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Palaeohypotodus Belgian sharkteeth
Dardanus vandeneeckhauti
NEOGENE (Mixed Mio- & Pliocene, Antwerp Area)
Belgium has a diversified shark fauna. Shark remains can be found on different localities, which I will try to cover on this website.
This website has no commercial intentions and is constantly under construction; the nomenclature is kept up to date as much as possible, but as names are constantly changing, it can happen that those modifications aren’t done (yet).
Most figured fossils are housed in my collection. If not, it will be mentioned.
WAASLAND QUARRIES (Pleistocene base gravel)
EARLY OLIGOCENE (The base of the Boom Clay)
MIDDLE EOCENE (Lutetian, Brussel Sand Formation)
MIDDLE EOCENE (Lutetian, Lede Formation)
EARLY EOCENE (Ypresian, Tielt Formation)
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