What techniques we use to scan?


1)      We make a basic inventory of the collection to process

  • Who discover the collection
  • Source :
  • Owner
  • Urgency : to be processed fast or not
  • Content : quantity, quality
  • Who is responsible of the process of the collection

All the information are stored on a form describing the collection to help identification and further process.


2) The collection is scanned. We use two techniques


a)      PC + scanner


We use a Dell PC and an Epson Epson Perfection 3170 to scan directly the pictures.

We use adobe photoshop elements to process the pictures after the scan.

We do not correct pictures to avoid destroying details. If necessary corrections can be done on copies after the collections are indexed.

We process one collection at a time to avoid missing pictures.

We scan pictures and back of the pictures when there is notes on the back of the pictures.

As much as possible we try to scan and store all the collection in one period of time.


b)      Digital camera


When there is to much documents or if it is just printed documents (no pictures), we copy the document using a digital camera.

The others processes stay the same as for scanning.