leonberger Club and a coworker for the International Database.

Zannekin - Voodoo - Ursus (august 2000)

Ursus-Voodoo-Vidocq-Zannekin with Lien and Nathalie (june 2001)

  Quanda Ex Domo Leonis

  Ursus Uit 't Berggat (link : our puppy-nurse)

  Voodoo Uit 't Berggat

  Zannekin Uit 't Berggat

  Voodoo x Daan: Z-litter 17.01.2000

  Voodoo x Yazoo: A-litter 10.10.2001 (link : little movie)

  U and V litters Uit 't Berggat

  Offspring of Ursus Uit 't Berggat (update)

  Sad news: Death of Quanda on 8 september 1999

  Illustrated pedigree of Ursus Uit 't Berggat

  Illustrated pedigree of Voodoo Uit 't Berggat

  Illustrated pedigree of Zannekin Uit 't Berggat

  Illustrated pedigree of A-Litter Uit 't Berggat

  Funny photo's Uit 't Berggat

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Leonbergers 'Uit 't Berggat' - Marjan Cuyvers

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We published our website on 5 july 1999.


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