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11 September 2004
Welcome Sebastiaan

20 January 2003
Simple CA - Development Release

7 October 2002
Holiday Pictures

2 June 2002
Welcome Yasmine

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A simple gui solution to manage your x.509 certificates.

SimpleCA implements a simple X.509 CA with a nice GUI. You can manage ssl or personal certificates. You have no configuration options : all is based on sensible defaults (1024bit keys, etc...). The basic features are present (generate certificate, revoke certificate, export pkcs12, revocation lists).

sources: SimpleCA sources are available on I am still looking for a public Subversion service, if you know a good one, please drop me a mail. SimpleCA is written in Tcl. Tcl is the best programming/scripting language ever invented.

suggestions: If you want to contact me, or have bugs/ remarks/ suggestions, please email. I do respond on any mail I receive. If you did not receive a response, my SPAM filter caught your mail.

feedback :